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  1. Shaking interface...

    True... but it's completely fine and runs snappy as this way. So it is a good work around.
  2. Shaking interface...

    Under preferences, if you change the video option to "software", from "GPU assisted", it goes away.
  3. Yes, until you make contact - if you make contact then it's a direct free kick. Basically any foul that makes contact is direct. Same for high boot in the box (without contact), it's an indirect free kick - but if you kick someone in the face it's a penalty (or direct).
  4. man city have ruined FM

    United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, they've been ruining football for years then. City come along, buy a couple of players and all of sudden are ruining the game. B0llocks mate.
  5. PLaying without Steam

    The saved games are only stored on the computer you create them on, they are not stored on steam's server. So as per any other version of FM, you need to copy the saved game files from my documents > sports interactives > games onto a USB Stick (or some other storage) and then copy that onto your other computer. You can use steam offline mode, or simply go into C:\program files\steam\SteamApps\common\football manager 2009\fm.exe and run that ... you don't even need to open steam to run FM really.
  6. Incorrect all of you. Intentional handball is a yellow card. Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity is a red card. So, if a GK hand balls and prevents a goal scoring opportunity it's a straight red. If he doesn't, i.e it's a silly hand ball, no forward around him etc then it's simply a yellow or nothing. Example of a non-red card handball: keeper is holding the ball, runs out and kicks it, but actually steps outside the box (keepers do this a lot but they are rarely given free kicks). This is simply a free kick and would unlikely be a yellow. It comes down to the ref really and how he interprets it. Much like a last man tackle, sometimes they are given as reds other times not.
  7. Don't use the "verify integrity of game cache files" option with steam. After doing this, FM was no able to start up (application error on startup). I had to delete local content, and re-install/download the relevant files. Not quite sure why it would break it :S
  8. I wonder if the laptop has USB ports
  9. Whens the Next Patch

    well just one thing for me, when starting each match, the setting up time is now heavily reduced
  10. This to me seems that it could be related to the "processing fixtures" option in preferences, whilst I've never really known what this feature does, and how it affects performance, I do remember in earlier versions of FM that you couldn't get live scores on one of the settings during your games. Also, you may notice on match day when you try to do your tactics, it ends up being quite clunky and hard to click for a bit, my guess is FM is processing stuff in the background causing the interface to become laggy, the same concept probably applies to the 3D engine.
  11. I reckon it's not the 3D engine causing the stuttering, it's FM In the background doing all of it's processing causing the 3D to stutter. Hence when it's not focused on, it's treated as idle and doing less processing. Just a thought
  12. Having said that, we see referees get it wrong in real life, so it's fair that FM also gets decisions wrong otherwise it wouldn't be realistic
  13. You don't get the money as one lump sum any more... it gets given to you gradually throughout the season. It doesn't matter anyway, your transfer budget should take that into account anyway.
  14. um they are they when the game is processing, you're sort of asking to run the game slower
  15. FM 09 Hogging RAM

    Why is the interface laggy as all hell? Been like this for years now, very frustrating.