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  1. While I'm still not happy about the wait, I wanted to give SI some credit for the thread telling us exactly what's going on. It makes the wait a hell of a lot more bearable and it's good to know that our feedback about the patching process has been taken on board.
  2. FM2011 : Patching plans

    How do you explain the patches being released at roughly the same time every year then? Coincidence that they were all completed at the same time?
  3. FM2011 : Patching plans

    Err, I'll speculate about it if I like. Did you think that nothing was fixed until the 30 seconds before they uploaded the patch to the server? When we made the choice to buy the game, we had no way of knowing what sort of state it would be in for four months. It's not the most informed choice you can make. When you say it's our problem, you're technically right, but I didn't forego my right to bitch about it.
  4. FM2011 : Patching plans

    The concept of service is the same. You pay for something, you expect the product to be finished. In my analogy the car was drivable. That doesn't make it an acceptable product. That I agree with. I have to take some responsibility for falling for the same crap every single year. The schedule is what I have a problem with. It doesn't matter when the issues get fixed, they only release a patch according to the schedule. I bet we could have had a substantially better game a month ago. Speculation obviously, but I'm sure a lot of the big issues people have had were cleaned up a while ago.
  5. FM2011 : Patching plans

    I'm the customer, I'm not obliged to know or care what goes into making the game. If you bought a car and it turned out the it couldn't get above 30mph and the doors wouldn't lock, but it'd be fixed a third of the way through it's lifespan, you would not accept the excuse of "it's complex". They're paid to do a job. If they can't handle it, something has to change. I don't owe them my patience.
  6. FM2011 : Patching plans

    Fast? I paid for the game four months ago and it's still a work in progress. You can enable this sort of service all you want, you're not going to convince me this is anything other than a complete embarrassment. I'll also challenge your assertion that the game is cheap. If you look at other developers, they build a game from scratch and take £30-£40 off you every two or three years. FM is £20 per year for the same game with a few new features. I'm not saying it's not worth the price, because otherwise I wouldn't be buying it, but to say it's cheap is a huge overstatement.
  7. FM2011 : Patching plans

    Did you need to wait for the transfer window to close to fix all the other stuff?
  8. FM2011 : Patching plans

    It's only taking two or three months then? Good work. *applauds*
  9. Players owned by investors

    You can add a transfer clause so a percentage goes to "a third party". I can't remember how it's done, but I've definitely seen it in the editor for certain players.
  10. I think some nations have started paying clubs compensation for taking players. Something like £1000 per player, per day, but to get that, I believe the clubs had to sign an agreement saying they wont try and claim money when a player suffers an injury while on international duty. I wouldn't be surprised if international managers are pressured to not pick certain players because their injury proneness makes them too expensive to insure. Michael Owen under Capello for instance. The FA aren't exactly the richest football association in the world, and they might feel the payments just aren't worth the rewards. It's sad that so much of football is dominated by money.
  11. Changing newgen ages.

    Not that I know of. Sorry.
  12. Number of teams starting at this stage should be 0. The two teams in the final come from the semi finals, rather than starting in the final. That option should be used for seeding. If all the teams start from round one, then that option should stay deselected for all the subsequent rounds.