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  1. This place did indeed use to be buzzing, haven't been online for quite some time. But decided to log in and see what's been happening. So hello guys!
  2. I used to do the sign only French players, was always more rewarding I felt. Good luck.
  3. Massively late but while Captain Max can fill in at the back I don't think it's a wise choice, not medium to long term certainly.
  4. Abit of a delay/bump but once my Porto theory is done I shall return to the Rhône-Alpes. Good to see there is an OL thread at least. Even if you were sentimental he wouldn't be on that list.
  5. Ezequiel, yeah he's solid depending on the price and what type of side you are.
  6. Survive the 'end of the world' and Downing gets an assist and a goal, crazy world eh.
  7. Opening post in the Villa thread gives you a screenshot of Christian Benteke. Here;
  8. I have. I still play now and then, getting time is the problem. I see, thanks. Yeah £20Million is abit much at the moment.
  9. stgahoy, hope your well, long time no see. Great OP. I assume you have a future fee option on Marco Verratti?
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