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  1. Rather than Ajax, you could manage Ajax Cape Town in the second tier of South Africa? Strong youth programme and may take a few years to gain continental success.
  2. This is one of my pet peeves on FM19. As you say, the end column changes width when flicking between screens and it doesn't always let you change this manually.
  3. I've narrowed my shortlist down to 9: AUSTRIA VIENNA - Break RB Salzburg's recent dominance and then look to overtake Rapid Vienna as the most successful Austrian team of all time KRC GENK - Focus on academy & youth scouting to win first title since 2010-11 and look to become first Belgian side to win Champions League. Academy products include KDB, Courtois, Origi, Benteke and Carrasco. LITEX LOVECH - Won the Bulgarian top division as recently as 2010-11 but were expelled to the third tier in 2015. Now playing in the second tier, the challenge would be to gain promotion and then win the title for the 5th time before becoming the first Bulgarian team to progress to the Champions League knockout rounds FC RED STAR - Gain promotion to Ligue 1 for first time since 1974/75 season and then look to overturn city rivals PSG's domestic dominance PUSKAS AKADEMIA - Focus on youth to win first ever league title and then become first Hungarian team to qualify to KO rounds of Champions League LAZIO - Bigger team than the others on this list. Aim would be to break Juventus dominance and win back to back league titles for first time in clubs history before chasing down AC Milan's 7 European Cups GUIMARAES - Break the big 3 dominance in Portugal and win league title for first time in club's history before attempting to become most successful Portuguese side in Europe. Can use good youth facilities to develop youngsters to sell or play part in plans VIITORUL CONSTANTA - Aim to use the great facilities in place to win back to back league titles with Gheorghe Hagi's team for first time in their history. Big challenge would be to match Steuau's European Cup win of 1986 DYNAMO MOSCOW - One of the oldest clubs in Russia, but hasn't won a top division title since the break up of Soviet Union despite spending 26 seasons in the top division of Russia
  4. Hi @Rashidi - below is the tactic I finished on. Wingbacks have PIs to stay wider and run wide with ball, wide midfielders are instructed to cut inside and sit narrower and finally both defensive midfielders are told to get further forward.
  5. Thanks for the advice @westy8chimp - I think something could probably be done with it and will probably have another go at some point. But for the time being I'm going to play my main career save.
  6. So the 5-2-2-1-0 has me completely beaten. Still sat in 18th at the Christmas break was enough for the board to justifiably sack me. Good luck to everyone else doing this - some very interesting write ups so far.
  7. @WhyMe - thank you for your advice. With regards the wingbacks, I started on having them on attack duties but I found the "cross from byline" default instruction was ineffective as crosses were delayed and kept hitting the first man. To provide the extra width, I have the wingbacks on support but have added "run wide with the ball" and "stay wider" as additional instructions for the two players. Interesting thought about the attacking midfielder. I have found this role the hardest to get right. My reservation about a Treq is that I have it in my head that this is more of a creative role and I feel that in this formation the attacking midfielder probably needs to be the main goalscoring threat. Having said that, it is something that could be worth trying to avoid the player getting isolated. Thanks @noikeee - a more aggressive mentality was my first thought as well. I tried a control mentality earlier in the season with not much success, but the counter mentality has hardly been successful either! Maybe it is worth re-visiting as the team are now more familiar with the formation.
  8. 5-2-2-0 DM Pros Currently on a 5 match unbeaten streak Conceded the joint fewest goals in the league (9 in 12 games) Cons One win all season sees Sassuolo in 18th place on 9 points Six goals scored in Serie A so far Fans falling asleep at games Below is how the roles currently line up. I am playing with a Counter mentality and Flexible team shape with TIs of work ball into box and play out of defence. The full backs are instructed to run wide with the ball and to stay wider to provide some width as both wide midfielders have PIs to cut inside and sit narrower. Finally, "get further forward" has been added to the defensive midfielders to encourage them to join the attack. The below screenshots are from my latest game (0-0 draw vs Bologna). The first heatmap shows how the team looks when we are possession. This is roughly the shape I was looking for (a sort of 3-4-3 in attack). With the shots, I am reasonably happy with where these were taken from with not many long range efforts. The next heatmap shows our defensive positioning. I am reasonably happy with this as Bologna weren't playing with any wingers. Against a team with advanced wide men, I would expect the fullbacks to sit a little deeper. As my central defenders are sat quite deep, Bologna were restricted to long shots as the below screenshot shows. This is what I am aiming for, as I feel this formation lends itself to "men behind the ball" football. If I see a player with decent long shots lined up against me, then I instruct my team to close him down more (ideally this would be one or both of my defensive midfielders as the 3 centre backs between them should be able to cope with runners into the box if the opposition pass rather than shoot).
  9. Agreed, pretty rubbish formation but that's the challenge! Thanks westy8chimp - it has been quite dry watching so far. Lost count of the number of times the commentary has said "it's safe to say this hasn't been a classic so far" at half time
  10. 5-2-2-0 DM So this formation is definitely a new one for me to try out! I've never gone strikerless before and a flat back 5 with two defensive midfielders is something I've never even thought of trying before. My first concern is how I'm going to score goals. I've gone with a shadow striker to try and put pressure on the opposition defence and be a presence in the box. On the flanks, the wide midfielders have PIs to sit narrower and cut inside to hopefully allow the wingbacks space to overlap and support the attack. I'm hoping this will create some sort of 3-4-3 in attack and 5-4-1 in defence. Sensi will be the creator in the team and new signing Samba Sow will sit next to him. Sow has PPMs of run with ball through centre and gets into opposition area, which will hopefully add some support to the attack. In defence, a stopper is flanked by two 'standard' centre backs. This may change to a pair of stoppers and a cover/defender duty centre back if the opponent plays with two strikers. I've gone with standard mentality to start with and fluid team shape to try and make the team more compact. For team instructions, I'm using work ball into box to try to reduce long shots and also play out of defence to build up attacks through the defensive midfielders. So far results haven't been great; two 0-1 losses to Milan and Genoa followed by a 1-1 draw with Pescara. In the Europa league we beat Fudbalski Klub Čukarički Stankom 5-1 on aggregate, but then lost 2-0 on aggregate to Heracles in the playoffs. I'll update again after another 10 games or so.
  11. Thanks Jambo - 52210DM will be interesting to say the least!
  12. I would suggest Dinamo Moscow. Despite being the oldest club in Russia, they have never won the Russian Premier Division and last season got relegated to the second tier. Lots of big earners and not much income means that controlling finances could be an issue. Overall the squad is easily good enough to be promoted and then the challenge will be to win the Premier Division for the first time in the clubs history.
  13. @vikeologist Thanks - hopefully I won't be the first! @numero uno gunner Congratulations on the league and cup double and the Copa America. I have decided to move away from Europe for my next job so hopefully it will bring me better luck!
  14. Vaasan Palloseura 2019 update A pretty disappointing season overall saw VPS narrowly avoid relegation by winning the relegation play off (11th in Premier League vs runners up in First Division). We started the season well with a decent showing in the League Cup, finishing 2nd in our group. However, the league campaign started dreadfully with 1 win and 1 draw from my first 12 games. A mixture of not being able to defend and attacking players not quite clicking was always a recipe for disaster. Things picked up a bit in the second third of the season before tailing off again in the final 11 games. A lot of my players wanted to leave at the start of the season and a few of my star players left due to their minimum fee release clauses being activated. The board only gave me 5% of transfer revenue so replacing them was a challenge and not one that I passed! However, two players did shine. New signing Denzeil Boadu was on fire in the attacking midfield role and won the league player of the season award - not bad playing for a team who finished second from bottom. Fellow African Emile Tendeng also performed well in the box to box midfield role, scoring 11 and assisting 5 in 35 games. I won't be renewing my contract at the end of the season and will resign once the contract comes to an end. I may be more picky with my next team as I don't fancy managing a team in as poor a financial situation as VPS. Former Club Watch Linfield haven't won the league since I was in charge, but have won the League Cup another time. They sold my star regen Robbie Davidson to Sunderland for 98k + future incentives. After one decent and one good season in the Championship, Premiership side Burnley signed him for £7.5m! Season Team Country Pos Notes and Achievements 2015/16 Linfield N.Ireland 3rd Won European Places Playoff 2016/17 Linfield N.Ireland 1st CHAMPIONS! LEAGUE CUP WINNERS! 2018 VPS Finland 10th Took over with 11 games remaining 2019 VPS Finland 11th Won relegation playoff to stay up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Year Nation Ranking Achievements 2017 Canada 78th Qualified for World Cup 2018 Canada 67th 4th in Group G Challenge Progress Club 1/10 top domestic leagues (N.Ireland (Linfield)) 1/10 domestic cups (N.Irish League Cup (Linfield)) 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
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