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4 "What we've got here is a failure to communicate"
  1. First of all, my english is bad. But I'll try my best to give you some info. Let put it this way, no matter how good your formation and tactic, your opponent can use the same exact tactic too right? And then it will always go down to who has the better players, correct? That's what Guardiola mean. This is the situation where Low Block come in handy and u should use it only for this situation: Great inferiority in qualities of the players. Never use Low Block for your main strategy. Even Simeone's side won possession and defend higher up too when facing relatively inferior team. Actually they're pretty good at playing attacking football and got some skills. Now if you found a situation where the chance of winning really thin no matter what you do, then you must use Low Block. It's the only choice left and you'll be forced to use it, doesn't matter you like it or not. Low Block main trait is to defend deep, congested central area of your box (defend narrower), slightly left spaces out wide and slightly let the opponent crosses more but make sure you always ready to win the final ball (mostly with a jumping header), it will be lot of physical clash, agility, balance and strength will be tested. Frustate and outnumber them in your own box. You will be under pressure for most of the time and that's natural, because you're playing defensive football with lower defensive line! This is the purpose of it, so it's not right to hope for another outcome. The frustated opponent more likely forced to shoot from distance. Beware of it and closing down their central midfielders fast. The main aim of Low Block is to force a draw. But no team in the world can defend for 90 minutes nonstop without making mistakes or lapse of concentration. To lower this probability, you need to run down the clock by wasting time. You can only waste so much portion of time so you'll need to make possession by passing the ball around too. Nobody satisfied with only a draw right? Now why don't we raise out chance of winning even by a really small amount and consider it as a bonus. You can utilize fast direct counter attack (fast tempo and more direct passing) to catch your opponent off guard when they're really focus on attacking and left spaces behind. Don't forget to utilize your set pieces to the fullest. Make every setpieces count. Direct-Indirect FKs, Corners, Throw Ins, etc. Instruct your players to seek for the set pieces. My final conclusion on the Lower Defensive Line: It's not lose button as long as you only use it when you have to and your team really understand (trained) how to utilize it. CMIIW
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