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  1. A little idea for better immersion

    I don't think gambling will be included but maybe a similar/adjusted idea could be this. In press conferences at Lower league teams they might ask you who you think will win the premiership/golden boot/player of the season etc and then at the end of the season when you're completely wrong or right they might react. It has the same effect - the manager cares more about winners of competitions he's not in and therefore feels more immersed - and mirrors reality.
  2. Also Dave C's slow reveal idea does sound good (and I would support that as an improvement) but it still doesn't reflect the way a player's mentality can change. Maybe determination was a bad example because you're right that in general a 19 determination player is determined and always will be, despite his surroundings having some influence. And this is replicated in game. But I think teamwork, flair, work rate, aggression, bravery can all be influenced by a manager and yet in game can't.
  3. I appreciate the feedback guys. I do realise that in game morale etc does impact the way mental attributes influence the match engine and one of the problems with my suggestion is that I don't understand how this really works. But I think when a player has low morale I think it just results in a general fall in effectiveness across the board whereas in reality it would have very specific influences on individual attributes, as would moving club, falling out with a team-mate etc. I also understand that the mental attributes represent a general level for this player's mental character. However, I feel something like work rate can really change over the course of a career and this isn't represented in game. I also understand that it's quite an ambitious change that would take a lot of work and could cause a lot of bugs. Keep the feedback coming!
  4. This post is really just to throw out an idea. I have thought through the idea but i recognise that there are some flaws to what I propose (for one it requires a complicated system) but i also think there are flaws with the current system. So essentially here's what I've thought about. I'm not 100% sure I think it should be implemented in game so seeing what you guys think. I've thought for some while that there are some massive flaws in the way mental attributes work. Take, for example, determination. It is ridiculous to suggest that a players determination remains largely the same throughout a career, even throughout a season. I think a player's determination fluctuates depending on his surroundings, his love for his club, how his club is doing etc. I doubt whether Steven Gerrard would be so determined at any other club. I also doubt whether Etoo would be as determined playing for Man City as he would for Barcelona. Let's take teamwork as another example. Players play with different levels of teamwork depending on who they're playing with. I know this isn't a perfect example but I play for a hockey club. When I play for the 2nd team I play more selfishly because I'm one of the best players and don't necessarily trust all my team-mates. When I play for the 1sts I recognise that I'm one of the worst players and tend to move the ball on for other players to work their magic. I think the same can be said for footballers. When they play in better teams they play less selfishly (I realise this is a generalisation and not true for all footballers). I think I can make a similar case for every single mental attribute. They don't stay the same. I appreciate that changes in motivation are included in game and I don't fully understand how they affect the match engine, but i believe the changes to individual attributes are minimal and this doesn't properly represent real life. I propose that all mental attributes become hidden (although assistant managers comment on the mental side of the game should increase) and become variable (within limits). This would make man management all the more important and greatly influence the way a manager can shape a developing player. When a player moves club the mental attributes would be revised. perhaps their composure would fall because they are worried about not impressing straight away but as they become established composure rises again. Maybe their work rate would increase because they want to impress but as they become more established they get lazier. The attributes would also change with manager interaction and change slowly over time depending on situations at clubs. I feel this would more accurately portray the true world of football and increase the importance of man management. However, I think this idea should be approached with caution. I do not want mental stats to wildly fluctuate from week to week and a manager's influence to be overplayed. For example, I might want to tell Adriano that he needs to be more of a team player if he wants to make the first team. In some circumstances he might improve (teamwork increases 3 points and after a few weeks my assistant notes that Adriano is playing more like a team player in training), in others he might be stubborn and disagree, become unhappy and ask to leave. It might even produce a fall in teamwork. I don't want to tell Adriano to be more of a teamplayer and him to immediately have 20 for teamwork. I hope I've explained this well maybe I've lost the idea with too many examples so I'll quickly summarise it here: Hidden mental attributes with the capabilities to fluctuate depending on circumstances. thoughts?
  5. In the World Cup there were some surprises in the Quarters, so I wouldn't be too surprised if a lot of the underdogs won. Poland to beat Ukraine Italy to thrash Croatia Scotland to sneak past England Portugal to beat Spain Portugal to breeze past Poland Italy to thrash Scotland Italy to win on penalties in the final.
  6. I'm so glad I lost that match in the final minute after completely dominating the match. Really heightens the realism.
  7. how about 4-4-2? Modric has played well for me at left midfield. Bentley right, moutinho centre with attacking settings and veloso centre with defensive settings. I'm playing a simple 4-4-2 with that midfield and am doing ok. Beat wigan and arsenal 1-0, so good start. Then lost to portsmouth 2-0 and beat Hull 2-0. Might need to change my formation for away games because portsmouth dominated me, but in preseason I couldn't get a formation with one up front to work at all.
  8. i think every year people find it harder to start off because they're learning about the game and the new features and how to utilise them best. So I'm not sure that the game is harder, it's just that we're all worse at the game but hpefully with some practice we'll get better.
  9. beating arsenal. as a spurs fan, it happens so rarely in real life you have to enjoy it when it happens in game. I make sure I rub it in in the media afterwards.
  10. I seem to remember a player at man united who had just won the champions league and the premiership. Real Madrid then declared interest and suddenly he was unsettled. What was his name again? oh yeh, Ronaldo. This kind of thing happens all the time in football, even with the big clubs. Players don't like the manager or want a new challenge or maybe their agent has unsettled them to get some more money.
  11. I'm not a big fan of the CA/PA system. Although I do think that every player has limits on how good they cane be. Is it no true that a player can learn something new every single training session or match they play in? Here's my solution which i feel mirrors real life much more accurately. Every player has a PA on their technical attributes and their physical atributes. These should be two different values because they're two very different skill sets. Personally, I've always done athletics and cross country because I'm gifted physically so my PA for physical attributes would be high. On the other hand when it comes to shooting, crossing and long passing I've always been terrible. Even with sustained training on one area my talent for these things improves very slowly. So my PA for technical skills would be very low. Mental attributes should have no PA because a player can always learn new things even when he's old. I also think mental stats should change much more rapidly than technical or physical. A player with low teamwork may finally understand that football is a team game after constantly being told by his manager and change instantly his philosophy. Composure is definitely linked to how comfortable a player is at a club and form. Darren bent at spurs this year has lacked a bit of composure this year because he has had to prove himself in the short stints he's got on the pitch. Last season at Charlton he looked the most composed striker in the premiership. I would propose a hidden learning stat which would indicate how quickly a player learns mental skills. or even a combination of several attributes to determine how quickly or likely a player's mental stats wil develop. There is obviously problems with my solution. It's much more work for researchers to give each player two sets of CA/PA for technical and physical attributes. It requires the introduction of new attributes. It requires a more advanced development system that could integrate a sudden change in mental attributes. But in my opinion it represents real life more accurately and should therefore be considered by the more learned to consider integrating it into the game.
  12. i always play two. tottenham, my team, who are always fun to play and a lower league team, this year dorchester. Then when i go on my laptop it depends on what mood I'm in to see which game i play. Normally spurs take preference because Lower league management is hard work.
  13. Is it time for Variable PA

    personally i think all PAs should be set higher but player development redesigned so no player ever reaches his PA. What majorly bugs me is when a player reaches his PA so he can no longer improve at all. I also don't think mental attributes should be set under PA at all. A player's mental attributes are constantly changing. I could spend ages explaining this but hopefully a quick example will help. My striker is selfish and has a low teamwork rating. I might tell him in training that if he refuses to pass i won't play him and IRL this might change his style of play (in game this would be represented by an attribute rise in teamwork). However, currently in game my striker is playing close to his potential so his teamwork can't dramatically rise unless some of his other attributes fall.
  14. I'm glad the youth develop more slowly, it's more realistic. But if these trends continue so dramatically there might be problems in long term games. There is one problem though. My 20/20 scouts continue to tell me that players under 21 have reached their full potential. This is possiby the result of just asking for a report, but when he assesses a 17 year old surely he should predict a large degree of improvement, even if he is indeed playing near his potential in reality. Nice experiment Sin8 I look forward to some more results