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  1. Is there anywhere I can see pictures of a few of the Spurs youngsters in their mid twenties with potential fulfilled ie Onomah, Carter-Vickers, Sterling, Veljkovic?
  2. Screen issues

    Hi, not sure if anyone has posted about this issue, but almost every time I play FM 2014 recently, I keep getting this issue where basically the picture becomes all pixelated..I can't read anything and if I try use other programs like Firefox, IE or any media player the screen has loads of wee yellow dots and you can't make anything out. Driving me mad, I hope I have explained this issue right. I could be playing for 2 hours without opening any different programs and this just happens or it could happen as soon as I open FM, before I've even pressed the 'Load Last Game' button. Help?
  3. FM14: Request a Screenshot Thread

    Pretty much what I thought but would love screenshots of them all when they have fulfilled their potential
  4. Can anyone shed any light on the Liverpool youngsters? Jerome Sinclair, Jordon Ibe, Pedro Chirivella, Sergi Canos, Ryan Fulton, Suso, Adam Morgan, Tom Brewitt all appear decent and have pretty good potential according to my coaches etc but how good do these guys become?
  5. FM14: Request a Screenshot Thread

    Screenshots of maybe in about 5 years time of; Jerome Sinclair, Jordon Ibe, Pedro Chirivella, Sergi Canos, Ryan Fulton, Adam Morgan Don't know if it's worth putting some of these guys into my team if they're gonna end up trunks! Thanks!
  6. One extremely frustrating part of the game is the regens. I have Genie Scout and I have got players come through my academy with potential abilities of 195 and so on but can only be something like 70% in their best position. Surely the higher the potential ability, the higher best potential rating but nearly all of them are really low and don't seem to match up?
  7. Definitely agree with the user who said if you sign a player you should be able to send him back to the team you just signed him from on loan. Also like the idea of playing a role with sponsors and more so.. kit colours and designs as you have the same kit for 50 years if you play long enough! Also wish as a Northern Irishman, the leagues like Northern Irish leagues would have clubs full of N.I. players whereas if I start a league in N.I. within a year there are about 98% Englishmen per team so I suppose clubs in smaller countries reflected reality and had loads of players from that country.
  8. Hi, apologies if I'm wasting everyone's time here but where is the updated database for the January transfer window? Thanks in advance
  9. One thing which annoys me is I like to load up the Northern Irish league while I manage in England and after about a season, every Northern Irish team is full of English men and there are no players from NI at all so I would like if the game could somehow reflect real life in that very few Englishmen come to play for Northern Irish sides. Also, when players retire, their reputation should stay high rather than becoming almost local as for example, in my current game, Boudewijn Zenden is manager of a team in Northern Ireland's third division...a bit ridiculous like.
  10. FM11: Blackburn Rovers Thread

    I've been playing Jason Banton quite a bit at left midfield even though his stats are turd and he has 2 goals and 3 assists from 9 games which is quite good compared to Hoilett, Diouf, Pedersen etc. Anyone know Banton's potential ability? Signed Peter Pekarik, Leven Kenia and Niall McGinn on loan and all have been fantastic.
  11. Quality Regens from unexpected countries?

    Does anyone have screenshots? There's a wonderkid in my game from United Arab Emirates playing for Bordeaux and another one from Panama at Juventus
  12. Quality Regens from unexpected countries?

    Any screenshots of said players?
  13. Was just wondering if anyone has got any quality regens from the likes of Vietnam, Fiji or somewhere small like that? A few versions back, I got several class players from American Samoa but I haven't had anything since.
  14. Hey, my Everton team is full of quality and I continue to get beaten by terrible teams regardless of how I tweak my tactics or just copy and download other people's tactics. My team is as follows; GK: Sylvan Demange (French regen who's description is world class) RB: Allyson (Brazillian regen who's worth £23m) LB: Cristian Ansaldi CB: Jonny Evans CB: Phil Jagielka RM: Aaron Lennon LM: Duncan Wallace (English regen, first choice left wing for England and my best player) CM: Lee Cattermole CM: Hatem Ben Arfa FW: Edin Dzeko FW: Nicolas Phillippe (37 goals in 39 games for Sevilla, then I signed him for £35m) Usually have about 45% possession and and at most 2 shots on target. Pulling my hair out here...please someone help me
  15. Why won't they play football?!

    Well I've tried everything, all different types of tempos, strategies, individual player settings but no matter what they don't do anything useful. Just got beat 4-0 by Stoke who are on the back of 19 game losing streak. I tell everybody to press but nobody bothers closing down, I tell people not to shoot from long range often yet Fellaini had 9 shots which were off target in that game? Losing my rag.