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  1. I take all of your points. However, after that one loss to Blackburn it seemed that the morale shot downwards incredibly fast and so the strikers couldn't finish and all the rest of it. I did alter my tactic specifications but kept the same formation, nothing worked. I finished the season about 30 minutes ago and from the Blackburn game until the end of the season, i won two games.
  2. Similar thing with them in my game too. They bought Postiga off me for 3.9m then never played him. I'm sure their 12 other strikers got a game though.
  3. So it's mid November. I'm sitting in 5th and playing extremely well, can't stop scoring and just generally playing good football. Then, this happens. Now i can't score, can't defend, can't win. I haven't changed anything since ripping up the league. How ridiculous?
  4. I think it's effective at home but far too weak away from home.
  5. Mixed results. Getting a good few chances but not finishing too many and every goal i have conceded has been from a cross, no joke.
  6. Yeah it looks pretty daft to me, i'd be raging if that happened. Anyone with a notion about football would be going for that ball to clear it, he is so far ahead for so long that it does look very stupid. I don't think anyone can defend the ME.
  7. I was playing 4-4-2, a counter attacking setup. I started well but then lost a game and thought, you know what that formation doesn't really work against bigger teams. Changed to a flat 4-5-1 defensive and it has got me results against much bigger teams. Try packing the midfield and see how you go.
  8. Managing Winners Park right now, got in a few decent players and i'm liking the league more than i thought i would.
  9. Well i've had a few jobs here already, so maybe you should cut your losses as well mate.
  10. Cut my losses and started a new game because after what has been said here i don't think there were enough really low leagues.
  11. A lot of second and third leagues loaded, the lowest on the save though is probably the bottom tier of England. I don't mind picking up a random crap club, all part of the challenge and i actually wouldn't mind managing in Northern Ireland because i'm from Belfast and i know a lot of the players anyway. Let's hope i get a club soon, into January now.
  12. So i've started unemployed, sunday league footballer, load of leagues loaded and unfortunately i still haven't been offered a job. I actually got laughed off a League 2 team when i declared interest so i don't hold too much hope. Really dying to get stuck in and play but would rather do it the 'proper' way. Anyone else experiencing a long waiting time to get a club? It's Christmas now!
  13. eden hazard 6.5m

    Yeah, seems pretty daft to me, however, it's a daft game and so nothing surprises me.