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  1. In my opinion best post and ideas are from tommy vercetti because his ideas would give game realistic sense and make it very playable and interesting. Everyone who think something else i think that they have right on its opinion,but in my opinion his posts and ideas are magnificent. Its too bad he doesnt work in SI games because if he would this game would finally look on game(it would be realistic)! I dont see why SI couldnt make game on tommy vercetti(power monger,kjah...)advices and if that wouldnt be excellent(which i doubt)they could get back on their old way. Guys keep it up,if you would continue to make so good advices game could have future!!! Thanks!
  2. Firstly i would like to praise SI on releasing patch 8.0.2 because it fixed match system and players are playing much better and they score in more situations.But i would like that you make better game and that you put in all our suggestions because on this forum there are plenty of magnificent suggestions that would make game realistic Here are my suggestions:1)I would like that game should have more interaction with media and that media should give much more attention on whole game for example when i buy new player or release star player,or when there is some important match,when you are pursuing some player and for that should be news section which should be like newspapers and where you could cycle through all todays transfers,manager interviews,games of league of champions,games of national leagues,cups,in one word it should have all what sport news have. 2)This is only because of graphical reason i would like that important games are viewed like on tv where you have list of players that are in todays team and trainers that are managing those teams,then players should stay in line like on tv and on each half of those two teams there should be their team logo like in pro evolution or in fifa. 3)When players get in 28-29 they should think of returning in their mother clubs or if this club is poor and that it cant afford that player they should go in richest club of that country which can afford that players even in half of salary price. 4)There should be shortlist when you are playing with nation because if i find player that i think is useful and i dont think to call him up for nation selection i should be able to put him on my shortlist and i know about national pool but i cant find anyone there it would be easier with shortlist. 5)I was playing with czech republic and it was written that petr chech conceded 4 goals in 6 games but i didnt play any game and i found that it was related to his club chelsea but it said that for national squad he conceded only 4 goals and i think that should be fixed. 6)And last one that when you are selecting teams for friendly matches you should be able to filter teams by leagues and not only by countries. Thank you on your time!!!
  3. I would like this in new football manager 2008/2009:-That attributes on players mean something because when i sen my scouts on some player he reports to me that some players whose attributes are 18-20 isnt good for me,if he isnt that good why he has so good attributes,and players with excellent attributes should play superb only if they are being injured or have low morale they should play bad.Then i would like that you put in real condition of a player which he has in real world(for example ronaldinho isnt in good form and he shouldnt be in manager and then we must make that he go back onto his real form) -every season there should be that players who are randomly selected become new wonderkids or become top-class players because in that way we could buy new wondrkids every new season and it would be like in real world. -Regens should come from affiliated clubs or form from that country. -I would like that in editor i could make my own prices of players in that way i could update prices from transfer market. -I would like that you make smart AI which would make harder opponent and make game more interesting that he knows through which side he should attack and he should know which is my weakest link and it should depend on ability of a trainer. -And last thing i would like that on load all players from i could load players from leagues(divisions) i want,and most important thing is that you make realistic transfer system.Thank you!!
  4. Hello,today this come on my mind:I would like that when you win some cup or champions league or uefa cup that all prize money goes to the my own budget that nothing goes to the club but that all money goes to me or if money goes to the club(personal) I would like to have anything with finances or budget because i think that is a job of club board(i would only like to give my shortlist/wish list to the board and they should buy me a player) Then i would like that player ask value isnt so high because maybe best player zinedine zidane has been sold for about 72.000.000,00 euros and there shouldnt be any player that is sold much higher because in game ask value for david villa is 100.000.000,00 euros which i think is way too much unrealistic for 100 million i should build a dream team i want to say that there should be only messi,c.ronaldo,or someone else who should reach price for about 100 million. I would like that club accepts players in exchange for a wanted player if he has enough quality and his value reaches asking price. I would like better that you take your time and make a game that is worth of playing than releasing half-product. I would like that you release beta version of the game with all mentioned features and then gamers who play the game report any bugs and recommendations and then you fix that and THEN you release real game! This is only thing i had to say!
  5. I would like this features in Football manager 2009:1)That bigger teams/countries can beat smaller teams/countries with bigger difference it may not be strictly bigger team but it must be in winning form. 2)I would like that I dont have to set up tactics to win a game because i set up best tactic and my team loses it should be what players do you have and if they are not tired and if their morale is high they should win. 3)Maybe worst part of the game is nations(team managers dont call up best players in the nation setup)many players dont evee play for nation that you put in i think that should be fixed and one thing i would like that in editor i can set up which players should play for nation.But that wouldnt be necessary if you make better AI. 4)I would like that goalkeeper dont stand on goal like a statue,i would like that he throws in different directions that he dowsnt stand on one spot. 5)If you would make 3D players and pitch i would like that you make players detailed as much as you can and i think that you have great potential if i say in football language,i would like that players have gloves,neck warmers,in the winter,that i can see captain armband and that it looks great or if you make 2D like now Ii would like that you make detailed smaller leagues because croatian,and other small leagues arent detailed as they should be I love to play with smaller leagues because they offer much competition and like many people would like that they look better and realistic. 6)I dont like when some goalkeeper who has attributes 10 is great as for example buffon and casillas all players who get in penalty box should score a goal if they have chance goal is big enough that players can pick side where they will shoot and they never score a goal through goalkeepers legs and they should be. 7)I would like that you fix that when player gets kicked or released from the club they shouldnt stay long time without club because all players must have some club that is interested for them.If player can not find the club they should accept offer of his mother club or retire. 8)When some player scores a goal there should be written that "stadium exploded" i mean that supporters are happy and that should be on derbies like when rivals are playing also in the match there should be sounded drums and realistic supporters chant to make atmosphere form the stadium. 9)Any player should make forward run in front of goalkeeper and score or cross the keeper if there are no players after him or they are far. 10)Big clubs should appoint big names(trainers)that have played for that club or made big career in or out the country,or players with big results(they have made far with small club) or they are talented. 11)I would like black or white skin with black or white fonts because it is best.(cameleon skin was superb from FM 2006) 12)I would like that clubs like Atletico Bibao buys Basque players,that clubs like Dinamo and Hajduk dont buy serbian players and from Serbia Crvena Zvezda and Partizan dont buy croatian players.I newer saw that Asian players play in some South American club because they only buy South American Players. Thank You.
  6. I have played a game wit Milan and my young players under 20 were having a match against Roma`s players under 20 and only goalscorer was Ludovic Guly and I am asking myself how could this happen(please fix this). Then I would like although i think that wouldnt be necessary but for those guys who tells that if game would be realistic that no one would be playing it,but i say that they are wrong many people dont play this game because it has many bugs and in many areas it is unrealistic that needs fixing I would like that you put in two modsne mod for players who want realism and one for them who doesnt need. I dont see the point of scouting because i have no players to scout because they are all blank. Then I cant buy any good players because I have low budget or theyre value is too unrealistic. I can not understand That if I have good players maybe best i can not beat clubs from lower leagues should beat them with 8-0 like it was in FM 2006 but also I confess that if you have even clubs they should win with 2-1 it depend on the opponents strength. I would also like that you improve AI with when season is over and when they must choose which players they should put on transfer list they should put players which were undisciplined or who played little or who doesnt posses enough quality. One problem is pain in the ass and it is that you cant buy players from rival clubs I mean good players in the real world Milan could buy Jaap Stam or Alessandro Nesta. I would like that you fix that when you buy some player or you are beaten from some ultra big club your fans express their sadness and they didnt even seen that player to be playing to judge about him. Little things make game great!!!!!!Thank you on your time.
  7. I think this would be good in the game:1)You should make that every team has displayed its own chemistry level(This would show how players get on with each other) 2)Then more leagues would be good so you should make playable teams from:Iran,Macedonia,Albania,Qatar,Moldova,and maybe some other leagues. 3)Then I should know who is best striker in African Champions league(like Arsene Wenger heard about Tresor Mputu) 4)Something about graphic in the background there should be video clip about greatest games in history and present to make game more interesting and you should. 3)Russian and Ukraine players go outside of country too much in real world that wouldnt be so because their clubs are rich. You are saying that your game is most realistic and I say that you are right from the other management games your game is most realistic but also I say that it isnt it has too much unrealistic parts that need to be fixed,you have made good game but it needs to be more likely to real world it would be better if you would make every league detailed like in real world every league is unique as teams are unique they are different from team to team and also players you are in good way to become a "Champion". Listen to our advices!!!!
  8. I am sorry but i have remembered something new so don`t get mad at me. -It would be good if you make values for the players just same like in the transfermarkt. -Then you should make that younger have higher values like for Luka Modrić price is 30-40 euros. -Higher budgets(example Real Madrid has budget of 100 million.) -You should make that on tactic screen you can move your players anywhere where you want like in CM 2008. -You should make something like Pro zone match analysis like in CM 2008. -In real world playmakers make difference on the pitch so that should be implemented in the game. -In rest of the world managers can`t buy players but they make list of wishes to their president and he buys them players if he has enough money only in England managers can buy players on their own because managers have to do with playing stuff and board is assigned to deal with finances. -Supporters should have better chant when they support their own club,and drums should be heard and maybe in the start of the match supporters should sing their anthem. -You should reorganize training section I would like to see training like it was in CM 03/04 (pig in the middle etc..... ) -You shouldn`t put in the face-gen instead of it you should put real pictures like it was before -Scouting should be better,also coaches report about players because they don`t recognize good players. -I would like that there is no attributes shown on the screen because trainers in real world don`t have them you should rely on the scout reports it would be really good because it would make that scouts are meaning something in the game. I apologize if you had hard time with me but I think that these details would make game better.
  9. ihello,I have been playing manager games for a long time,and i think that best manager was CM 03/04.I dont know why you cant make realistic manager game because i think that you have started beautiful project.I hope that you will read my this and make this wishes real and make our dream come true to become a Manager and drive our time to glory. Here are some wishes that i think will change way of playing and make game more realistic so i will begin: 1)First of all you should make better skin skin with better background. 2)Then you should make better game system and make game more difficult by making that when you are coaching some league that are not in league five(England,France,Germany,Spain,Italy)you should try harder to beat those teams unless those teams arent tired or have low morale.You should make that teams who have a good players shouldnt be in last position for example i was playing spanish league and i was in real madrid and in the half of the season Villareal was in last position(how could it be because they have a good team and in reality they are in fourth place)You should make that teams who would be in the first tree places,and last positions in the real world you should make them like that in the game i mean that stronger teams should be in the first position and not in the last. 3)I would like that players in the game can make clans and that they could be unhappy and refuse to ply and that they can rebel against you.I think that you should also put that players can go out in disco clubs and make drunk and that you could give them a fine or cut their salary.It would be good if you would make game more oriented to psychology. 4)Then I think that in the winter and in the summer teams should go to training camps to regain their strenght and fitness. 5)Then you should also make that you can open training camps all over the world. 6)You should make some section where you could read newspapers and hear about latest fixtures,rumors,and transfers. 7)Transfers should be more realistic bigger teams should buy younger players and players with greater reputation.You should make that if player is unhappy in the club and in the fight with a trainer or with other player or he is unhappy with his appearances he would be more willing to go to you on loan or you to buy him I think also on small clubs from his country if the could afford him or clubs where he was starting his career off for example like Riquelme in Boca.You should make that parent clubs cannot be from the counties you havent selected or you should make that in the start of the game you already have selected all clubs from the world(only first and second leagues) 8)Clubs from smaller leagues when playing too muc games should be more tired than teams in bigger leagues. 9)You should make that bigger clubs from smaller leagues are buying older players who were already playing for them and all clubs should buy players that they would in the real world. For example Dinamo Zagreb will buy players from his surroundings but you must know that some players could never play in Dinamo because of its supporters who dont want any serbian players to play in the club also in the serbia where you cant find any croat. 10)You should make that there isnt any limitations in buying players any team who has money could buy any player in the world(but also players would most like to sing for a team who is playing in the Champions league and other european competitions)It is stupid when i see that some south american team is buying some player from europe that has no roots in south america.That isnt realistic because south american are more likeli to go playing in europe. 11)Then you should make that we can listen to music during the game and that we can put our own music in the game.Also it would be good that you put in the hooligans in the game it would be very interesting because all i have listed is making real football and if you would like that your game has something that makes football game a real game. 12)I think when you click on continue there should shown some famous football sentence of best trainers in the world like in call of duty. 13)I would be glad to see if you would make that if you select some club in the world you should hear its anthem like liverpools:"You`l never walk alone........"and other. 14)This is my final wish and that is that when player is one on one with goalkeeper he should score in most cases,and player on whom is made a foul shouldn`t score in some cases because he is lacking concentration. If i remember something i will write you again because i think you dont understand that game is a game because of its pointy little details I am sure that you will realize that and make this FM 2008/2009 best game ever Good Luck!
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