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  1. I think I remember SI saying in the past they won't do it as it would be too difficult and time consuming to justify it. Don't take my word os gospel though as I could be confusing it with something else.
  2. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. It's not Fifa or TCM or LMA, these gimmicks are not part of FM and never should be. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> How is it a gimmick if it's something that is true to real life? A gimmick is something needlessly added to the game that would not make it more REALISTIC. This would definitely make it more realistic than the current set up, where after 20 years you have the same kit and sponsor. IT could be easily done, infact the extra sponsors taken on board would mean more money for SI to pump into making the games as good as possible. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I think Nomis07 was referring to your suggestion of the manager requesting and choosing kits and sponsors rather than everything else. Going of your definition that is a gimmick as managers are not really involved in that area of business and the feature would simply detract from the aim of the game. As for sponsors, it is not that easy. First of all, it is not gauranteed that the sponsor will pay SI for their name in the game, it could just as easily be SI having to pay. Then there are problems with the sponsors already having links to other companies such as EA. I do agree though that it would be nice for kits to change every now and then and possibly for their to be more info on sponsors. Although the manager shouldn't be involved in their selection IMO. Anyway, just a quick thing that has probbably been mentioned already but I thought I'd raise it myself. The AI of players needs to be improved so that when a player goes off the pitch for a while for physio treatment, his place on the pitch is not left emtpy. For example, if my CB goes off for a few minutes I don't expect the other CB to have to cover both positions which will leave the defence very weak. Instead, one of the full backs will usually tuck inside and take up the CB position until the CB comes back. That particular example comes from a few minutes ago when my centre back was left on his own to defend against 2 star strikers which resulted in the opposition winning the match. This should of course also vary depending on what is happening in the match (e.g. the score)as well as your tactics.
  3. Thats what the wishlist is for. They do read this. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>Then Why is this topic disappearing down the forum, can't imagine everyone who looks at the forum goes through every topic, so multiple threads will contain duplicate requests resulting in missed ideas and lost time by SI spent searching through. All i am saying is that a thread at the top of the forum where no one will miss it would be better than something which is very soon going to be on page 60 of 500 threads which no one including SI will ever get to. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> This thread very rarely gets off the first page and anyone who is a regular user of the forum knows about it so there is no chance of it being forgotten or not being looked at by SI. If someone wants to use it or if SI wanted to look at it then it can easily be found. SI has said themselves that they have no problem with people starting their own thread to discuss ideas. If the idea is good then it will generally stay near the top for the a while so it will be seen. Ideas get repeated as well so a good idea has even more of a chnce of being seen. There is also this wishlist thread to list any ideas which SI look at so if there is a good one it will get noticed. There is no need to turn it into a sticky thread and keep it at the top permanently. The size of this thread and the length of time it has been going proves that it is working as it is.
  4. It is your mistake not the games. You don't pay the money after 12 months, you pay it over the 12 months. Eg. If you say £12 million over the 12 months you will pay £1 million per month for 12 months. Since a transfer budget is all the money you have for that year you have got to also be able to afford that money as well as the initial fee.
  5. More influence with the board is not too bad of an idea, you should not become a memeber of the board though and you should certainly not buy a club. I would be willing to bet a lot of money that buying a club is never part of FM, it belongs in one of the gimmicky management games instead.
  6. You are interpreting "dream" to mean something like "hoping" and that is not what it means in the game. A dream does not have to be a good thing it can also be bad as it is simply anything you imagine whilst you sleep. This sort of line is used IRL all the time and is just another way of saying "you could not imagine that happening. There are frustrating commentary lines in the game though. For example, "he put the ball into row z" when in fact it has struggled to even roll over the line.
  7. With the way the match engine currently works it wouldn't be possible to give instant commands without the match having to stop and recalculate. The way you suggested doesn't seem to be a very good way either IMO.
  8. The manager's job has nothing to do with the kits. If you really want it to be a different colour you can just use the editor.
  9. Well the AI sees no difference between the human team and the AI team and calculates both equally so it is not the case that the match engine is purposely looking to let the AI get away with more. I t is probably bad luck, or like I said tactics can reate more situations where you are likely to have a goal disallowed. For example, if your tactics are to use a quick striker who beats the offside trap then you will get more disallowed goals than someone who tries to dribble past the defence.
  10. What do you mean by that, you want the game to actively seek to disallow opposition goals? Some teams will naturally get more disallowed goals because of the way they play, I don't think the game should purposely make it so all teams get around the same number, that would just be fixing matches. Or have I misunderstood what you said?
  11. Things like the 1989 league would be hard to do properly and very time consuming, they would have to get accurate data for every team and player. It really wouldn't be worth it for SI to do.
  12. FM have said before that they have considered Linux but have found some difficulties because there are so many variants of it.
  13. 1. You can already start in the future, just go on holiday until whenever you want. 2. It would require a lot of data and research to do this which would also take up a lot of time and resources for SI. It wouldn't really be worth it IMO.
  14. It's against FIFA rules to have contracts longer than 5 years, these contracts that are meant to last longer are just 5 year contracts with options to extend it.
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