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  1. Vardy was clearly too knackered to take a penalty
  2. Kain

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    Agreed, that's the thing I have an issue with really. I'm not trying to say he's definitely not guilty, just that he should probably be treated that way considering there's so little evidence to the contrary. It would probably be easier for people to move on from it as well if he hadn't just released an awful song referencing it repeatedly and he wasn't acting the way he is though.
  3. Kain

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    Fair enough, I get the distinction between the two, and I'm not suggesting he isn't being the complete tit everyone always thought he was. Just sometimes it comes across as people saying "It never went to court, he was never found not guilty" makes it seem more likely to have happened than if it had gone to court and he'd been found not guilty. It's not something unique to anyone here or even this case btw. I just think that if it all charges have been dropped before it even got that far, then surely it's just as good, if not better, than being taken to court and found not guilty.
  4. Kain

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    No I mean, people seem to be pointing out "He was never found not guilty" as if to suggest there's still some suspicion there, yet if it had gone to court and he'd been found not guilty, then they'd have accepted the court's verdict.
  5. Whereabouts in Germany is that shop?
  6. Kain

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    At what point is it ok to consider somebody being not guilty? If there isn't enough evidence to charge him, then surely that means if it had gone to court and the evidence been examined properly, he would have been found not guilty? And they were so sure of a 'not guilty' verdict if it had gone to court that they simply didn't bother wasting their time with it. Seems a bit harsh to keep saying 'He was never found not guilty!' simply because it didn't go that far.
  7. Kain

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    Just listened to Enzo's song. Macho Man must be rolling in his grave, it's that bad.
  8. There's a bit more to this story than seems to be reported in some of the articles I've seen, it's more than just them showing support to Erdogan or pride about their Turkish background. It's fairly well known that there's a lot of Turkish people living in Germany, or at least whose family is originally from Turkey. During the German elections last year, Erdogan actively encouraged the Turkish people in Germany not to vote for Angela Merkel's party, or the SPD (the other main party) or the greens, calling them enemies of Turkey. There's an actual quote from him along the lines of "For all of our citizens in Germany, this is a struggle of honour". Obviously Erdogan trying to interfere with Germany's elections in this way wasn't something the main politicans were happy with. Earlier this year, Erdogan announced plans to campaign in European countries ahead of the Turkish election, but has been banned from campaigning in Germany (and other countries), and has been accused of trying to exploit the Turkish communities here. By posing for photos like this, Ozil and Gundogan are being seen as actively supporting Erdogan in his campaign for the Turkish people living in Germany. It's also hit a bit of a nerve as they've both been shown as examples of successful integration in Germany and yet calling Erdogan "my president" and going against this ban against political campaigning is showing the opposite.
  9. There's an album by the band Scorn called 'Logghi Barogghi' which is named after an American tourist asking for directions to Loughborough. Gotham in Notts is a fairly well known one due to the Batman links, pronounced Goat-em.
  10. Kain

    What will you be looking forward to?

    Living in a country that stands a chance of winning it.
  11. Depends how you do it I guess. We do this with ours, and if she says no, we explain what'll happen (rash, might leak and her clothes will get wet etc.). If she still says no, we leave it a bit and ask again in half an hour. If it's urgent because we're going out or something, we'll tell her we need to do it quickly rather than asking, and explain why we need to do it quickly. She seems to get it, we never have to make her let us change her. We didn't do it when she was a couple of months old though, seemed a bit a pointless then.
  12. Kain

    The most famous person from your school

    I think Anthony Hamilton (the snooker player) and Steve Hodge are the only ones from my school. Best we have after that is Gareth Lindsay who was in my year, whose murder conviction was apparently a legal first in the UK: https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/shotgun-gang-of-nine-get-life-in-trial-that-made-legal-history-1-2547319
  13. Yeah definitely. There's still plenty of vinyl I'm hoping we'll do in the future, including the two Cathedral LPs that were part of the On Demand store. The Ethereal Mirror hasn't even been available on vinyl since it came out in 1993, so a 25th anniversary edition would be great. Janus Stark was a part of it btw because the band asked us to put it up there, and to us it was just adding pixels. They have reformed recently though. We're doing a lot more mainstream stuff nowadays, bands like Blackberry Smoke who are basically a country band, Rival Sons, The Temperance Movement, we've got a new band called Massive Wagons who are all fairly mainstream rock bands and charting in the top 10. The idea from management at least when we started selling things besides our own releases on the store was to try and attract fans of huge bands like Oasis or Blur to our store, then promote our own releases at them too. Oasis and Blur haven't really worked out, but there is some surprising stuff that sells fairly well. Foo Fighters, The Damned and Faith No More all sell pretty well. Personally I'm on commission, so I'm happy selling anything - Ed Sheeran hoodies are probably our most popular item on our ebay and Amazon stores
  14. So does mine It'll go on sale at some point fairly soon probably. "It's on sale" is always a good argument.
  15. Kain

    The Wrestling Thread - It may or may not be juicing

    The more I think about it, the more I think it's actually an almost perfect set-up for Ronda's first match. It's a high profile feud, but the expectations for the actual match are so low that it's going to have to be utterly dreadful for people to be saying afterwards "That was worse than I thought". Book her against someone like Charlotte and it's almost certainly going to be a disappointment given it's her wrestling debut, book her in a squash match against someone like Dana Brooke and nobody's going to care at all. This way the match has a big enough star power to go on to daytime shows or wherever to promote Wrestlemania, but nobody's expecting anything close to the match of the night. The only way it could be better set up imo is if they'd managed to get The Rock instead of Angle for it.