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  1. Why isnt the editor on the disc?

    Had to chime in here....$100AUD, WTF? I am from OZ, bought the game since CM97/98, yes was always a rip off, but I got FM12 for like $30 on DVD from UK?!?!?! And also agree that the editor should be on the disc, but it is only a small download, will fit under your 'cap' surely.... Go TPG, unlimited for 60$.
  2. I somewhat agree. Shedloads of chances compared to opposition almost all the time and they get bugger all and score at the most bs times(like I have had 20/15 on target, they have 3/1, yet their GK is not having a blinder either!!). I have noticed another thing, my team smacks it for the first 4/5 of the season, I should run away with the league or atleast be comfortable, my team always doesnt seem to give a crap and plays the last 6-7 games like an Under 6 side, and then proceed to draw and lose games we should win....Has caused me a few playoffs/promotions/championships. I have also noticed the 3rd sub thing sometimes...especially when you sub all three before about 65 mins. Still, am in the 12th season and have bought FM since CM97/98 anyways, cause it still is THE football management game. Pity about these little niggles, they are trying!!!
  3. FM12 editor: significant improvement?

    No.... There is not much difference from when the editor was first included......you can still only do basic comp setups, we still can't even do apertura/clasura type championships, can't do a top X playoff system, can't do the cups you really want etc etc. It has only been improved in that, you can select more records to edit etc etc.... (except you still can't select a whole division of teams to select comp levels.....another story) There have been very slight improvements such as continental and international rules but there is still f-all to do with the basic editor except....basic stuff. Shame about the advanced editor.....
  4. Ideas for Editing.

    Ah, shows how much I know about Victoria!!! So, then it seems to work with all the the settings done. I was pretty sure my league put teams 'back' into leagues when there were shuffles from previous years etc. But...I also then had Heart go from Tasmania to NSW Premier....it should have picked someone else from Victoria for that one and put Heart back into that league. But, it's as you said , its mainly because the teams are all bunched up in the one place, and those places are so fn far away from each other, and I commented about our vast size, and we have much open space in this country still. Plus we have half out country covered in a mofo desert. England so tiny compared to Aus and so many counties etc etc, so the regions are 'easier'. For dynamics.....Yes, I thought we already had it with the MIN/MAX team settings, but that is just a warning marker for when you are editing, I thought it was for this sort of thing.
  5. Ideas for Editing.

    The regional divisions tab is for levels, not sure what you mean by 80 and 20 when the tab is for level 1, 2, 3 and so on.....
  6. Need Help Please... Custom Cup and TV Dates

    Bumpity Bump..This has not gone away for me, I still haven't got down to a few seasons yet because of this (and the Aussie Promotion/Relegation issue) Can someone please tell me how to pit ALL the fixtures on TV. No theories, I would like an honest answer please. Why can't I put all fixtures on TV even after I have made the fixture list up myself and set the TV type for each and every game?!?!?!?!??! Anyone from SI even PLEASE?~!?!?!
  7. The reputations suck for those teams.....I just found that it seems to be an issue with the Amateur teams, the semi-professional ones get ***** players Sorry to hijack the thread a little gason ; ) Edit: and just checked all the reps are set to 1 for semi-prof and amateur teams so I don't know where the problem would be.....
  8. A question, I am using a level 10 database but every time I use auto-generate players for teams, for some reason some teams get some ridiculously good players for the lower divisions. I mean after 21 games in the season, 6 teams in the Spartan Midlands Division 1 (all the ones without logos for some reason) were running away with the league. Yes 6! One team had already over 100 goals in those 21 matches, another had 80, another 70, and the rest over 60. Does anyone find that with this database and how to combat it?
  9. Ideas for Editing.

    Promotion/Relegation will not work well in Australia because teams will be in the wrong state divisions from relegation from the top league. It can't be done. It would need to be a modified league because of the sheer size of Australia and the region borders (state borders). Even if you do the state borders there will inevitably be teams relegated to the 'wrong' divisions. Unfortunately you can't set up 'dynamic' leagues where the number of teams changes to accommodate this but maybe in the future.... A modified Australian set of rules would have to done. E.g You have to have overlapping borders aka the Conference Leagues in England to have any resemblance to proper relegation. The Conference has a set of overlapping regions where teams can go to the North or the South. Even with that, if there were two really, really Southern Teams relegated from Conf premier, (i.e On the bottom tip of England), then the northern most one would be put in the Northern League or one of the 'northern' south teams would be moved to accomodate. I don't think even this can be replicated in the editor. Either way, can't do Australian promotion/relegation correctly with the way the leagues are in Australia, geographically bloody far away from each other...... Btw I have tried myself, it worked fairly well and most teams stayed in the correct divisions with all borders set up, all the stadium co-ordinates, but then Melbourne Heart got put into Tasmania when a team got promoted from there, I would have thought it would be a more southern team moved over from Victoria and then Melbourne to Victoria but oh well.....and other little nuances like that. Not sure why we bother with co-ordinates if the game doesn't use them quite properly to sort the teams.
  10. Need Help Please... Custom Cup and TV Dates

    No one has tried to have all the fixtures on TV in their custom league? Anyway the A-League in the original database has all the games on TV as it is in real life so why can't I replicate that? The normal league file doesn't have anything special in that regard it seems and I have put all the fixtures in 1 by 1 and still it moves 4 games for each team, moves them to midweek and does not show them. This has been bugging me for a while..... : (
  11. Need Help Please... Custom Cup and TV Dates

    Damn it!!! I have set ALL the fixtures manually.... but for some reason there are 4 fixtures for each team that get moved to a Wednesday and don't get televised...this is starting to pi$$ me off..... All the rest are the right days and are televised... Why does it not do all of them?!?!??!??! Why 4 aren't??? Please explain.... HELP
  12. Media Comment Editor??

    Where did you see the 2011 version??? I have been asking about cause I can;t find the MC editor...
  13. Need Help Please... Custom Cup and TV Dates

    Yeh, I tried the first one....but what I am asking is this a bug, because why have seeding by divisions if it doesn't look at the seeds, but the order of teams in the editor????
  14. Yes....well they don't even have opening/closing stage type of league yet in the normal editor.... but sigh....hopefully... (btw pls have a look at my other thread, need help on cup and setting tv dates ; P )
  15. Oh I see Andy. The individual division one does not work as I thought then.... Thanks.. Can anyone else confirm this min/max set for individual divisions, what does it actually do, or is it like Andy says.