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  1. Yep. An assistant manager, coach and physio are the only essential ones it adds IIRC.
  2. I don't know about FM11, but in previous versions, if a player had been retrained in a position, that position would continually revert when edited with FMRTE. So basically, once a player has had any sort of retraining at, for example, left back, it was then impossible to use FMRTE to change his ability at left back.
  3. On the clubs main page, click on it's stadium. Then you can edit the stadium's max capacity.
  4. http://www.zonalmarking.net/2010/04/22/is-the-sweeper-set-for-a-return-to-prominence/ Would this system be possible to replicate in FM? I'm not sure how I'd go about getting the "sweeper" and centre backs to change positions when the team is in possesion.
  5. http://www.footballmanagerfanboys.net/discussion/topic/750-cts-carbon-logos/page__view__findpost__p__43260
  6. The whole point of retiring from international football is that they won't play for their country again. Yet we are given the option to try and change their minds with that. Players change their minds about who to represent IRL, especially if they don't look like getting a call up from their preferred nation, so why shouldn't it be in the game? As long as it's treated with restraint and only occasionally can you get a player to change his mind, then it definitely should be included in the game. I've got no doubt it will eventually, just when is the question.
  7. I was thinking this last night, although my first thought was a groundsman. Since we have pitch condition in the game now, hiring a groundsman seems to make sense. Plus, I don't think finding out the info on the groundsman for each club would be any more difficult than finding it for physios and the like. The staff section does need a bit of a revamp I think, with reserve team / youth team managers having their own specific roles. Directors of football need to be incorporated further than a cosmetic feature. I don't know why chairmen are still unviewable in-game. If we're deciding which teams offer to accept, knowing a bit about the chairman's personality and resources is vital, just being able to see his name is a bit shoddy considering how far this series has come. As you said, doctors and nutritionists would be welcome additions too. I think it'd be too much to hope for a staff revamp to be a yet unannounced feature in FM11, but at least some progress in that area for FM12 is needed.
  8. I suspect this has been mentioned before, but something that really bugs me is how often a player will sign for a club for a significant amount of money, spend a couple of seasons only being played occasionally and doing poorly when he does, then getting bought buy another club for more than they paid for him. I've seen it happen many times where a player cost about £10m, barely playing for two seasons, then signing for someone else for like £18m. In reality, his value would have dropped considerably. I could even accept his value staying the same in some cases, but I can't imagine a scenario where a players value actually increases after such a poor stint at a club. You could maybe point at Wayne Bridge's move from Chelsea to Man City, but he usually did well for Chelsea, he just had injury problems. And the fact that it's a deal between two ultra-rich clubs had a lot to do with the inflated transfer fee. This happens with your average clubs on FM. And to be honest, it's not the fact that it happens that bothers me, it's how often it happens. It really kills the realism of the in-game football world. So on my wishlist is a bit of tinkering with the AI in regards to transfers. I think a players form should have a lot more weight in his market valuation.
  9. Mass editing and the ability to create and edit continental/international competitions are the features I'm looking forward to most. This years editor has been excellent, and it's opened the gates to do so much more with it, which I'm sure they will over the next few years.
  10. I haven't used these before but I'll give it a go this year. Thanks.
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