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  1. Yes, you should be able to speak to the manager. However, the game is yet to facilitate this.
  2. Agree completely. I've resigned having spent over a decade at clubs and receive one line of text. No interview from the media, no furore in the media, nothing. Nobody cares about why I left.
  3. You can see his stats and judge how good he is for yourself... The star ratings are guidelines based on the opinion of a particular scout and/or coach. Ultimately, just because they may think he should be 3rd choice doesn't make it so. Likewise, a scout saying a player is world class doesn't make it so. Even if you scout a player for months doesn't mean the information will be 100% accurate, indeed far from it. As the manager your job is to take on board the advice of others and make a decision yourself. Did you scout him? For instance, watch him in a game? Compare his stats? Did you assign different scouts to look him over to get a varied opinion?
  4. Agreed- as the manager I find it odd that I cannot talk to my players whenever I want.
  5. Personally I think the idea is too realistic. Yes, many successful managers start as coaches, youth coaches, assistants etc. However, I don't think it would be very enjoyable in a game. I think this is trying to do way too much with what is essentially a game. Think of transfers for example. The entire system in FM is so unrealistic. A manager making the transfers? Negotiating with agents? Nah- that doesn't happen. The manager may say to the DoF or Chief Exec. "Hey, I need a centre half. Hummels is my first choice but Varane would do." Major transfers in real life involve meetings and discussions galore. Just because you have the budget doesn't mean a manager can just go out and blow it. I have a ridiculous transfer budget of 160MIL. In the game I could sign 160 players for a million each and the board wouldn't bat an eyelid. I could smash the world transfer record by spending 150MIL on Phil Jones if I wanted. The manager would always need to justify budget expenditure.
  6. I think managing U-21's/U-18's is a good idea, however I think becoming an assistant would become terribly boring. Another thing on top of this would be creating your own history. I like the new feature of gaining coaching badges and setting your stats etc. but giving yourself a proper background would be nice. So, instead of just selecting Professional Footballer, actually create your playing career (if you want one). So, I can say I've been a career player at Watford, then I take up a role managing the U-21's then so on and so forth.
  7. If you signed him in the first transfer window then you overpaid... Though indeed he, and Romero, are way too cheap at the start of the game.
  8. Yeah the Scorpio skin is decent but doesn't solve the issue. Not sure why they changed it as it was perfectly fine. The rest of the changes I like, even the overhaul of the UI to a sidebar, I think it is more intuitive. However, the selection screen is bad. I think that is agreed upon by the majority.
  9. Are you on the latest patch? Can't say I've experienced it this severe since release even though I still think it's over the top.
  10. Rest one day before and one day after, average intensity. Don't start any players below 90% condition, any unfit players give reserve football to until fit. Physios won't prevent injuries, fitness coaches may help. If you are running training yourself cutback on coaches and employ good fitness coaches. Better physios give a more accurate prognosis and not much more (I think) i.e. player X will be out for between 10-12 days as opposed to a lesser physio who may say between 1 and 2 weeks. Though the difference in treatment shouldn't be very much, a rubbish physio won't cure a broken leg quicker than a good one. I wouldn't have thought... Could be a knock on from pre season? Are your friendlies sporadic enough? If you are controlling friendlies then you should be able to manager rotation so all players are getting enough game time. I hate friendlies but only do them so I can get the squad fit, my assistant just kept playing the fittest players which defeats the purpose. What are your tactics like? If you play a high tempo game give the team rest, slow play down. Very rare you see teams play high pressing, high tempo etc. week in week out. If you are a few goals up at half time, kick back, take a breather etc. All these things will help manage injuries, particularly strains and things.
  11. Welcome! Point 1 I agree with, but I think this could go a step further. A new feature this year is being able to talk to a player who has no interest in joining. Though I think the agent/player would always want a discussion even if interested. Clarification of a players role in the team is pretty one-dimensional at the moment. A backup player, as you mention a backup goalkeeper, is entirely different from a backup centre half. An agent would want clarity on what role their client would have in the team. However, as we see this year with the player interactions, it is not an easy task to implement. I think there should be more than an end of season team meeting. A manager should have a one-to-one review after and before a season. Setting goal targets, clarifying amount of game time expected etc. This would go a long way to getting rid of the player x complaining about lack of first team football etc. If they are set to backup then they are backup. Point 2 is difficult. There has to be a point where the game has to remain a game. Obviously there are 'real names' involved. So if Roman left Chelsea and screwed the club over in the game this would potentially be a legal issue? It's a bit like failing drug tests. In reality, players fail drug tests, get involved in match corruption and miss drug tests. However, for the game to do this would be impossible. Take the Herrera situation at the moment. Imagine a news item a long the lines of "Herrera summoned to match fixing tribunal." Even in the year 2050 imagine an item, 'Sheikh Mansour bails on City, debt crisis ensues" even if it may well happen in real life one day, the game can't predict or assume these things. Point 3 completely agree with. Local rivalries exist de facto, but title rivalries can be increased. United and Chelsea for example weren't rivals per say until Chelsea started competing for titles.
  12. I think it's a fair gripe! It's like starting the season and winning back to back games and the board feedback is a long the lines of, "Despite the positives, the fans are disappointed with the friendly defeat to whoever", it's a friendly get off my back.
  13. As mentioned your frontline being overcrowded is the issue you're having away from home. Especially if you go a goal down, opposition will be battening down the hatches against a line up like that. At home you could send that lineup out without any advice and would win all the time. I think your team instructions aren't helping on away days. "Stick to positions" with Barca! Let them roam, you've got a frontline there of elite quality, let them pick up space and find gaps themselves. You're also rushing them, "More direct" and "Much higher tempo" means your going to be wasting a lot of the vision and passing talent in that frontline. Play a slower tempo and encourage ball retention. When you're down and trying to break down the opposition you need patience let Messi and co. do there thing. Nothing drastic is needed with that team because it should be winning everything! But even great teams have to be tweaked to fit the opposition.
  14. I look at their stats, stars as a guideline but tend not to bother much with coach ratings. I can see their form, stats, training etc. and I be the judge. If they're playing well I don't care whether my coaches think he's 3 stars or 3 and a half stars.
  15. Mistakes happen, some go your way some don't. Would be a pretty rubbish simulation if referee/linesman errors weren't included.
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