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  1. Playing as Arsenal in a save started in the BETA version, for some reason when it comes to FA Cup games in my first season, every single player that was there in August is cup tied. Only 2 of my new signings in January are eligible to play. Not sure if this is a bug or not, if it is could a kind mod please move to relevant section? Thanks.
  2. I sold Giroud and bought a left back, playing Lucas up front with Sanchez has seen me hit second. Tried ditching Cech for Ospina but he conceded 3 goals in the EFL Cup so he's now a permanent sub. Martinez has been farmed out to a feeder club for regular football.
  3. October 21 I would say, because STEAM are plastering November 4th release date for full game and says 2 weeks before that BETA is unlocked, so 2 weeks before November 4th is October 21st.
  4. Averaging about 12/13 hours a day at the moment, recovering from a broken foot. Only thing keeping me sane is Football Manager.
  5. Will download this overnight and run it tomorrow, looking forward to trying it as I want to see how far I can take Fort William in 10 seasons.
  6. Without fiddling with the database, probably Tottenham after about 5 years. When I have used an editor, I relegated in 2 seasons Liverpool, Arsenal, Man United, Man City, Chelsea and Tottenham. And placed them all on a transfer embargo until January 1 2020 to see what would happen if they had to rely on youth prospects. Arsenal dropped to League 2, the 2 Manchester clubs dropped to League 1, Chelsea hovered in midtable Championship, Liverpool got promoted back to the Premier League after 3 years and Tottenham dropped to the Conference Premier. Quite good fun actually, especially as I don't
  7. Still going well, good to see. Although a bit disappointed to see you beating Stevenage there. At least they are improving as the season goes on.
  8. Read this through the afternoon. Really enjoying it. Out of interest, where are you in the overall Hall of Fame? Just wondering if you are anywhere near Alex Ferguson.
  9. Good start to the season, for some reason whilst I have no family connections to Gateshead or ever been there I have a soft spot for them and keep an eye out for their scores on Soccer Saturday. I bet even though you lost to Derby, you still got a decent financial windfall from getting to Round 5 of the FA Cup.
  10. Enjoying this, very unlucky with the playoffs. You'd think the Board would offer more than a 1 year extension at a time though.
  11. Might also be something under his information screen. Favourite clubs, a preference on where he wants to play. Certainly Messi has under his info that he would prefer to remain in Spain or play in Germany and Argentina. So if United/City/Chelsea were to make an offer he would reject him and probably move to a German or Argentinian club who no doubt offers less than a club like City/United/Chelsea.
  12. Couple of points: 1. Started as Stevenage, objective was to aim for playoffs. After 10 games, am in the playoffs with a 5 point gap from the team outside the playoffs and the Board say I am not on course to achieve my objective and sack me. Next club, objective was to take them to mid table. Started at 17th, after 15 games was 6th out of 22 teams (so well above mid table) and again told not meeting objective and sacked. Got job with third club, and so far so good. 2. Now stuck on the training screen, it won't let me continue I have to holiday a day but then when I come back from holida
  13. After a quick hour's play on it, what I have done so far is much neater and better presented than last year. Not played a match I am controlling yet so cannot make any comments on the match engine so far. Unfortunately, so far I haven't been better at managing Stevenage than I thought I would be. Will be going into more detail with roles tomorrow, hopefully with some tweaking of my new tactic I can improve my results.
  14. 636 hours, but like someone else stated true figure probably more like 1000 hours. I had it set to offline for a long time.
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