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  1. I think theres a general problem in fm is that players PA isnt high enough, i'd like to see players PA be higher but more difficult to reach that, players determination, ambition and professionalism should have a greater bearing on whether a player reaches his full potential, 10 years ago would have leon britton, ashley williams, jamie vardy, jermaine beckford, michael kightly, had the PA to reach the PL, none of these players were thought of highly, how many non-league or L2 players have a PA above 140? i'm not saying everyone should be getting CA to 140 to maybe at least the chance to
  2. I've noticed a few strange squad number changes, when a player signs for a club maybe they get a strange number but when a player has been there a while and changes to what I'd call a strange number, I know players change all the time (aguero to 10) but Wayne Rooney took the number 13, Coutinho is now 6 at Liverpool, Alexis Sanchez took 12 at Arsenal, Ozil and Walcott also changed to 17 & 8 but I think they do have them as preferred numbers also noticed a few wingers when signing for different clubs taking the number 6 shirt Matt Phillips went to Ipswich, Marc Albrighton to Norwich and Jordon Ibe to Southampton these are all in 1 save and im in 2019 - only Rooney wasn't a regular (now gone to Qatar) but giving him 13 still seems strange to me
  3. anyone got any thoughts on this? wanting an all in one to save space - but still wanting maximum power, just a bit concerned as to why its cheaper than other similar models, is graphic or memory rubbish? any advice would be helpful like to play with around 6 or 7 leagues with about 80,000 players at the start
  4. thanks, it wouldnt let me confirm the skin until I clicked "sidebar icons-only" so I didnt think it let would let me do afterwards, it worked though but because the writing is white and me being leeds (white sidebar) it didnt really work, so gone back to the icons fantastic skin btw
  5. I know I must be the only one but I like the bigger side bar, anyway to re-enable it?
  6. is there a way to add background changes (for stadiums) rather than just the same background all the time tried to do it myself, but im pretty useless at any type of skinning thanks in advance
  7. thanks, like I said I dont really have a budget, I highly doubt the mrs will let me spend that much, was more looking for something that would last a while, fed up of having massive tower in the living room, definitely looking to safe space not looking to do anything special on it, maybe edit photos easier and the odd video but nothing major, heard that macs come with alot of that kind of stuff built in - mainly for fm watching netflix etc I like the look of a mac but no clue how they perform, also bought a all in one pc about 4 years ago and hated it - so so slow - returned it and got the tower i've got now, and this is ok performance wise but graphics on fm are not the smoothest and it makes a bloody right noise (fan I think) made it since the day I got it
  8. sorry for not putting a budget - just unsure what it would be arguments sake its £1,800 mac or all in one pc not wanting a tower but still want maximum performance
  9. Hoping someone can give me of advice looking at a new pc, looking to maybe go for a mac, how do they handle fm? am I better sticking with a pc with i7 quad core or would the mac with i5 quad core be ok? looking for it to last quite a while and also I do like to use 6 or 7 leagues and a large database, also overall is mac better than pc? many thanks in advance
  10. in previous versions of FM you could start in the Belarus league in February and all results were just made up, defiantly used to be able to do it
  11. does anyone know why these aren't available this year? always been possible to start in Belarus in feb 2015, always loved that, been able to start a new game just after the transfer window closed tweeted asking miles why this isn't available this year, he must be off having a well deserved pint
  12. just got a new laptop, anyone recommend a skin? many thanks
  13. many thanks kind sir