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  1. I uploaded a save game, it's called getajobreg. The issue occurs in the game on 6 October 2015, the uploaded save is from nine days earlier.
  2. I'm managing an amateur club in Britain, in the NIHL South 2. I got a news message that my parent club had sent me six players, and that was true -- but there were 10 new players on the roster. The other four are guys on rolling contracts with blank histories. I didn't offer a contract to any of them. I have scouting reports on all four but only two of those reports can be found under "scouting." The two players I had seen reports on were on the shortlist, but I had not approached any of the four with an offer. There was no message from my head coach or any other staff member saying these players had approached them. Bug or some sort of simulation of a tryout? Feels like a bug because there was no message at all explaining their presence. And this happened during the season, not during an open training camp.
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