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  1. Very informative, so thanks a lot! Looking forward to hearing about what you can dig up from the match engine code
  2. Thanks. So in other words: If I already have "tackle hard", "run with ball", "mark tight" and "pass into space" in the team instructions, it doesn't add anything to give these as individual instructions as well? Follow-up question: Take something like "run at opposition" as a team instruction...I'd suppose that wouldn't include the GK and central defenders. But which positions specifically do the various team instructions affect? Does "tackle hard" and "mark tighter" include strikers and wingers? Does "run at defence" include fullbacks? And so forth...I guess what I'm looki
  3. So I'm trying to create a direct counter-attacking 4-4-2 for the Vanarama leagues. As part of that, I want my players to tackle hard, mark tight, hit through balls, run with ball etc. But what's the interplay between player and team instructions here? If I choose "mark tight" as a team instruction, is there any point to giving the same player instruction to individual players? Do one cancel out the other, or do they mark even tighter if I have both? And which players does the team instruction affect? All of them, or just players within certain positions? Same goes for "tackle harder"
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