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  1. It's possible he has some hidden attributes that make him more effective, or even that your system just plays perfectly to his strengths, making him seem better than he actually is. It's also possible he's just on a good run and it'll end soon. How long's he kept this form up for so far? Either way, I always pick my team based on how they actually perform, so I'd stick with him ahead of your other strikers if he's doing that well. I had a similar player on a previous version of FM, who I consider my all-time best player on any version of the game. My scouts and coaches would always rate
  2. There's a bit more to this story than seems to be reported in some of the articles I've seen, it's more than just them showing support to Erdogan or pride about their Turkish background. It's fairly well known that there's a lot of Turkish people living in Germany, or at least whose family is originally from Turkey. During the German elections last year, Erdogan actively encouraged the Turkish people in Germany not to vote for Angela Merkel's party, or the SPD (the other main party) or the greens, calling them enemies of Turkey. There's an actual quote from him along the lines of "For all of o
  3. Living in a country that stands a chance of winning it.
  4. Just signed a young left back called Alistair McAllister. If that was my surname, that's definitely what I'd call my son. It has a great ring to it.
  5. In FM10, I started unemployed and with a Sunday League reputation. Managed to land a job in Chile, in their second division, managing a team so hopeless that after 14 games, they only had 4 points. I lost 16 games in a row, conceding 73 goals and scoring 9 before being sacked. I agree with everybody else that the game gets too easy after a few seasons though.
  6. If what grahamf says isn't true (I haven't checked), then you could always just add a second nationality using FM Modifier.
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