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  1. fm issues

    I dont understand someone who comes onto a forum to moan about people coming on to a forum for a moan - but hey each to their own. on the formations - I agree that managers have favourite formations, have attacking formations etc, I just feel there's not enough flexibility in AI managers changing them, managers like Poch, Koeman change formations every week depending on who they play. I dont feel FM truly represents that at the moment, in-games the AI change formation not debating that, but to me it seems that they set up formation wise the same every week, depending on clubs reputation they may have different tactics (cant see this so I dont know) but then again dont get me started on reputations because I think that the game is far too dependant on reputation. Someone like Wenger is a example of who follows the formation trends. In his early days he played 4-4-2 and has followed this on and is now playing 3-5-2, I'll be amazed if anyone can find Wenger playing 3-5-2 on FM, i'm thinking maybe just a hidden feature or in the editor where you can tick that they follow formations trends of the league or willing to try new formations with marks out 20 like other options in the editor. Seb - if this happens i'm not sure it happens enough, I find that the club will change there formation but only to the new managers preference, which yes should happen but would they change quickly if it doesn't work, i'm not sure that happens.
  2. fm issues

    sorry about lack of full stops, punctuation, I can lose that when typing. I didn't want to turn this into my tactics because i'm fully aware that my tactics my be the problem, more I was trying to point out that a goal shouldn't change ratings so much and to me proves there's an issue around ratings but also that if your unhappy with a way a player plays we should be able to tell them. I play balanced, its one of the few things I havent changed. but I like the way my teams play it seems to be just one or two players/roles that are the problem, results never are. I do leave the game for periods, but surely this is what these forums are for, and in my case I haven't just moaned and called people names.
  3. don't want to rant etc etc, I've played this game since blah blah blah, read, comment please yourself having read a little of other threads (seriously does anyone have time to read everything) I wanted to put down some of my issues without having to pay a psychiatrist one of my main issues is AI inability to change their main formations, there's been formation trends in RL for many many years, in the 90's 4-4-2. lots played 3-5-2, mid 00's when Jose came along suddenly everyone was playing 4-1-2-2-1, around 2010 4-2-3-1 became the popular formation and last year 3-5-2 became popular again, but in FM because the manager has a favourite formation that's what they tend to always at least start the match with, now i'm not saying do away with that but surely there needs to be a bit more flexibility here, particularity for manager like Poch, Koeman who change there formations week to week regardless or their results. trends is something that happen a lot in football formations is one another is transfers, at the moment it seems every club is a feeder club for barca and real madrid (always exceptions - neymar) but its who the other cubs buy from (particularly in england, as this is where I mostly manage) the top 6 dont do much business between themselves, although this does seem to becoming more regular, imo there needs to some kind of tier system - unseen of course - the top 6, likes of everton, southampton, west ham, stoke etc, then the sides who are more likely to be relegated, this works both ways in terms of who the top 6 sell to, this shouldnt be written in stone and open to change as tottenham could only be considered a top 6 side from the past 2 years, like of villa and newcastle were in the "2nd" until recently - maybe something like this always exists, but I dont feel it works, more of an issues is the amount of average top 6 players move between clubs, types of players who play less than 10 games at their club but then move to another top 6 club to play less than 10 games, its only really top players who move (rvp) or top players who move to guarantee first team (cech, mata at the time) again not saying it shouldnt happen just seem to happen to frequently tatics are something that many cant agree on, sliders and the rest, I want as much control on how my team plays as possible, but I feel that they dont do what I want, player roles dont feel right, I find myself searching for the right answer when there shouldnt be one, this isnt because i'm not winning because I am, my latest save I decided to change formation and play a advanded playmaker in the no10 role in a 4-2-3-1, currently top of the championship with bristol city, and if anything being top has ruined my enjoyment I wanted to tinker more, the only issue is my ap because he isnt doing what I want, I want him in front of the 2 holding cm, and just behind the advanced forward playing through balls, this doesnt happen, I play b2b who should get into the box but he's the playing through balls, I've tried changing every little role, ap support/attack, more direct passing, get forward more etc, nothing seems to work, the average rating is always 6.6 or 6.8 unless he manages a goal then its 8.0, this brings me onto player ratings why are all the best players full backs, ap ratings are always poor unless scoring, same as strikers, any role in the dm always struggle to get a decent rating, goalkeepers rarely get above a 7 even with a clean sheet only penalty saves seem to help them. I dont have answers in terms of overall tactics but I think they need to be simpler while also more in-depth (I'm aware that doesnt make much sense) I think one thing that would help is more formations that are used in training or that each style (contain, defensive, attacking etc) in used in training so they become more familiar Player interactions needs a lot of improving and more depth without becoming repetitive and just for the sake of it, one of the biggest things about being a manager is dealing with players but yet in fm you barely deal with them. Also training need to be more in-depth, maybe watching last game so you can tell players more what you want from them, again unsure how this could be implemented but hey im not game developer. That is just a tiny amount - may add more later session over
  4. Player match ratings

    I've noticed that my advanced playmaker and wingers don't get good ratings but I put this down to my tactics, I've tried several different things and different combinations to try and change this but nothing as yet that I can say has made a huge difference, however the GK ratings imo are massively flawed and have been for such a long time I cant remember anything different, I can win a game 5-2 where he's made 0 saves but gets a 7.4 and another where I lose 2-0 he's made 7 or 8 saves but gets a 6.4, none of the problems in fm17 are as bad as fm16 where the RB was the best player in every save I had.
  5. played 4 game months now since I changed the skin back to default and had no crashes, fan still the same though, do you know if its all custom skins causing problems?
  6. this isnt a 4K, looked at 2 and went for this one because only major difference was 4k but also £200 difference, I turned down the graphics quality to medium 2 days ago on HarryRoberts1975 advice and the fan has calmed down, certainly not completely but its no longer unbearable, I still notice a difference in the sound when the match day starts, my screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 and I run FM in windowed Also my save does keep crashing from time to time, sometimes it crashes when I try to change the background opacity, it doesnt always crash but has a few times, and a couple of times crashed randomly, im using OPZ Elite skin, and i've not edited in any way
  7. its not a laptop, its an all in one
  8. the fan in the computer goes completely nutty every time I start the match day, its always been quite up until FM17, its not an old computer (bought it this year) never had an issue on FM16 and the fan the rest of the time is extremely quite, start the match day and it sounds like a steam train, I've no idea if it's my machine or if FM is making work too hard, if its the fans problem, graphics card, processor etc. I've attached my dxdiag (as seems to be the norm). Thanks in advance DxDiag.txt
  9. i've had 2 random crashes in my save, its still very early in the save, first one was after a day (game day) and the other after around a month, the only thing that I thought it could be was that both times i'd left the computer untouched for about 30 minutes, but I do that quite a lot
  10. [Leeds United] (Official) Data Issues

    ahh ok, sorry should have known that really, with that now being said, his attributes are probably more or less right
  11. [Leeds United] (Official) Data Issues

    there isn't a movement stat that you can see, so i've no idea what value it is for him, the positioning description is "the attribute reflects the ability of a player to read a situation and manoeuvre themselves into the best possible location to deal with unfolding events" without anything else to go on i'd say that kind of covers movement in that, perhaps anticipation could also cover what Chris Wood is good at
  12. [Leeds United] (Official) Data Issues

    Chris Wood looks quite fair - he's still quite inconsistent particularly when it comes to his strength, some weeks he gets bullied others he puts himself about, the last month i'd say he justifies 15/16, the only stat I'd say is low would be positioning, most of his goals come from 10 yards or less and are often tap ins because of the good position he's in, last nights goal was typical Chris Wood (although his technique for that was excellent) he's actually more of a poacher than the game gives him credit for. Personally think O'Kane/Phillips is about right, its just Mowatt's physical, having watched him for 3 years I think 10's for his physical is fair, technique wise he's very good Out of all those players he's the only one who i'd majorly disagree with, which I think is pretty good going, and on attributes everybody's opinions are different
  13. [Leeds United] (Official) Data Issues

    I believe the Patel's have left the Leeds board, there no longer on the website https://www.leedsunited.com/club/Ownership-structure on Jansson although I know you haven't touched him, I do think his left foot should be improved, he currently plays LCB, uses his left quite a bit and doesnt look poor with it, wouldn't say it needs much but he shouldn't be a "Right Only" have to agree with macca on mowatt, he's more a AMC than CM, he just doesn't have the physical attributes to play there, he hasnt played there for a while, Monk currently plays him out wide, although I definitely wouldn't say he accomplished as a AML, I do think his Acceleration, Agility and Pace are too high when you compare him to other players in the squad particularly some like O'Kane, IMO those attributes should be about 10 maybe even lower everything else looks spot on though KUTGW
  14. Jamie Vardy in lower leagues

    I think theres a general problem in fm is that players PA isnt high enough, i'd like to see players PA be higher but more difficult to reach that, players determination, ambition and professionalism should have a greater bearing on whether a player reaches his full potential, 10 years ago would have leon britton, ashley williams, jamie vardy, jermaine beckford, michael kightly, had the PA to reach the PL, none of these players were thought of highly, how many non-league or L2 players have a PA above 140? i'm not saying everyone should be getting CA to 140 to maybe at least the chance to
  15. I've noticed a few strange squad number changes, when a player signs for a club maybe they get a strange number but when a player has been there a while and changes to what I'd call a strange number, I know players change all the time (aguero to 10) but Wayne Rooney took the number 13, Coutinho is now 6 at Liverpool, Alexis Sanchez took 12 at Arsenal, Ozil and Walcott also changed to 17 & 8 but I think they do have them as preferred numbers also noticed a few wingers when signing for different clubs taking the number 6 shirt Matt Phillips went to Ipswich, Marc Albrighton to Norwich and Jordon Ibe to Southampton these are all in 1 save and im in 2019 - only Rooney wasn't a regular (now gone to Qatar) but giving him 13 still seems strange to me