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  1. yeah i think that is what will happen in mine after season one. 3 teams are going down from div1 and only 1 going up. Not sure how many will be in div 2 after 5 go down
  2. yeah Lenzar. Was gonna get 2012 but not feeling like buying yet. Gonna give 2011 another go
  3. Season 1. 2011/12. Mid Season. Miesten Ykkonen (Div 2) Season is going well and I am loving my tactic. Had a big 7-3 win and banging the goals in but need to tighten up the defence. On a down note we got dumped out of the cup by a non league team in the first round
  4. Mate been away for a few months and just come back One word.... EPIC lol 2032/33 season is mental. Fair play for sticking with Wales for that long. That is real dedication
  5. OMG just seen i am in an 12 team league and the bottom 5 are relegated
  6. Season 1. 2011/12. Pre Season Review. Miesten Ykkonen (Div 2) Club Details Board Expectations. Avoid relegation. Manager Expectations Get first season out of the way. Media Prediction 7th (14) Finacials Ticket Price. €9.20. Season Ticket Price €90.00. Season Ticket Holders 120. Media Prediction 7th (14) Club Value €425,000 Comments Overall I can't expect to much from season one. Going in with a 4-2-4 attacking formation with wingers. Game play is possesion and control. Just hoping to survive so i can start to build up my back room staff and start to work on my challenges. Onwards and upwards
  7. Hi Mods made a mistake on my thread title. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/290368-Anyone-seem-the-toilets-I-need-a-KooTeePee.-FM11-Career Should be seen not seem can you change please
  8. Been away for a while as RL has been manic. But back now and fancy a new challenge. Game Version FM2011 Version 11.3 Additions The usual. Full Team Names and Metallic Logo Pack Full Leagues Loaded Finland View Only Leagues England, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy Challenges Give Youth a Chance and Small Club to Big Club Club FC KooTeePee
  9. Please delete this thread http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/259772-Going-back-to-my-roots.-FM2011-Dynasty-career-save New one coming
  10. top season mate. never done a 100% myself so good job Unlucky against Man U in the CL.
  11. I am catching up lol to many updates to read through all your developments. Looking strong though so in a very stable position.
  12. Grats on the Cup win mate. Makes all that effort seem worthwhile now. Epic save fair play for sticking with this through the years and building a nation up from the bottom. What is your cash position like now?
  13. yeah that is good showing player progress and comparison but I am a stato lol I like to see who has won what. Are we only 2 seasons in then?
  14. screen shots of the competition history and stuff. I have no idea who has won what so far? Maybe even edit one early post and create a history area to show which teams have won what. Either with the or screen shots. Not talking massive detail just the winners pages.
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