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  1. So I changed the kit colours for Leeds in the in-game editor and now the stadium background has disappeared for Leeds, still works for every other club, any ideas why this happens or how to restore the background? I did post this in the skinning forum yesterday, but unfortunately no one responded
  2. So I changed the kit colours for Leeds in the in-game editor and now the stadium background has disappeared for Leeds, still works for every other club, any ideas why this happens or how to restore the background?
  3. Now this doesn't affect the game whatsoever, there is no crash dump either, I can save game and exit in one and there's nothing wrong with the save upon resumption, just wondered if anyone knew why it happens every time I exit the game, nothing to do with the save either happens on all the saves every time, doesn't cause any issue just a bit weird.
  4. When I've turned FM on this morning, the picture is now normal on the skin i'm using, still I tried the default skin and it was normal on that too
  5. Any particular reason my regen/newgen has become the invisible man
  6. Well maybe there should be something in the game to say which one should be more important, a players instruction or the team instruction is more important I've actually taken people's suggestions on board, as I've shown in a different picture, I've changed formation to 4-2-3-1 and dumped pass into space and be more creative, so a bit harsh But I do still think regardless of my tactics a mid table prem club shouldn't be having over 800+ passes against a top of the table side who are looking to press and play out from the back, I tried to provide evidence of this from RL.
  7. I don't think a winger cross for the sake of it, in RL do you think wingers just cross for the sake of it? I'm pretty sure if the overall message was to work the ball into the box that's what they would do or else the manger would hook them off, we've got onto the wingers being the problem but I don't actually think they are, I've put on my passing and crossing and Villa's, I don't think 9 crosses from my RW is excessive, although it does depend on how they came about and also the delivery type, the player with 10 crosses i'm assuming is my corner kick taker, we had 9 corners. As I look at the
  8. I'm focused on the 5 pressing because from best I can tell it's in this area that Villa had the ball, I get that player roles has a massive impact, but I should be able to tell them I'm not happy with certain things, or that certain things such as cross more often shouldn't be hard coded, I should be able to have them sit more narrow, I should have total control, but I still also believe there is an issue with possession/amount of passes the other team has within the game, I think that despite of player roles I should have more passes/possession against Villa than I did
  9. I tweaked the formation for the next game, still kept the wingers as I said earlier I don't see another option other than IW, I don't want my AF too involved in build up play, I took the point about the HB, I think in a attacking team the HB should be able to step out, Kalvin Phillips plays this role at Leeds and still has plenty of the ball, but I have changed this, also moved my AP to number 10 so pressing should be better, I still think though on Attack he should have naturally moved into this space though. I think the red card allowed us to have the ball more, before then RB h
  10. I don't think it's right because I'm asking my players to press that's all of them in particular the front 5, that can't be happening because of the amount of passes the other team has, and when we do have the ball i'm asking them to take there time on the ball but if there's an opening then go for it, but also to work the ball into the box, I've taken away both be more expressive and pass into space at varying times to see if this helps but what I find if my AP playing less "hollywood" passes to my AF which is again is something I want if it's on to do. I like my players to have the creative
  11. I didn't know that about the possession numbers but Villa still had double the amount of passes which I don't think should be right I'm not trying to copy how Liverpool play, I was just using them as the obvious example of a team that plays a similar formation but press and do it so well but still have majority of possession, I just don't think how my team is setup and how good they are that they should be having so little of the ball against a mid table side, Villa sit 10th and I'm into my 4th season
  12. Because I want them to, I want my cake and I want to eat it , I get you're point but I feel like i'm asking them to keep the ball and they're not, Pep wouldn't be happy so neither am I
  13. As you say it ain't broke, I was more just having a moan as I've tried many many different combinations but the possession seems to only get worse, I did originally put this in general discussion as it was more of a moan. Thing is I don't want to rip up the tactic as I say it does work for results, just frustrated, barring when Leicester won the league the top teams have the majority of possession, Liverpool play this type of formation (granted different player roles) but they press relentlessly and have the majority of the ball
  14. Not going to deny I could change things to have more possession but the tactic (including a few variations) does work, the only problem is the amount of possession I think being the better team and basically telling my players to play a short patient passing game should be enough, I have previously taken off both passing into space and more expressive but it doesn't improve it enough, as for the more expressive I take this as my front 5 may play crazy passes but the other 6 shouldn't, maybe the full back might too, but we've only attempted 437 passes compared to villa's 879, surely
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