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  1. Your transfer budget as well as wages will be mostly impacted by your financial situation, not so much your overall philosophy. For example, in my current game, I have € 1 billion in the bank and the board is offering me a transfer budget of € 600 million since years each year, budget that I rarely use as I develop youths that I then sell hence why I have so much cash.
  2. Yeah I had a look at it and it is telling me that the club is planning to reduce spending on this area. I find it funny because one of the club philosophy is to get squad members through the youth system. I however have no idea how I can force the club to spend more here.
  3. eple re junior coaching do you know how to increase this rating ?
  4. Well giving youth a chance is already in my club philosophy and really what I can't get to understand are the main items that can help increase or decrease junior coaching. I know the french league status is not really the main item nor my club reputation as I am the number 1 club in the world. Don't get me wrong as I get 3/4 players out of my annual youth intake with PA of 150/160 but I'd like to get players with 175 and above ; I know it won't happen each season but at least every 2 seasons. The only downside factor is the french league itself as it doesn't generate so many regens with PA above 175 compared to other leagues but some french club are doing it and the difference vs me is junior coaching but I cannot understand how they get that rating so high.
  5. Thanks for your tips guys. I should have indicated that I am playing FM2014 btw. My Junior Coaching like I said is good but not exceptionnal like on your picture eple and I am just wondering how to get it higher. I will read the thread Mark1985 indicated to see if I can find any tips to understand what needs to be done from my side.
  6. What I mean by greyed out is for the facilities
  7. Sorry I misunderstood you then. So when you say the CA of your youth intake is determined by your junior coaching, I thought you meant my junior coach PA & CA. What do you mean then ? my own junior coaching ability as a manager or the club one ? I already asked about upgrading but I must be at the max because each year it is greyed out.
  8. Thanks but in fact I reached the max on what I can ask the board ; if I try & speak with them, the options on improving infrastructures are all greyed out. however I will take a loo at the PA of my coaches as you mentionned and see if it does help.
  9. Funny because my team has been playing the same tactic for 17 years and it still going ok for me. I have to admit that I have the best squad in the world but still. I sometimes loose matches so some tactics might be working against me despite having superior players quality but I can't complain. It might not be your tactics but the fact you are facing teams with greater player quality.
  10. Hello quick question : I can see that it is not possible to look at match details over 12 months and it displays a message saying "this game is not available with full details". Is there a way to change that and keep details of all the matches your team played over the years ? I looked in the different games options but could not find anything that works.
  11. Hello I have been managing Montpellier HSC in the french league for 17 years now and where I am frustrated is in the youth intake area. Though I have the max amounts of coaches for each team, though my coaches ability ranges in each category of training from 4 to 5 stars, though my youth facilities are between 19/20, my training facilities at 20, my youth recruitment at 19, I can't seem to get my youth academy rating to 20 ; currently, it is even down to 15 and the outcome is that it is difficult for me to get regens with PA over 160/170. At the same time, other clubs in the french league are able to producee regens with PA over 175 on a regular basis while having lower coaches overall than me (and the individual abilities of their coaches don't look so much better than mine or maybe I don't look properly) but their youth academy ratings are better than mine. How does one improve that rating, the youth academy one ?
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