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  1. @Prolix thank you so much for this feedback. I've played 7 games with this information and won us 6 games! (One loss was against Man Utd in the F.A cup) Thinking back now I don't even know what I was thinking with all those instructions. One problem I see now is that my subs are way below my first teams level, a long term injury might mess up my progress, but that's a problem for future me. Thanks again and all the best
  2. Hello, My Derby County save is going very poorly in my second season after playing fairly well last season. I have good player all round that are above average for the league but the team is doing bad and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me with fixing my team. I have a feeling my tactic is the problem and for pride or some other reason I won't download a pre-made tactic. I've read a lot of material on how to be a good head coach but i seem to be doing something wrong. I've linking my save down below and I'd like to ask if anyone can take a look at it? It's on Football M
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