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  1. News of the World

    download it off steam it took 20 mins for the strawberry version to download for me last night
  2. Demo and system specs

    dj2mmy try the demo on sunday..SI say they just wont be supporting non Intel macs but it might still work
  3. Is their really a chairman patch

    errrrrr. no sorry he must have been having you on
  4. I just started a new game with QPR on Weegie update. who does anyone recomend i sign. i have just bought jorge valdivia from Palmeiras but not signed anyone else yet it needs to be people who will be good enough to get me promotion and then keep me in the prem next season.
  5. Blogs - Latest Blog: 6th November 2008

    17-10-2008 12:53 WIGANrACE Re: Blogs wats cod got to do with the blogs cos he's Fishing for info!!!
  6. eduardo (botafogo) or Esparza (chivas)

    Eduardo, because he can play pretty much everywhere if you need him to.
  7. Players You Sign No Matter What

    i will always try and buy eduardo (botafogo) and rafinha cos i love them as wingbacks, then will try and sort out my centre defence with raul albiol and either carragher if i'm liverpool or mertasaker.
  8. yeah do what molsen said i did this when my chairman accepted an offer for daniel alves and i didnt want him to go obviously, i think you can do it anytime before he actually accepts the contract from the other team
  9. Eduardo from Botafogo, he's a 18 year old defender/everywhere player and he's top class
  10. if your chairman accepts the bid why not just go to Transfer Centre, click on the transfer before a contract is accepted and click on reject i just done this when my chairman accepted a bid for matihas fernandez. he was unhappy but he got over it
  11. New Editor - Like FMM

    the websites that working for dl has anyone got a copy they can email to me please
  12. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

    lfc7 where did you get your kit from?? do you have all 3 new ones can you post me the link for them please i have been after them for ages. inmopro how are you getting along with my tactic?
  13. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

  14. FM08: Official Liverpool Thread

    just started a new game with a data update with all the new liverpool signings in. i am playing a slight variation on The Winning Tactic with two wing backs and 1 centre back and two DM's at the minute its doing ok i havent been beaten and am regularly beating teams by a 2 or 3 goals. if anyone wants to try my tweaked tactic i'll try and upload it somewhere but i've never done that before
  15. Who's got the biggest stadium?

    yeah but they are all national stadiums anyway but i just had a look and the nou camp is level with me on 98000 capacity. Oh well at least i have a bigger stadium than Man utd now