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  1. I can't use touch with my Dad because one of the first games we play is Create A Club x2, we both take on a lower division side with identical everything (except names) and create a tactic and see which can do the best. For that the editor is needed so I can edit the 2 clubs to make them match up, single online game so can't use regular Create A Club. I don't agree FMT should be called FM Classic because it's effectively a "Lite" version, so if it was I would hope they'd have the decency and honesty to use FM Lite or just leave it as is. I do want FM to be a more modular game though, it
  2. It may do something under the hood but to the end user most of it is repetitive and superfluous. My dad hates it, always has. His biggest pet peeve is that the options you get are never what you want to say or are so bland/similar it's pointless even doing it. FMT (for those evangelists) has more limitations for me than the full game has annoying functions to me, tried it every year it's been there hoping it would satisfy but it always fails.
  3. Age is no hindrance I find. I do like the more classic tactics anyway, a nice 442, 424, 451 etc always feels more my speed.
  4. You could try and take a club like Leeds, Nottingham Forrest etc back to Europe. I always find Fiorentina a good place to go to as well.
  5. I use all 3 but the first 2 are usually the same with a SUS/Save your Fitness variation in the 3rd slot. Only time that's not the case is when I create a tactic and am tweaking roles/duties in which case I have a variation of the primary tactic in each slot with a couple of tweaks (WB-Sup to WB-Aut) for example.
  6. Either my real name or Raphael Santos, journeyman Brazilian manager.
  7. Defence it's Tackling & Determination Midfield it's Decisions and Passing Attack it's Composure and Pace Wide it's Crossing & Vision But everybody (minus GK) must have Stamina.
  8. Assuming this is the 18.3.4 "Privacy Policy" update then it is pretty poor of them to not put the change in the patch notes. Hidden changes tend to erode trust, especially when it's a "Privacy" update that changes the advertising system. I'd like to see more honesty and transparency from SI in the future. I'd also like to know who determines what ads can be shown, do SI have control over that or can Bidstack slip in ads against the ethos of SI Games? Hopefully this doesn't signal the start of a slippery slop towards coin miners being added.
  9. Boxing Gloves and a bag hung ready to take out that Championship club losing in the first round of the cup to league 2 feeling...
  10. Samsung EVO is a very good and reliable SSD, it won't affect FM massively but can be very useful for other work. You might find this useful: https://photographylife.com/nvme-vs-ssd-vs-hdd-performance
  11. They should have a PGVAR (Post-Game VAR) and remove the first French goal, also give Umtiti a booking for that handball, can't believe he didn't get one for deliberate handball.
  12. Yes, it's in use in my current Millwall save, really suits the starting squad I found.
  13. I believe they had to wait for a third party tool/plugin to enable the tests to take place automatically.
  14. I have tested a 3 striker formation and it was barely any better than a 442/424 I am using for my long term Millwall save. It's a part of the game, the devs haven't fixed it so it must either be unworthy of a fix or intentional and therefore fair game. I however won't use them other than to test compared to what I use. I am still trying to recreate my old CM 97/98 formation in FM's over the years but it never quite works like it used to, still I try.
  15. With a large transfer kitty and no need for first team players, perhaps look for some good youth players to bring in. You don't need to spend big but you can if you find the "golden goose" of a player. Addendum: Pros: - You are Arsene Wenger Cons: - You are Arsene Wenger
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