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  1. This place did indeed use to be buzzing, haven't been online for quite some time. But decided to log in and see what's been happening. So hello guys!
  2. Survive the 'end of the world' and Downing gets an assist and a goal, crazy world eh.
  3. Wasn't really a great watch though, at least it had some goals.
  4. Some people are just branleurs/salauds fact of life, doesn't matter where you work. Just if you work in a customer related environment your naturally more exposed to them, law of averages etc.
  5. Simply trying to address what appears to be disappointment at a lack of infractions via the GD. Can't say I didn't try.
  6. I think the more pressing question would be why anybody sane would wonder into the GD let alone post in there. I'm sure the mods can set a rule by which any more posts in the GD is an instant infraction for you guys? :>
  7. Oldboy is a good film but it's very odd as-well. City of God is an excellent film. American History X is also an excellent movie. Minus points SRL88 for wearing a Batman t-shirt while watching Dark Knight, but Dark Knight is an awesome film. Not long till the Dark Knight Rises is out, cannot wait.
  8. He will have more time yes, Inter also have Esteban who is . It will be interesting to see if Sneijder stays. I think AVB could get Sneijder back to true top form. A strong Inter will make Serie A more interesting again, Inter, Milan, Juve and hopefully a strong Udinese and Napoli will make it a better 'watch.'
  9. AVB is Inter bound, no doubt about that. Good luck to him, I think he'll be excellent in the right environment. Although it's fair to say Inter are also at abit of a crossroad in terms of re-shaping.
  10. So predictable that Liverpool wouldn't convert their chances and RVP's finishing would be the difference.
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