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  1. Goal difference or Head to head?

    Head to head. However, if teams are equal on head to head points (e.g., if Italy win while Spain and Croatia draw), then goal difference from all matches should be the next tiebreaker.
  2. Spain played just as well, if not better, two years ago. Guardiola wasn't in charge of Barcelona then.
  3. Slovenia above France? :confused:
  4. Also decided to follow the current trend of double posting...
  5. I decided to try the Uquillas approach of drawing silly conclusions from a couple of matches from past decades. Wow, Europe seems to be far better than South America!
  6. World Cup Betting Thread

    Started with 100 Euro and a free 30 Euro bet (which lost) and ended up with about 160 Euro, so I'm satisfied.
  7. World Cup Final 2010 - Netherlands vs Spain

    Come on Holland winning in extra time.
  8. Best Player of South Africa 2010

    I decided to make a best XI as well, but can't decide on the left back. Stekelenburg Lahm Puyol Friedrich ??? Schweinsteiger Müller Özil Sneijder Forlan Villa
  9. Best Player of South Africa 2010

    I voted for Forlan, as he's almost single handedly carried his team. Özil and Müller would have been more worthy nominations than some of the ones listed instead.
  10. Will Klose be remembered as a great striker?

    Klose needs to score some really important goal to be more memorable, like Bierhoff did in 1996.
  11. Suarez: Hero or Villain?

    I've never heard of a handball resulting in serious injury for another player.
  12. I checked how European and South American teams compare on my own (computer generated) national team ranking. I've removed all other teams, but matches involving them still count, of course. Note that this is based on quality without home advantage, i.e. how well the teams would do on a neutral venue. [b]1 Brazil[/b] 2 Spain 3 Germany 4 Netherlands [b]5 Argentina[/b] 6 Portugal 7 England 8 France 9 Italy 10 Croatia [b]11 Uruguay[/b] 12 Denmark 13 Czech Republic 14 Turkey 15 Republic of Ireland 16 Sweden 17 Serbia 18 Switzerland 19 Romania 20 Ukraine 21 Norway [b]22 Paraguay[/b] [b]23 Chile[/b] 24 Russia [b]25 Colombia[/b] 26 Greece 27 Poland 28 Slovakia 29 Slovenia 30 Bosnia-Herzegovina 31 Bulgaria [b]32 Ecuador[/b] 33 Belarus 34 Wales 35 Finland [b]36 Venezuela[/b] 37 Israel 38 FYR Macedonia 39 Hungary 40 Austria [b]41 Peru[/b] 42 Latvia 43 Montenegro 44 Northern Ireland 45 Lithuania 46 Scotland 47 Belgium 48 Albania 49 Georgia 50 Iceland 51 Moldova [b]52 Bolivia[/b] 53 Cyprus 54 Armenia 55 Estonia 56 Kazakhstan 57 Azerbaijan 58 Faroe Islands 59 Luxembourg 60 Malta 61 Liechtenstein 62 Andorra 63 San Marino
  13. It seems like he's trying to rival djvandyke in that category.
  14. Ban Suarez for Life

    The distinction for me is that Suarez didn't try to deceive the referee.
  15. Ban Suarez for Life

    Ban every player that has ever committed a foul, the cheating bastards!