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  1. The night after Arsenal stunned Liverpool 4-0 (to help Everton, who came from behind v Spurs to leapfrog them), Sheffield United beat Chelsea 1-0 at Bramall Lane. They...actually have more chance of a tilt at the title than far more valuable teams currently
  2. Sheffield United beat West Ham 2-1 and are 3rd, only behind Man City on goal difference. You really couldn't make this up. Although their next two games are Chelsea and Man City so this'll be the real test of if this was a flukey start or whether the top four need to start genuinely worrying
  3. So, I have a league I set up where all the Premier League teams are managed by people I know (I know that sounds weird, don't ask). I could bring up some of the weird results after 11 games (Burnley competing for European football alongside Sheffield United, who've yet to lose a game and even put five past Arsenal earlier in the season). But the most notable results, to me anyway, came up in the Champions League, because from a group with my Man United, Celtic and Dynamo Zagreb...Real Madrid finished 3rd. Admittedly they shouldn't have been left needing a win from a final matchday, but th
  4. I've obviously mucked up the editor somewhere, because I've played one game with my custom Premier League and this is the result, as you can see I've not sorted the columns, this is the default view (this is a little demoralising cos I want this to work but everytime I fix one problem another one appears)
  5. On the plus side I figured that out (I made a similar mistake with the all-star checkbox as someone else), but now I've hit another problem: apparently I've disabled both English cups and any league below the PL and I don't know how or what can be done to correct this :-/
  6. I designed a team (basically a Harlem Globetrotters style all-star squad), verified it in the editor, went to start a new game...not only does the game say it's not verified but I'm unable to manage my team (whether that's while loading the game or applying for the job after the game has started). Have I done something wrong, missed something or some combination of the two?
  7. I edited a team, verified the database, went to load it and...well, this is the screen I'm faced with (I can't proceed with All-Stars or apply for the job after starting the game)
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