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  1. At the end of my first season playing as Arsenal I blew my entire transfer budget on Pique from Barcelona. With 5 games to go he's played 30 games in the league and scored 16 goals, including 2 hat tricks. This seems unrealistic when you consider that Leighton Baines who's probably had around 10 seasons playing in the Premier League and takes his fair share of set pieces has only scored 21 league goals in his career. Has anyone else seen anything similar?
  2. Has this not always been a problem in past versions of FM? I've always tried to sell players who in my opinion would sell with no problem in the real transfer market. In my current Arsenal save at the end of my first season when all three players had played a reasonable amount of games and had good ratings I couldn't get a single offer for Mertesacker, Podolski and Flamini.
  3. I'm with you for all the reasons you've stated and more. Owned every incarnation of this game they've ever released and in my opinion this is the worst.
  4. With this years release and the problems with the match engine and player morale I was wondering what peoples favourite game ruining bug was. Mine was in the early 2000's, probably 01/02, when your board would accept a request to expand your stadium, shut down say 25% of the stadium whilst works were underway and when the work was completed the capacity remained the same as when the work was being carried out. It meant you could go from a 40,000 capacity stadium to one below 10,000 in about 5 years. Happy memories.
  5. Started as Arsenal, played 4 league games drew one and shipped 4 goals against both Southampton and Newcastle before giving up. It must be my tactics!
  6. First couple of game he was high 80's but since then 95 - 100%
  7. Playing as Barcelona and Xavi was out for 5 weeks with a hamstring injury. As soon as he came back from injury I marked him as available for available for the under 21's until match fit. He has since played 8 games for the first team and is still listed as available for the u21's until match fit. Is it just me or is this a ridiculously long time to regain fitness?
  8. Surprised this bug wasn't sorted out in the first round of updates. http://s1361.photobucket.com/user/CaptainTefal/media/RSociedadvBarcelona_PitchFull-2_zpsd9bf92ae.png.html Goal scored, normal replays, shown at the bottom but never updated in the scores. Happens reasonably regularly for me.
  9. Play them all, with the exception of the latest GTA due to the family commitments I mentioned. Whilst i'm aware of the fact each game has updates I don't remember ever playing COD (I've had every single incarnation on PC & Xbox) and feeling the game is unplayable to the point that have made me stop playing them to feel the need to discuss them on forums. In saying all this I've nothing but admiration for all the people at si. How many big games companies have a relationship with charities and engage with their community like they do. That shouldn't however take away from the fact that they're producing a consumer product which in my opinion hasn't been up to scratch at release for the last few years. Just my opinion though and I realise that probably most people don't agree with me though but a lot of people probably do.
  10. I agree with Pete that sometimes the moderators can appear a bit heavy handed but do sympathise as they've got a difficult job to do. I think all criticism, unless obvious ranting, should be taken as positive. I also agree with Pete that we shouldn't be unpaid testers for si unless we want to, those of you that are happy to do it have my admiration but I simply don't have the time to do it. Having a family means that I barely get time to play FM as it is let alone take screenshots, upload save games etc. I think the least we should expect when we spend our £40 is a game that is almost 100% playable. FM has got to be one of the biggest and most established brands in gaming and I honestly couldn't imagine any of the other big brands FIFA, COD etc getting away with releasing games with as many bugs as FM often is. In saying all this though we're still only playing a Beta so we should allow them the time to use all the feedback they're receiving to make sure the game is spot on next Friday
  11. I know there are different camps on the current morale settings in this game. I'm in the they're ridiculous camp. It could be that after 20+ plus years of playing this game I've not learned anything about how to play it but I don't think so. Playing the Beta as Arsenal and had a better start to the season than the real team. With the real team you can see that morale is sky high just by the way they're playing, the confidence/belief and morale was evident to anyone at the Norwich game. In my Beta game their morale is just ok and as soon as I have an unlucky 1-0 defeat they're all fairly poor/poor. I'm aware this is only a Beta and they've still got a couple of weeks to sort things out but I'm not filled with confidence or enthusiasm. 10 or 20 years ago i'd spend the first few weeks of release virtually attached to my pc enjoying playing the game. Now I seem to spend half of my time on forums moaning about the problems plenty of other people are having. Couple of other minor niggles and some of the goalkeeping choices in the match engine are ridiculous. As I said though its only the Beta so let's give them the benefit of the doubt for the next 10 days.
  12. I usually just loan an youth team goalkeeper from the team i want to 'donate' to for a month, set the monthly fee at however many millions i want and terminate the contract the day he signs.
  13. I've got to 2025 as Arsenal Manager (on hold at the moment due to my second crash dump enforced break) and Wilshere has been a regular in my team all that time. He's played around 30 league games a season and only suffered 3 injuries that have kept him out for over a month.
  14. I had a similar problem when playing FM12 and got similar overheating advice so purchased a very good cooling pad and that didn't seem to solve the problem. I could be wrong but my problems seem to have been due to some face/logo update packs that i installed. The laptop would only shutdown whilst watching the match and if i stopped watching the match the problem stopped. I haven't installed any face/logo packs etc with this version and haven't had a problem at all. Not saying that everyone elses advice is wrong but just sharing my personal experience.
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