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  1. Yeah, hats off to all those who find the time to post the wonderful season updates, I thoroughly enjoy reading them on the way to work. Personally I'm in season 16, League 1 with Canvey Island, with all good initial intentions to post updates, but a) I got too involved in the game to post b) disqualified myself by using FMRTE, but it was only to provide reputation information to SI for a reputation bug thread I posted.
  2. Agree with above, and you can indirectly compare your team with others, by scouting another team, then scouting one of their 4 star players from the team report for example, and seeing what rating his is, against your players in the scout report. (Incidentally I asked basically the same question as the OP once before)
  3. I had Minimum Youth facilities (rented) at the beginning, then No Youth facilities during a new stadium build, then Basic Youth Facilities (rented) after the stadium was built. I was able to build some Youth facilities even while the current ones were showing as rented and they got 'sensationally' scrapped due to lack of money. Since then the option is greyed out.
  4. Ah, didn't connect this with 12.1 until now, thought it was due to a long season with a shortened rest due to being involved in the play-offs. Now I'm not so sure. Had 2 players last season and 1 this season, and before that none in 13 seasons.
  5. Man City have gone 5,2,1,1,2,1,2,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 in the PL in the game I'm playing at the moment. Cups not so good. 2 Champions Leagues, 1 EURO Cup, 2 FA Cup and 1 League Cup.
  6. Currently in the Championship with Canvey Island after 13 seasons, slowly but surely. Best I've done for years. Actually is the Dafuge challenge but I'm too lazy to post updates.
  7. Well that was a disaster, Schuster ended up being valued at 1.8M, but I had a stupid 250k release clause in his contract, similar with Kirton, lesson learnt there. The others all sodded off within a couple of seasons, I won't get near the giddy heights of Ackter / Dafuge anytime soon. And certainly not near getting 1000+'s. I currently have no players in the Top XI. On the plus side, this is my most successful save since getting Colchester (they were bottom div team back then) to 6th in Premiership in CM00/01 I think. After 13 Seasons - 3 Seasons later. First XI appearances: 2825 Sub appearances: 1021 Total Best XI appearances: 3846 You got sacked? ;-)
  8. Thanks for the quick reply :-) I also travel a lot, not quite trans-atlantic, but from CH->UK (hence the nickname) and back. Next time I'll probably leave the laptop behind and get my fix from the iPad.
  9. HI, I am not an achievements or ratings fan, but being a mathematician and stats fan, can't resist looking from time to time. 1) What is the Game Center 'Addictiveness Rating' and roughly how it is calculated 2) How the hell are people getting so many points so quickly, holidaying? 3) What are the Veteran and Loyal manager leader boards? Veteran is empty and loyal has 16 entries. Also a big thumbs-up to an app that doesn't eat the battery. I fully charged my iPad at work on Friday, I came home, browsed on the train for 30 mins using 3G, got home and downloaded FMH2012 via wi-fi. Watched around 30 mins of Youtube with the kids, then over the course of Friday evening and Saturday, played FMH2011 for around 7 hours, plus then more than 30 mins watching a video. Put the iPad back on charge this morning, it still had 40% remaining. (much less battery usage than when I'm doing other things)
  10. Low Scoring Games

    I'm playing similarly but not quite the same as Marc, a 4-4-2 attacking, balanced mentality as default but sometimes adjusting it according to how games are going, committed tackling, mixed passing, hard tackling, no offside trap and am scoring freely.
  11. After 10 Seasons - 3 Seasons later. First XI appearances: 2718 Sub appearances: 876 Total Best XI appearances: 3594 6 are still with the club coming into the 2022-3 season - Schuster with 301 appearances still has 2 years of contract but is valued at 750k, I may need that money very soon. Kirton (438) is desperate to leave,also with 2 years to run. Valued at 450k. Taylor (141) is likely to have a full season in goal. Schofield (172) is now only really a good backup. Ironside (125) could have a full season if I can't get a good loanee. Hollis (185) could also have a full season if I can't get a good loanee. Finances could send them away, however stagnation in League 1 - 2 relegation dog-fights, and an 8th - has probably helped the XI total increase.
  12. I'll join in After 7 seasons FM2012 First XI appearances: 2097 Sub appearances: 555 Total Best XI appearances: 2652 around 3-5 players still adding in Season 8, not a bad start, but still climbing the divs so highish player turnover. Will post again in a few seasons.
  13. I started to play this method for the last 2 evenings, started as an alternative to a rage quit (i'd thrown away a 2 goal lead in the fa trophy semi and a 12 point BSP lead in an evening). So I started doing this and really enjoyed it. Board started building a stadium yesterday evening, was playing in it tonight.
  14. Can you potentially lose one of those players with a better player from the XI, but with one who hasn't played so many games?