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  1. This place did indeed use to be buzzing, haven't been online for quite some time. But decided to log in and see what's been happening. So hello guys!
  2. Didn't even realise there was an unranked mode, thanks Lathund.
  3. Just completed the campaign, I actually quite enjoyed the campaign. Next step is to move online, going to get destroyed as my KPM will be shocking. I'll persist though, Zerg ftw.
  4. Only about 1/4 way through HoS but so far the story is very cheesy. Although I do like some of the new or evolved units in HoS.
  5. I went Zerg > Terran when I played online. I really like the Zerg race in SC2 but I couldn't give enough time to get even half decent at it, so I went for the easier option of Terran after a while, especially as I was playing some 2v2 online. One game in particular I went with a ghost/nuke build while my mate built the standard Terran army. It was an epic online game against two random guys, still got the demo. Ghost/Nuke builds were great fun, wouldn't have tried it if I didn't catch a specific Day9 episode. I'm going to be woeful on HoS for a long time, but first up is the story which I'
  6. Didn't realise SC2:HoS is out in about two weeks. Can't wait, hope it's immense. Been ages since I played SC2, life got in the way.
  7. End of the day Klimowicz as long as the tattoo/tattoos matter to you/mean something to you that's all that really matters.
  8. If your truly dedicated Ackter you would get MA's portrait on your chest instead, I'd accept Cabaye's/Hatem's or Moussa's potrait also though.
  9. It will be a one Kanji character, but yeah I've been told to expect it to be painful on that area. Clearly two magpies relates to Newcastle, don't be ashamed now Ackter. It's between wrist and forearm for me so I'll just expect pain and then if it's not so painful I'll be delighted.
  10. That description helps alot, thanks. I think I could manage that. My first one will only be a relatively small piece on the inside of my arm abit below my wrist. If I surviveI'll move onto a much bigger piece on my back (but much later on down the line). Guessing the left shoulder will be the same just mirrored? Well it depends where the tattoo is Ackter.
  11. I think I know where that is, I'm probably going to go to The Family Business Tattoo place for my first one. Although I've no idea what the pain will be like, people have said to me it's like getting a piercing to which I point out I don't have any piercing so that description isn't helpful at all to me. As for your tattoo Ackter that kind of thing isn't my cup of tea but it looks pretty good and I assume your pleased?
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