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  1. Youth To Gold - Le Havre AC (Transfer Special!) Welcome everyone back to the transfer special! I've been preparing a few transfers and as the window opens on the 1st of July. I needed to be spending quite a bit of money however as key slots in our lineup would soon be opened thanks to the rule of benching 30 year olds or older once you hit your 2nd season. So I have already spent my budget before the window started. I wait anxiously to get our players in but as soon as I got the word from our press officer... oh it was time. Transfers! CB - Elias Machuca ~ 1.2m The steal of the seaso
  2. Loving this thread! Currently checking into it whenever there is a new update because I love the style of writing. Keep it up!
  3. Youth To Gold - Le Havre AC Welcome everyone! This is my long-term save with Le Havre AC, a team which is known for devolving bright French talents, most notably Paul Pogba. Now before I explain everything with this save, I would like to answer one question I will most likely get. Why did I abandon the Valencia save? Well it's quite easy, I wasn't having fun. See this Le Havre save was the one I was playing over Valencia. I didn't want to focus on in depth profiles and trying to figure out stats. I still like them, but I ultimately decided not to play that save because of me over-relying on i
  4. Valencia: Four Games In The season has started, and we are doing great! Losing to Athletic Bilbao wasn't the greatest start, but we have been firing since then. A smashing away at Sevilla, a draw against Atletico in which Cillessen did a class action bottle job and gave the ball away to Angel Correa, and a clean sheet against Eibar. Not much is going to be said here as it's only 4 games but expect more of an in depth review once i finish October. (Cillessen....)
  5. Yep! I always like to go attacking when making teams, and this is no different. Also spot on with the offset 4-2-3-1, thats really my main thing with this tactic.
  6. ... aaaaaaaaand sacked. Should have expected this since this team had basically no players, but hey, we beat Lugano? Once? Anyway it's time to reset next again
  7. AC Bellinzona - 2021/22 Season Preview Lads, welcome to AC Bellinzona. I've been excited to start a save for the challenge and have been basically stalking the forum for the last 2 weeks. At last though after several days of resetting in multiple leagues and finding no teams that swooned me over: I found Bellinzona. This team is certainly an interesting one, as it actually won the Swiss Super League in 1948. Sadly it folded in 2013 and declared bankruptcy right as it was the top contender to get promoted the next season. However, in 2014-15, the club was revived and now sit in the 3rd tier.
  8. @SuperRedditchCongrats on the great first LaLiga season. Reckon you could make a run in Europe?
  9. Squad Overview Right, time to go over the squad we have right now. I'll mostly be going over who's in the starting XI as they will be our main tools this year. I'm going through every position in our current tactic, which is a 4-2-4. That means the right-back and the left-back, two center-backs, two midfielders, two wingers, and two attackers. Before the analysis of each individual, I would like to go out on record and say this squad is amazing. At least for a person like me who loves young but proven players with a hint of veteran leadership. As well these players allow me to try out a 4-2-
  10. Remember Valencia? Not the Valencia now but the one in the picture shown above. That right there was Valencia. A serious contender for the greatest team in Spain and a team who would be the only squad to win LaLiga since 2000 whilst not being the illustrious top 3 (Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid). The top goalscorer for Valencia that year was Mista. Mista would stay a year or two at the bats before going to Atletico Madrid where he quickly fell out of the squad. Manager Rafa Benitez jumped to Liverpool whilst his stock was high and had a decent 6 years there before getting sacked.
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