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  1. Yes we need friendly tournaments...to earn extra cash
  2. Fm22 lacks major new features and the winter update broke things that were never broken for me....Here's a brief list of problems(P) and features(F) we need fixed/added to improve the experience: •Social Media (F) •Let players approach you for a talk(F) •It's impossible to receive offers for your players(P) •Only youngsters are available for loan(P) •Option to spectate domestic matches for National managers(F) •Add mutual contract termination(F) •Add installments(F) •Add post match interviews(F) •Allow us to watch academy matches(F) •Add multiple objectives like Fifa(F) •we should get offers for our players that aren't transfer listed(F) •Add option to tell our players to tightly mark a key player in the opponents team(F) •Add more in-depth tactical opponent analysis(F) •Add bonuses to lower wage demands(F)
  3. I kinda feel disrespected and sometimes I feel like this game has something against me
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