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    Currently languishing in the lower leagues with Leigh (oooh alliteration)

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    Manchester United
  1. Come on dafuge your prowess is well known, us little guys need to get ahead somehow!
  2. Loans, i'm going to say it again because I value the word so much. Loans. If you can get a good parent team (champ or even prem level) then they generally send out loanees who are a good couple of leagues ahead of you in ability. If you can get say a striker, a centre back and maybe a winger then you are well away.
  3. Hardest choice in my career...

    Stick with Newcastle, work your way up to the heights of European club football and then look down upon lowly Arsenal safe in the knowledge that you did the right thing.
  4. I always thought this only came up when a player who has been sidelined at a club gets the chance at a move. I'm not sure if it has an effect on the game mechanics but I always just assumed it was just him jumping ship to get game time.
  5. Have you angered any of them, fined them when it wasn't fitting, made any transfers they disapproved of, do they dislike any other players in the team?
  6. My Spurs game is into it's sixth season. Even turned down a lucrative offer from Man Utd. If you mean 1 team for every incarnation of FM then no I like to mix it up and find a team that suits me on each release.
  7. Release of the demo as always has led to me wandering back over here to see what the crack is on the forums. Have to say the feedback is more positive than last year which can only be a good thing. I'm very much liking the new GUI, I usually take a while to get used to these kind of navigational changes but I'm finding it more intuitive than the previous setup. Not ventured too far into the game yet but have to say I'm very impressed, particularly with the heightened role that staff members seem to have been given, feels like I'm actually part of the club now. I'm off to get stuck in as Peterborough. Wonder when the patch is out.......joking of course!
  8. There are instances of Beckham playing on into his forties, think yourself lucky chappy! I think it's nice that some of the great players can play on into their late thirties but if it's happening with the likes of Titus Shambles then that's not quite right in my eyes.
  9. Career ending injury would be fun if the demo for next year had anything like the injury proneness issue of this years incarnation. Christ I could potentially lose my entire team!
  10. Don't worry about only having a single striker. I used to shy away from that kind of system until recently and as long as your striker can hold up the ball well your midfield will chip in on the goal side. I also recommend the tactical forum, wwfan put together an awesome guide in there if you've got time to read up.
  11. I'm a big fan of the old wallow in self pity tactic, if it's a particularly bad run i'll resort to logging off and taking a rest. I'm more of the passive aggressive type so whilst i don't end up with smashed PC equipment there is a chance i could repress my way to a brain tumor.
  12. Wow

    d) Whilst on an archaelogical dig in Bermuda he was recrutied by a nice old man to come and assess his theme park. With the promise of money to fund his expeditions he duly obliged. He is now being chased around an island by a T-Rex whilst Samuel L Jackson and that fat bloke converse about dodgy weather conditions and the merits of space age whipped cream containers. Oh and well done to the OP, may look into implementing this into my teams.
  13. Manchester City

    Slightly off topic but are their pockets actually bottomless? Has anyone ever seen them go bust after making purchases like this?
  14. No it wouldn't. To the op, look on the brightside 7500 extra seats plus Champs League football should whack your gates up by about 30-40% roughly. These things happen, it just means that your season goals have gone from challenge for the title to, equal last years success. You need to adapt to these kinds of circumstances.
  15. To The Brink!

    I'm currently in dire straights with Cambridge City. Apparantly it's easy to blow £25k when you have no restraint in the number of free transfers you get in. Thank God they are on short contracts.