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  1. ah right cheers neil. i did all the updates that the website recommended and it is running much smoother. will continue to test this save game anyway
  2. interestly after a a shutdown last night the game is allowing me to play this match now.
  3. don't worry about it, these things happen. It is a pre-release beta so just happy to help.
  4. Crashing before the match Neil. I don't even get to any of the pre match screens.
  5. no worries Neil. uploaded under
  6. Game keeps crashing here. uploading screenshot & dump files FM 2017 v17.0.1.889157 (2016.10.20 20.50.43).dmp FM 2017 v17.0.1.889157 (2016.10.20 21.10.44).dmp
  7. that time slot is always the first to go, it is the same for the world cup. It is always the later viewing slots that remain at this point and it will eventually drop to just 8pm matches.
  8. a lot of those mexico wins were 2005 and before though.
  9. does anyone wear black boots these days?
  10. coral have paid out already
  11. Yellow strip free money confirmed by official world cup twitter account?
  12. Oleg Salenko , joined Rangers after that and was rubbish
  13. Betfair Rock Bottom 8 Fold. Austrailia, USA, Algeria, Iran, Costa Rica, Greece, Honduras & Cameroon to finish rock bottom gives 52/1.
  14. If you can pick up Andy Ryan and Stephen Hendrie from Hamilton they are both great signings over the long term. Both played a part in my champions league winning season with Hendrie being my first choice left back.
  15. i just hired a director of football to deal with that. I only hired my assistant, DOF & chief scout.