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  1. Totally agree, i stopped looking for tactics on here just because every single one is a Knap tactic and all seem to be based on the big teams only which is no good to me, i have no problem with them but as mentioned above it makes it almost impossible to find other gems out there.
  2. Mods, please close this thread if you can as the problem is solved and i've managed to pick myself up a troll along the way, thanks.
  3. There is little point now as i detailed above, i've managed to solve the problem myself now anyway
  4. if that's what you think then fine, now do you actually have anything constructive to add?....no thought not
  5. 3 strikers is not and never has been a hack, i have always played 3 strikers in every version right back to the first cm, until i got the TI's right i was losing plenty of games so 3 strikers doesn't work anymore then 1 or 2, it's all down to the set up
  6. edited, forgot to quote and accidentally did it below lol
  7. That's what i thought but i had enough doubt in my mind to stop me from getting rid of them altogether, thanks for the answer
  8. This may be a silly question but i want to be sure before i do something i regret later. I pretty much solely bring players through my youth system now and don't really need to buy anyone in so i'm considering getting rid of my entire scouting team seeing as they cost a fortune to employ, my question is that if i do this will it affect the youth intake near the end of the season or will the quality of players coming through remain the same?
  9. Strangely i got it working with very little change, i simply lowered the defensive line right back and and took offside trap off and have just won Champions League with Norwich, still not able to topple Man Utd yet but came 2nd in the last 2 seasons, once on goal difference so i'm close now, thanks for the help though!
  10. At first i really disliked this version of fm but i kept on going and eventually after deleting it then refusing to be beating and loading it up again i worked out what worked for me, this has been the most testing version to date and for that i love it afterall, being a manager of a football club was never meant to be easy ;)
  11. Thanks, i think this is what i'll do, i enjoy LLM so this is perfect
  12. I mean literally no trophies listed on their history page Really? This surprises me! I’ll take a look when I get home from work
  13. I’m looking to start a new save in fm18 and would like to join a real life club that has literally won nothing, not even the smallest competition, does anyone know of any such teams? Any help would be appreciated!
  14. I'm in my 3rd season with Norwich City and home form has been nothing short of amazing, as with so many other people though i can't seem to pick up much joy on the road, i'm not one for thinking it's the game cheating me, i know it's something i',m doing but i just can't figure out what, can anyone analyse my tactic and give me any pointers to what i can do to improve away results, ideally i would like to keep the same shape but if i have to make formational changes then i will. 4-3-3 gee.fmf
  15. Haha I think it’s fun to try out strange tactics and see what happens, it’s only a game at the end of the day
  16. I was wondering if anyone has tried with success a tactic with no defenders at all or maybe even just 1 cb? Also how would be the best way to go about making such a tactic?
  17. also out of interest does it make any difference if i change the corner and free kick routines?
  18. Decided i would give your 4-4-2 a try with my Norwich team, I remember your tactics on fm 14 being particularly good and i need inspiration right now, i'll let you know how it goes, in my first match right now and scored two beautiful goals so fingers crossed this is a sign of things to come!
  19. I haven't posted a tactic on here since 2008 as i don't feel any of the tactics i've created have been good enough, this one however seems to be as good for me as any of the others i've tried on here to date so i thought i would share it with you and see if it works for anyone else as well as it did for me. I managed to get Norwich City promoted in the first season despite having a relatively weak team having decided to use a lot of young players in the squad and getting rid of a few quality players that i felt were too old or weren't worth the wages they were on.
  20. Scrap the question, literally stumbled upon it as soon as i posted this up...typical!
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