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  1. My game saw no changes at all. Everything stayed as is.
  2. no I am sure it was into 2019. Sure there was a brief comment about it being discussed about then. I'm into my 5th season now so it is hard to remember for sure tbh,
  3. I lucked out because there was no changes to transfers in my game once brexit hit.
  4. that time slot is always the first to go, it is the same for the world cup. It is always the later viewing slots that remain at this point and it will eventually drop to just 8pm matches.
  5. does anyone wear black boots these days?
  6. Yellow strip free money confirmed by official world cup twitter account? https://twitter.com/FIFAWorldCup/status/477158128438743040/photo/1
  7. Oleg Salenko , joined Rangers after that and was rubbish
  8. Betfair Rock Bottom 8 Fold. Austrailia, USA, Algeria, Iran, Costa Rica, Greece, Honduras & Cameroon to finish rock bottom gives 52/1.
  9. If you can pick up Andy Ryan and Stephen Hendrie from Hamilton they are both great signings over the long term. Both played a part in my champions league winning season with Hendrie being my first choice left back.
  10. i just hired a director of football to deal with that. I only hired my assistant, DOF & chief scout.
  11. Eh 2nd season in SPL whatever year that was, I finished 2nd to Celtic first season back. I won the lower divisions at first time of asking. This was in my CL winning season. Beating Porto to top the group with Man Utd & PSV. Was touch and go for a bit. [video=youtube;5kW0IvsE0uc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kW0IvsE0uc
  12. Won the champions league last night after 7 seasons in having spent a total of £13 million. To say I am delighted was an understatement. Average age of the team is 23 and I have mainly focused on regens in a 4-4-1-1 formation. Only players who I can recommend buying are Bolat a turkish goalie, Stephen Hendrie (Hamilton), Wooton (Man Utd), Faure who turns out to be a class act. Ibrahim from man city reserves and Thorgan Hazard. Rest of my team are regens and 3 of them I signed while in the 2nd division.
  13. I am having mixed results but think it will come good as the team get used to it. Pumped Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City with the default Sunderland squad. Got pumped off Norwich 5-1 as though . Sitting 3rd in the league and in the semi finals of the Carling Cup so I can't really complain (End of November), sure the more I improve the squad the more consistent the results will be. Good work Mr Hough
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