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  1. Has the RB Salzburg not appearing in cup issue been fixed as part of the update released last night?
  2. Rather than Ajax, you could manage Ajax Cape Town in the second tier of South Africa? Strong youth programme and may take a few years to gain continental success.
  3. This is one of my pet peeves on FM19. As you say, the end column changes width when flicking between screens and it doesn't always let you change this manually.
  4. I've narrowed my shortlist down to 9: AUSTRIA VIENNA - Break RB Salzburg's recent dominance and then look to overtake Rapid Vienna as the most successful Austrian team of all time KRC GENK - Focus on academy & youth scouting to win first title since 2010-11 and look to become first Belgian side to win Champions League. Academy products include KDB, Courtois, Origi, Benteke and Carrasco. LITEX LOVECH - Won the Bulgarian top division as recently as 2010-11 but were expelled to the third tier in 2015. Now playing in the second tier, the challenge would be to gain promotion and
  5. @vikeologist Thanks - hopefully I won't be the first! @numero uno gunner Congratulations on the league and cup double and the Copa America. I have decided to move away from Europe for my next job so hopefully it will bring me better luck!
  6. Vaasan Palloseura 2019 update A pretty disappointing season overall saw VPS narrowly avoid relegation by winning the relegation play off (11th in Premier League vs runners up in First Division). We started the season well with a decent showing in the League Cup, finishing 2nd in our group. However, the league campaign started dreadfully with 1 win and 1 draw from my first 12 games. A mixture of not being able to defend and attacking players not quite clicking was always a recipe for disaster. Things picked up a bit in the second third of the season before tailing off again in the final 1
  7. There are a lots of ways to start the challenge, which is the beauty of this challenge. If you're looking to get a trophy ticked off the list quickly, I can recommend Northern Ireland. Managed to get the Linfield as my first job.
  8. Not really to be honest, I will probably leave the English Premier League until last as England is the country I have played most in previously and I am enjoying playing in different countries to normal. Other than that, I am going to just plan the next step each time. For example, I am hoping to move onto Asia after my current stint in Finland. Although, having said that, I like the fact that this challenge is flexible in the sense that you can take various different journeys (which is one of the things that made this challenge stand out to me in the first place) so who knows what will happen
  9. Vaasan Palloseura 2018 update I decided to leave Canada after the world cup to go back to club football. Vaasan Palloseura (VPS) from the Finnish Premier League offered me an interview, which I went for and accepted the job offer. The team were 10th in the Premier League, just outside the relegation zone with 11 games remaining in the season. The board stated they wanted me to obtain a mid table position this season. The squad looked average really, with two or three pretty decent players. Sadly one of these was unhappy and wanted to move to a bigger club. I couldn't change his mind with
  10. Canada 2017 & 2018 update I decided not to renew my contract with Linfield at the end of the last season as I had won the league and cup and felt there was nothing more to achieve there. This left me hunting for a job. I tried one or two SPL teams and a couple of Championship teams but didn't get an interview (probably setting my sights too high). Then a few international jobs came up. Canada was the most intriguing of these as they were in to the Playoffs for the World Cup and were due to face a similarly ranked China team. Key players for Canada include Besiktas midfielder Atiba Hu
  11. Thanks vike. I've got quite a few of the Asian Leagues loaded now so looking at moving over there. Also have some of the lower reputation European leagues loaded like Iceland and Finland. So will keep a lookout for jobs. In the mean time, I have taken oven the as Canada national team manager and face China in the World Cup playoffs as my first two games in charge. Hopefully we can get past them and make the group stage in Russia.
  12. 2016/17 Season Review After a good end to the previous season, I was pretty confident that if I improved the squad slightly I could challenge for the title. The bookies and board thought similar with me being made favourites and the board pretty much demanding the title and cup double. In the end, the only player I signed was a regen striker called Robbie Davidson on a free from Limavady United. My first choice goalkeeper, Ross Glenndining, had expressed his desire to leave and there was no changing his mind. However, no clubs put a bid in and I was quite happy to keep him for the season
  13. ​WINNERS! One down, 32 to go! I have just won the Northern Irish League Cup with Linfield to tick off one of the domestic cups required for this challenge. I also won the Northern Irish County Antrim Shield, but this doesn't qualify for the challenge as not all top tier sides enter. Currently half way through January in my second season and am top of the league by 16 points after 26 games. I don't want to jinx it, but I am fairly confident in adding the Premier Division to my cup win. If this does happen then I will probably leave Linfield in search for another job.
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