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  1. I Like the idea of tellin a player to find a new club instead of putting "not need status by the club"...more realistic this way. This is little more respect to the player. Btw im reading through the latest 15 pages of this thread so im replying with ideas i like
  2. Hello i was going to update my "fm 09 ideas" thread but it got close and i guessed its because everyone starts one of those threads once a day ....so i searched and found this thread. Here is my last thread: http://community.sigames.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/5211026...172092563#4172092563 Here is my latest ideas : Small clubs that manages to get to uefa cup should be able to move their matches to a nearby bigger stadium which happens in real life. I also believe there is some requirement from UEFA to the clubs about the stadiums.Im guessing now but i think some stadiums need to be in "good shape" and have for example 5000 seats at minimum, im guessin but its worth looking it up. Im playing with Falkenberg(Division1 sweden) and they have a 2000(1300seats) "Stadium" and i guess that irl both uefa and Falkenberg would want to play the game in a nearby Stadium that meets the requirements. And heres one thought i had about Feeder clubs: Im currently playing online with 2 other friends and when i was in the lower divisions i wanted to become a feeder club for one of my friends, that meant also that i could loan some players from him. So my idea is that you could request the board to consider you becoming a feeder club with another team because of the good relationship with the other teams manager. I also believe that feederclubs should be the Managers job, but the board should consider it.(Or it could depend on how much "intefering" stat the president of the club has) I had this idea that you should be able to do "contracts" with the clubs you want to co-operate with and that the money should be taken from the transferbudget. In this way the smaller clubs would get an extra amount of money beside the crappy sponsor money I kinda wrote those in a hurry so forgive me if you dont understand all and im sorry if this have been brought up before in this thread...havent got the time yet to read throught(but will do!). Thanks
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