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    Jean-Michel Aulas's right hand man.

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  1. ASSE thread but no OL thread, my heart sinks.
  2. Congrats nie jem frytek.
  3. I used to do the sign only French players, was always more rewarding I felt. Good luck.
  4. Massively late but while Captain Max can fill in at the back I don't think it's a wise choice, not medium to long term certainly.
  5. Those indeed were the days. :*) Tut tut Edgar.
  6. Abit of a delay/bump but once my Porto theory is done I shall return to the Rhône-Alpes. Good to see there is an OL thread at least. Even if you were sentimental he wouldn't be on that list.
  7. Off Topic Thread: Hey lurkers, post ffs!!

    Whatever happened to the good old days eh.
  8. FM13: Lisandro Lopez - must buy CB

    Ezequiel, yeah he's solid depending on the price and what type of side you are.
  9. Off Topic Thread: Hey lurkers, post ffs!!

    Survive the 'end of the world' and Downing gets an assist and a goal, crazy world eh.
  10. Benteke in fm13

    Opening post in the Villa thread gives you a screenshot of Christian Benteke. Here;
  11. FM13: Juventus FC - The Third Star

    I have. I still play now and then, getting time is the problem. I see, thanks. Yeah £20Million is abit much at the moment.
  12. Added ssestig. How soul destroying, no OL thread.
  13. FM13: Juventus FC - The Third Star

    stgahoy, hope your well, long time no see. Great OP. I assume you have a future fee option on Marco Verratti?
  14. Off Topic Thread: Hey lurkers, post ffs!!

    Wasn't really a great watch though, at least it had some goals.