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  1. question for fuss: why is the strikers mentality normal? should`nt they be attacking?
  2. into my 3rd season with afc wimledon now.. after a great run i`m now 4th in league two after 11 mathces. The tactic is working quite well, very consistent, making few errors in defence. I now have about 5 versions of the tactic, mostly with a version with slower tempo than the original. I also turned of swap position on wingers, and long shots on all players. It was very anoying with all the wasted oportunitys, strikers shoting from 40 yards instead of passing to a fellow player in a better position. The only problem i have with this tactic is that sometimes my team only get 50-60 % on pa
  3. currently doing a bit of experimenting with your tactic, hope you dont mind "fuss" instead of using zonal marking i have tried man marking, after 10 matches without winning i won 3-0 away and looking quite good defensively so i was wondering if some of you guys have tried the same?
  4. gibson1314: the wingers are swapping places to confuse the defenders, not sure if this is effective for lower league teams as you dont normally get good enough wingers who can play both sides, in real life football this is very common, the wingers then move into the center instead of going down the flanks.. you can change this in player instuctions
  5. i just got promoted to conference with afc wimbledon with this tactic.. thanks. i am currently very desillusioned by this game, i`ve had sucsess in scotland with rangers getting the treble 2 years on the row, i then got offered the liverpool job after benitez had ****ed up the squad by selling steven, momo and peter.. i struggled the first year, eventually getting 2nd in the league, next season all hell broke loose, no tactics worked, i tried to tweake, adjust the team, tried different teamtalks, ending up confused 25 games into the season i decleard my interest in afc wimbledon, now i`ll try
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