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  1. Information for others with the same problem: reached the author. Numbers are automatically created, so you have to edit every pic in the DF11 folder manually.
  2. sidenote: seems it doesnt need to be loaded in fm. IDs also change when I just reload the edited file in FM editor - So they change after I delete some players and save the file.
  3. ok, thanks for thinking about it. I will try to contact the author
  4. they change to another number of the editor savefile. I use LOTBG and DF11faces (see links) I want to delete the "older players" like beckenbauer, denis law, baresi, etc. and only play with "younger" like ronaldinho, rivaldo, beckham, etc. So I delete them in the fm editor and save a new file which I load in FM. But when I make a new start, ronaldinho, rivaldo, beckham, etc get the numbers of beckenbauer, denis law, baresi, etc - So their player pic change from ronaldinho to beckenbauer, but the attributes, position, nationality stay the same. (I dont know if it is random, but only the editorfile players change ID - the untouched from the savefile stay untouched as far as I saw) I also deleted cache and reload the pics. afterwards when I reload the edited savefile in editor, the numbers of the players are also changed in the editorfile, like in the game itself. They stay constant (not changing every load - just if I delete players again). It feels like the deleted players IDs redistribute to the left over players but not editing their attributes etc. https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm21-legends-of-the-beautiful-games.html https://df11faces.com/LOTBG-FM2021
  5. Hi guys, pretty noob in FM Editor, but I would like to change a existing editor file. I want to delete some players changed by this file because its too big for my taste. So I delete the created players in fm editor and save the editor file, but when I start a new career with this file the unique IDs of the remianing edited players change randomly. Problem is, I use DF11 face pics, so for example edited young beckham gets the player pic from roberto carlos (from the df11 face pics). The change of IDs only occurs for the changed players, original players are still fine. in the editorsave file the IDs are still correct, but when loading a new start, IDs change. Tahnks in advance Bob
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