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  1. Yep. An assistant manager, coach and physio are the only essential ones it adds IIRC.
  2. I don't know about FM11, but in previous versions, if a player had been retrained in a position, that position would continually revert when edited with FMRTE. So basically, once a player has had any sort of retraining at, for example, left back, it was then impossible to use FMRTE to change his ability at left back.
  3. On the clubs main page, click on it's stadium. Then you can edit the stadium's max capacity.
  4. http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/04/22/is-the-sweeper-set-for-a-return-to-prominence/ Would this system be possible to replicate in FM? I'm not sure how I'd go about getting the "sweeper" and centre backs to change positions when the team is in possesion.
  5. DBC is a smaller filesize. XML is useful if you plan to do some editing inside the XML, but if you're not, there's really no reason to use that option.
  6. After going on holiday for a couple of seasons, Daniel Sturridge's concentration went down to 3. All strikers seemed to take a concentration hit, but his was worst. He didn't seem to improve much elsewhere either. Sorry, I don't like to criticise too much as I'm grateful for the effort, but the forward schedule definitely needs some work.
  7. It was with Chelsea so I had two 4.5 star coaches dedicated to defensive training. (I think that's what trains concentration?) With the tactic issues in the 11.2.1 patch, it looks like I wont be playing FM until February, so I wont be able to provide anymore feedback on that. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  8. From what I've noticed so far, the CB schedule seems to be working well, as I'm seeing good improvements there. However, a lot of my strikers' concentration attributes seem to be nosediving, so maybe a little more tweaking in that area.
  9. Doesn't ball control coaching require a decent mentality attribute? I'm not sure if that's just a mistake or if I've got it wrong. These schedules look great by the way, I'll be giving them a go.
  10. If anyone is planning to add the current league champions to the registered teams, here's a list of last season's league winners in europe. Should save you some time. England Chelsea Spain Barcelona Germany Bayern Munich Italy Internazionale France Olympique de Marseille Portugal SL Benfica Russia Zenit St. Petersburg Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk Holland FC Twente Turkey Bursaspor Greece Panathinaikos Denmark FC Kobenhavn Belgium RSC Anderlecht Romania CFR Cluj Scotland Rangers Switzerland FC Basel Israel Hapoel Tel-Aviv Austria Red Bull Salzburg Czech Republic Sparta Prague Cyprus AS Omonoia Nicosia Bulgaria Litex (Lovech) Croatia NK Dinamo Belarus BATE Borisov Poland Lech Poznan Slovakia MSK Zilina Norway Rosenborg BK Serbia FK Partizan Beograd Sweden Malmo FF Bosnia & Herzegovina NK Zeljeznicar Finland Helsingin Jalkapalloklubi (HJK) Rep. Ireland Shamrock Rovers Hungary Ferencvarosi Toma Club Lithuania FK Ekranas Panevezis Moldova FC Sheriff Tiraspol Latvia Skonto FC Riga Georgia Olimpi Rustavi Azerbaijan Inter Baku Slovenia FC Luka Koper Macedonia FC Renova Dzepciste Iceland Breiðablik Kazakhstan FC Tobyl Kostanay Montenegro FK Rudar Pljevlja Albania KS Dinamo Tirana Estonia FC Flora Tallinn Wales The New Saints Armenia Pyunik Yerevan Malta Birkirkara FC Northern Ireland Linfield Faroe Islands Havnar Boltfelag Luxembourg AS La Jeunesse d'Esch-Alzette (Jeunesse Esch) Andorra FC Santa Coloma San Marino Tre Fiori
  11. I created a European Cup in the same format you described for myself. 52 nations, 40 of which enter the first round and the top 12 entering the second with each round being two legs and a straight knockout. Firstly, you put all the european nations on the nations list. I put them in order of their co-efficient rank. You don't have to be as meticulous about which order they are in, but you need the top 12 nations to be in the top 12 on the list. This is because on the teams list, you need to specify the nation number when setting up the seeds. So by having the top 12 leagues ranked 1-12, you can use these settings. Number means the number of teams taken from each nation, First Nation and Last Nation just indicate which teams from your nation list, Qualified Competition means the competition you are making them qualify for, not from. So you could have the top 12 qualify as top seeds for the European Cup, but also have another entry having your top 12 qualify for a secondary continental competition, or whatever you want. Give the lowest seeding number to the top teams, as that will guarantee they enter later. For the first round of the cup, Number Of Teams Starting At This Stage should be 40 and Number Of Matches should be 20. In the second round, it should be 12 and 16. Third round blank and 8. Quarter final blank and 4. Semi final blank and 2. Final blank and 1. The only other advice I have is to go to the champion's cup entry in the main editor and delete the 'registered teams'. Personally, I added an entry for each nations league champion of last season, so the first seasons teams weren't random. For instance I got Atletico Madrid and Celtic entering the European Cup in my first season even though they didn't win their league last season IRL, so by adding each champion, I got a more realistic set of teams. If you do this, don't forget to put the representatives of the top 12 nations seeding as 1 and the rest as 2, so you don't get the champions of San Marino or somwhere getting a bye to the second round. Hopefully that makes some sense and helps.
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