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  1. It's possible he has some hidden attributes that make him more effective, or even that your system just plays perfectly to his strengths, making him seem better than he actually is. It's also possible he's just on a good run and it'll end soon. How long's he kept this form up for so far? Either way, I always pick my team based on how they actually perform, so I'd stick with him ahead of your other strikers if he's doing that well. I had a similar player on a previous version of FM, who I consider my all-time best player on any version of the game. My scouts and coaches would always rate him as back-up at best, his attributes were decent but nothing special, but he scored very highly in the attributes I needed for the system I had set up, and he was better than anyone else I could have bought. Even at the age of 36, he was still hitting 30+ a season. Everytime I left a club, the manager who took over would drop him to the reserves and put him up for sale, and I'd just buy him again for my new team. Just before he retired, I checked his PA and it was only 146, which I guess is about mid-table Premier league level at best. But I could've put Ronaldo in his position and he wouldn't have scored as many as this guy did.
  2. There's a bit more to this story than seems to be reported in some of the articles I've seen, it's more than just them showing support to Erdogan or pride about their Turkish background. It's fairly well known that there's a lot of Turkish people living in Germany, or at least whose family is originally from Turkey. During the German elections last year, Erdogan actively encouraged the Turkish people in Germany not to vote for Angela Merkel's party, or the SPD (the other main party) or the greens, calling them enemies of Turkey. There's an actual quote from him along the lines of "For all of our citizens in Germany, this is a struggle of honour". Obviously Erdogan trying to interfere with Germany's elections in this way wasn't something the main politicans were happy with. Earlier this year, Erdogan announced plans to campaign in European countries ahead of the Turkish election, but has been banned from campaigning in Germany (and other countries), and has been accused of trying to exploit the Turkish communities here. By posing for photos like this, Ozil and Gundogan are being seen as actively supporting Erdogan in his campaign for the Turkish people living in Germany. It's also hit a bit of a nerve as they've both been shown as examples of successful integration in Germany and yet calling Erdogan "my president" and going against this ban against political campaigning is showing the opposite.
  3. Living in a country that stands a chance of winning it.
  4. Thursday 30th June 2016 Poland 1-1 Portugal 20:00 Friday 1st July 2016 Wales 0-2 Belgium 20:00 Saturday 2nd July 2016 Germany 2-0 Italy 20:00 Sunday 3rd July 2016 France 2-1 Iceland 20:00
  5. Switzerland 1-2 Poland (Saturday 14:00) Wales 3-1 Northern Ireland (Saturday 17:00) Croatia 2-1 Portugal (Saturday 20:00) France 2-2 Republic of Ireland (Sunday 14:00) Germany 3-0 Slovakia (Sunday 17:00) Hungary 0-2 Belgium (Sunday 20:00) Italy 1-0 Spain (Monday 17:00) England 2-1 Iceland (Monday 20:00)
  6. Monday 20th June 2016 Russia 1-1 Wales Group B 20:00 Slovakia 0-2 England Group B 20:00 Tuesday 21st June 2016 Northern Ireland 0-3 Germany Group C 17:00 Ukraine 1-1 Poland Group C 17:00 Croatia 0-1 Spain Group D 20:00 Czech Republic 1-2 Turkey Group D 20:00 Wednesday 22nd June 2016 Hungary 0-0 Portugal Group F 17:00 Iceland 2-1 Austria Group F 17:00 Italy 2-1 Republic of Ireland Group E 20:00 Sweden 0-1 Belgium Group E 20:00
  7. Thought France was the first game of each round, so missed the first 2 matches Wednesday 15th June 2016 France 2-0 Albania Group A 20:00 Thursday 16th June 2016 England 2-1 Wales Group B 14:00 Ukraine 2-0 Northern Ireland Group C 17:00 Germany 4-0 Poland Group C 20:00 Friday 17th June 2016 Italy 3-1 Sweden Group E 14:00 Czech Republic 1-1 Croatia Group D 17:00 Spain 2-0 Turkey Group D 20:00 Saturday 18th June 2016 Belgium 1-1 Republic of Ireland Group E 14:00 Iceland 0-1 Hungary Group F 17:00 Portugal 2-1 Austria Group F 20:00
  8. Friday 10th June 2016 France 0-0 Romania Group A 20:00 Saturday 11th June 2016 Albania 1-2 Switzerland Group A 14:00 Wales 3-1 Slovakia Group B 17:00 England 1-1 Russia Group B 20:00 Sunday 12th June 2016 Turkey 2-1 Croatia Group D 14:00 Poland 2-0 Northern Ireland Group C 17:00 Germany 3-0 Ukraine Group C 20:00 Monday 13th June 2016 Spain 2-0 Czech Republic Group D 14:00 Republic of Ireland 1-1 Sweden Group E 17:00 Belgium 1-2 Italy Group E 20:00 Tuesday 14th June 2016 Austria 2-0 Hungary Group F 17:00 Portugal 2-2 Iceland Group F 20:00
  9. This is my first tournament since I started working from home, so hopefully I'll be able to watch pretty much every match. Unfortunately there's also a 4 month old baby wanting lots of attention, so no doubt most games will just end up being on in the background.
  10. He was only infuriating for those of you who post here. For those of us who mostly just read the thread, he was one of the best things about Arsenal losing or throwing away a lead.
  11. Doesn't the dull style of football pretty much prevent them from showing that anyway though? Hard to look like you're working and fighting for results when you're passing sideways so much.
  12. To be fair, the chairmen at those clubs let him spend way more than they could realistically afford on players way past their prime with no chance of any resale value. There's not much chance he'd be allowed to do that with your current owner.
  13. I don't see how the timing is strange tbh. Liverpool were poor at the end of last season, but they gave him the summer and backed him properly because he deserved a chance to turn it round. If he'd been sacked in the summer, I think some people would have found it a bit harsh. He spent a lot, you're still playing nowhere near as well as you should be. You might only be 3 points away from the top 4, but that's because we're only 8 games in. Bournemouth are only 7 points away from it ffs. Considering your home games have been against Sion, Bournemouth, Carlisle, Norwich, west Ham and Villa, you should probably be in the top 4 with that fixture list and won both cup games comfortably. As it happens, the only two you won outright were both pretty lucky in the end too. The board waited until the international break (after the derby too) and now you've got 2 weeks until your next match, so there's a bit of time to get somebody else in. I think your board have handled it really well, all things considered. Would've been nice if he'd stayed until the Spurs game though, actually thought we had a great chance of winning this time.
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