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  1. James Forrest is labelled the next Davie Cooper (He's deid)
  2. Halfway through the first season
  3. Going to try make a 4-6-0 formation as it's the way Man Utd are starting to play IRL. Anyone had any success with it?
  4. How could you make it affective though? What roles would you give players? I'm also very interested in this as it seems to be how things are done in this day and age, but it's not really been discussed on FM10.
  5. 10.2 Patch. And no I didn't cheat.
  6. Canales in my AC Milan Team.
  7. Just looked at this thread then this happened.
  8. Player Name: Greig Spence The New: Joe Jordan Age: 17 Club: Celtic
  9. Name: Vaclav Kadlec Position: ST Club: Sparta Prague Value: 625,000 Sale Value: 1 Million Permit: No Seems to have a random potential as I seen in some of my games, Can turn out amazing or average.
  10. Nice gonna try it now! Hail Hail
  11. This is a great tactic. Well done.
  12. Any update on this?
  13. Good luck on this mate can't wait for you to finish it!