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  1. When do you guys promote a 'youngster' to 'hot prospect' status? Based on PA? When he's getting ready for some First team action? Or is it just a higher salary thing? Or something completely else? Just thinking out loud how to handle the new batch of youth intakes, some great potential, but nowhere near the first team right now.
  2. Great stuff! The part on teamtalks is one of the best I've ever seen on that topic! I love how you explain your thoughts and actions in very clear and simple way. I try to play (and think) in a similar style, but tend to hastily click 'continue' just to get to the next match, until I hit a run of bad form and start to panic. Great posts to pause for a moment and reflect on my own game for a minute.
  3. Nice work on the back to back to back promotions! And interesting to read your thoughts on training. I was wondering how you approached the part-time training schedules, having only 4 slots per week to train, did you just use the default schedules, or personalise them to your liking?
  4. In my experience with my League One team, Exploit the Flanks leads to lots of unnecessery possession loss because my mc's dwell too long on the ball and are harassed by the opposition strikers. At the same time my fullbacks charge forward, giving plenty of room for dangerous counter attacks by the opponent. This can be a very risky shout.
  5. I play the same formation in my Oxford save in League 1. I use a midfield trio of DM, DLP/APM and a BWM. The BWM I trained to have the ppm's runs forward often and plays one-two's. He is still lacking the finishing to score a lot of goals but his physical presence upfront is good for 5-10 goals per season. I adjust the mentality settings based on opposition quality and formation. Against a weak opponent I'll play with a APM(S) and a BWM(S), against strong opposition I might play a DLP(S) and a BWM(D).
  6. Since this guy is a Brazilian, aren't they talking about that 'other' Ronaldo? The former PSV, Barca, Inter, Real Madrid striker.
  7. I've always seen it as Rigid/Fluid is about players swapping positions on the field. For example, if my DR overlaps, and runs past the MR, then my team loses the ball, with a more Fluid system, my DR takes up the MR position he is in at that time to press the opposition ball carrier. My MR drops to the right fullback position to cover for him, at a later point in time, eg when the ball goes out of play, they switch back to their standard positions In a more Rigid system the DR runs back to his position, and the opposition ball carrier is pressured by the MR when he arrives in that zone. Out of this follows that specialists, being by virtue of them being specialists, are more difficult to replace by a teammember, then player roles with less attribute requirements.
  8. My experience with Burton Albion in League Two was the same. Nothing I did had any effect. I got sacked halfway through the season and thanks to my ex professional footballer background quickly got a job at Oxford United, also in League Two. First match, you guessed it, against Burton Albion. I reloaded this match several times with different tactics and shouts, learned a lot from that. Started taking notes every match, examing scouting reports for best and worst opposition players. We went on to finish the season 17th, Burton got relegated. Now in my second season with Oxford and we're in 4th place fighting for promotion.
  9. Yeah, you're right, the other players I tried were already being tutored.
  10. I noticed that while setting up my training schedules for the next season, that I can only train 4 players in preferred moves at the same time. Is this limited to the number of coaches I have (also 4)?
  11. I noticed that while setting up my training schedules for the next season, that I can only train 4 players in preferred moves at the same time. Is this limited to the number of coaches I have (also 4)?
  12. Thanks for this thread (and your blog), really inspiring to read. I've been going through these for the past days and decided to apply some of your ideas in my save. In my first season at Burton Albion, first match of the season at home against Peterborough for the League Cup. They are way better than us, and I set up a narrow, 442 counter attacking tactic to counter their 4231. I am too narrow, and within 5 minutes its 0-2. Both goals floating crosses from the left, over my DL, leaving their unmarked AMR to head the ball in at the second post. I turn off play narrow and get ball forward, and now my tight marking, hard tackling OI's do work. It works as we claw one back before the break, and score again in 73th minute. They switch to a attacking 442 and even 424 in extra time, and we are riding our luck, coupled with some spells of good possession play, until the 98th minute when our targetman, doing his physical thing in the box forces an own goal from their goalie! They start pumping the ball forward, and we play it out relatively easy, passing the ball around the center of their very wide 424. To come back from 0-2 to win 3-2 against a much better team, this is one of the most rewarding games I've ever played in my 15 year CM/FM career!
  13. Sad to hear this. Through the years, SFrasier's post have helped me greatly in understanding the tactical part of the game. I've always read his long, detailed and well throught through posts with great enthousiasm, sometimes printing them out in order to study them further in the train. My condolences go out to his family and friends.
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