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  1. normally yes you are correct about the song and i agree its not a major problem but when you are stuck on the initial create a manager screen because of the keyboard pop-up the song stops then starts again and again. Combine annoying really loud music with the keyboard problem and you get angry It's the logic behind the music that annoys me. Why for 20+ years there was no music and then someone thinks " i know what this game needs , it needs some really loud music as it loads , thats what the customer wants , it must be great because thats what FIFA does" its just a daft thing to do just for the sake of change. I am convinced the person who changed the tactics screen UI/layout knows they have made it worse , why did they change it? I cant believe the person who changed it looked at it afterwards and thought " thats much better now". It's more change just for the sake of it. Even they way you drag each section to make it bigger or smaller is just awful and doesn't work properly. Someone changed it , made it worse and thought " job done we have added a new feature , its terrible but its something new".
  2. I appreciate the response but i have already refunded the game. It's not good enough having this happen from an experienced developer in a game in its numerous iteration. 10 minutes fighting a game just to load it up. Who's idea was it to copy the obnoxious loud music from FIFA? why did someone think what FM needs is some really loud music while trying to load the game for the first time?. And the game has been out months and it hasn't been fixed , that is the worst part. I know it might seem trivial and maybe it is but when you look forward to a game you dont want your first 15 minutes with it getting angry and annoyed because of incompetence and lack of attention to detail. And then seeing the horrible UI and layout of the tactics screen it just made me feel the game isnt well made. I been an SI customer for maybe 15-20 years? a happy one . This jsut gave a terrible impression . Maybe i will try again next year. Get the basics right forget all the new bloated features. thanks again for the reply ,taking that time will make me try again next year.
  3. it's nice to have a fix but maybe fixing it properly would be a better option , it caused me to refund the game before seeing the fix. So this will be the first CM/FM since the 1st one i wont own.
  4. I play CM classic and have done for about 5 years now , so i buy FM touch and been happy with it till this year . I load the game for the first time and i am greeted with really loud music that is annoying , i then have to create my manager , i got to type in my name and some ridiculous keyboard overlay pops up like some terrible console port. I press escape to type normally and it pops up again , and again , and again , and again , all while some really loud music is playing. I bear through this and now i have to do it again with my nationality , and second nationality , all while fighting this keyboard overlay and some really loud annoying music. I finally get into the game and get to turn of the music , i go to search for a player and here comes the keyboard overlay again , GRRRRRRRRRR. The UI in tactics also looks horrible , first time i have disliked a CM/FM UI . I just quit out and refund. It was like trying some early access terrible console port , not a game I've played for well over a decade. I have never complained before but this is just ridiculous. Having to fight the game to create a manager , it's such a horrible way to start a game.
  5. I agree with OP . I prefer classic mode as to me it's more like the older versions of CM/FM that focused on the important things like tactics and buying/selling , also the fact it has no tactical familiarity.
  6. the transfer system . It's awful at the moment , everything about it doesn't work well enough . Player value's need tweaking but the main problem is when buying or selling players. The rules the AI uses to govern transfers is just to simplistic and seems broken . You either buy someone on the cheap who is transferred or they are not for sale and the AI turns down 80 million bids for someone worth 15 , ludicrous. I once had a 60 million bid for jack grealish turned down when he was worh 2.5 million , I got him for 12 million 3 months later , it's utterly broken. You have mediocre clubs in financial trouble turning down 80 million bids for someone worth 15m and then selling them for 15 a few months later. What's worse is as soon as the AI bids for a player the price plummets. You bid 80 million in November they turn it down then the AI bids 25 million a month later and you can get them for 25 million , pretty silly and pathetic. It's bad from a gameplay perspective and utter nonsense from a realism perspective.
  7. I see no option to talk to the player. I wanted to see there 'staff stats' to know if it was worth letting there contract run out (I didn't want them as a player anymore) or keeping them at the club.
  8. I must admit I have always thought this as well . Though I assumed it was just in my head. I am always a lot happier if I'm in the home dressing room.
  9. I played a reserve squad . So I guess it wasn't a big problem , still annoying.
  10. Playing as man utd , the club does some partnership deal with blackpool and arranges a friendly , I cant cancel it , I know its going to be a problem but not much I can do. I get to the fixture and I have 4 players in my squad available to play. Been awhile since I've had a problem/bug like this in FM . Very annoying. 14 players on international duty , 6 who have no fitness as they just got back from holiday.
  11. I have a couple of players who say they want to be coaches or youth trainers after retirement , how do I see there coaching/staff stats? I've looked before but cant for the life of me remember how. Or do they not all have those stats despite saying they want to become staff after playing? . I'm playing on classic if that makes any difference.
  12. I agree on goalie's getting yellow or red cards but completely disagree on the injuries , I think there's already plenty of injuries , I had 5 in one match last night , I had to reload because 5 people out is just silly . Injuries are needed but they certainly aren't a fun part of the game , I doubt anyone when thinking of improvements to the game thinks " I wish there were more injuries". completely disagree . I need the option to be able to replace outfield players in any position , I need my subs and will use three 99.9% of matches.
  13. I love people defending a clearly broken system . The answer is simple as soon as the AI bids a player they wont sell for £120m they will sell for £25 million , and they will sell him to you for that even after turning down £120 million . It's nonsense and pretty pathetic set of rules working behind the scenes. Test it for your self . I had £120 million I made about 20 £80 million bids , none were accepted for any top player . They will all leave for around £20-35 million as soon as the AI bids.
  14. I had my £24 million for benzema accepted , 4 months after having my £80 million turned down, that's why the system is broken . If your saying that's realistic then you just trolling to defend a silly point. I had no intention of buying him for £80 million. I'm not insane there's much better strikers than him.
  15. that's silly to say though , outside a very few clubs and players everyone in the world is for sale , every club says players aren't for sale and then sells them. How can you think it's realistic clubs turn down £120m for a player then sell him for £24 million within 6 months just cause the AI decides to bid ? 99% of clubs can not turn down £50m bids for anyone , never mind £100 million. It's the fact these figures go out the window as soon as the AI bids that is the most broken part though. The transfer system is clearly broken or just terrible. I had aston villa turn down £45 million for jack grealish , think he was worth 3.5 million, LOL . yea right , andy learner would drive him to my house . They need to change the rules that govern the transfers within the game. Talking of benzema I had an £80 million bid turned down (LOL) , they sold him to Chelsea for £24 million the following transfer window , the system is broken.
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