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  1. Ok guys im sorry to say this but something has come up with family problems so Im gonna be unable to carry on the save.. If you want to carry on playing I have uploaded the saved game file so you can convert your relegation contenders into champions at your own will.. Cheers guys, its bee fun.
  2. Hi guys just an update, taking a break from the updates for a week, will be back shortly unfortunately I wont have the time to do as many updates but they will still be there.. Season 3 will be the final season, but feel free to download the saved game file and carry it on.
  3. Here is the saved game file.
  4. We Will keep monitoring the championship with regular updates.. you should be back up within a season and the championship teams should be relegated straight away.
  6. Champions League Final Totten Final League Table Team Stats Player Stats FA Cup Semi Final FA Cup Final So that's a wrap for Season 1, unfortunately a British team didn't succeed in Europe this year, with Bayern picking up the win but an overall succesful season. We will be back shortly for Season 2.
  7. will upload the save once the season is over still got the champions league and fa cup finals..
  8. So here we go... 4 key games, with goal-by goal updates.. Aston Villa vs Reading Fulham vs Liverpool QPR vs West Ham and Manchester City vs Sunderland.. Would a Champion be decided? And who would get those all important champions league places? Fulham and Manchester City's matches will decide the Champion with Fulham also having a game on the wednesday with Tottenham if they don't get it done with this weeks game.. And the champions league places will be decided between Villa, Liverpool and QPR. With the goal by goal updates, if you can avoid seeing the score before watching the video it makes the whole experience a lot more interesting. I would advise having your browser scrolled down so that you can only see the top video, and then when you've watched it, scroll down until you can see only the 2nd video etc etc. So dont look ahead, dont look for spoilers! Just watch one video at a time, and it will make it a lot more enjoyable Fulham 1-0 (9th) Fulham 2-0 (14th) Reading 1-0 (18th) Sunderland 1-0 (25th) Sunderland 2-0 (44th) Aston Villa 1-1 (45th) Aston Villa 2-1 (47th) West Ham 1-0 (56th) QPR 1-1 (62nd) Aston Villa 3-1 (65th) Reading 2-3 Fulham 3-0 (84th) Fulham 4-0 (88th) Here are the other results Player Stats Team Stats And the Final League Table Congratulations to Fulham.. The Barclays Premier League Champions
  9. League Table Player Stats So there you go, were down to the final game of the season. The relegation battle is decided, but the title chase and european spots are still up for grabs.. Who is going to take home the silverware?
  10. And now news of another manager sacking, this time with Arsenal.
  11. League Table Player Stats And with regret, this week see's the first team relegated from the english premier league. Goodbye stoke, with the strength of your squad, I fully expect to see you make an immediate return.
  12. League Table I think because were so close to the end of the season, it would be silly to leave it for another day, so by the end of today, you will know the final league standings.
  13. League Table
  14. Just a quick champions league update... last 16 quarter-final semi-final draw
  15. League Table Player Stats