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  1. Thanks so much for your insight. Tbh I was trying to he smart and ask this because I didn't think it was possible to be done. Gathering from what you said I guess I need to cool my want for the next Jamie Vardy. As for why I'm losing so many playoffs I think I have to attribute that to jadedness like you said. I was playing a wonderful 4-4-2 Wingplay for most of the season and I just thought... " I'll plug in my best players for most of the season and presto! I'll be in League Two in no time." I'll try rotate the boys more now, they deserve a break and my second choice fullback with 4 crossing and 2 dribbling deserves some games. Also, do you prefer spreading out your budget and getting largely similar skilled players (planning for the inevitable rotation) or do you just bite the bullet and play the very weak 2nd options?
  2. Just like any budding FM player that has finally "got the hang of" Football Manager i have started my own lower league save or non-league save depending on how you like your pasta. Before I say anything else, this is the most frustrating, headache inducing thing I've ever done and I've... before. From the stupid youth internationals during important games to losing key player at any moment. Even the promises drive me up the wall more than usual. I've got some good player in the team and making them reach the playoffs three seasons in a row in VNL/ South but because my team utterly implodes on itself every last few months I've never been able to get through the playoffs semis. (Maybe it's because I might be releasing half of them in a few months and that makes them nervous, idk) I did a lot of Championship to PL saves recently, and a few messing about with world star teams so I was not at all prepared for the "your club doesn't match my ambition" phrase or the "team would prefer if so and so played with higher quality players". Getting really good player or 5 star CA players in the higher leagues is difficulty but I didn't think it would be this difficult. The highest I've been able to get, relative to my line up, is a 4 and a half star player. Which quickly goes down to 4 when he actually starts playing a few... maybe my scouts just suck. Getting to the question now has anyone found success getting a five star player to join your team, in either a transfer or loan capacity at all? ...and if you did. How'd you do it? Spill em' beans.
  3. @Prolix thank you so much for this feedback. I've played 7 games with this information and won us 6 games! (One loss was against Man Utd in the F.A cup) Thinking back now I don't even know what I was thinking with all those instructions. One problem I see now is that my subs are way below my first teams level, a long term injury might mess up my progress, but that's a problem for future me. Thanks again and all the best
  4. Hello, My Derby County save is going very poorly in my second season after playing fairly well last season. I have good player all round that are above average for the league but the team is doing bad and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me with fixing my team. I have a feeling my tactic is the problem and for pride or some other reason I won't download a pre-made tactic. I've read a lot of material on how to be a good head coach but i seem to be doing something wrong. I've linking my save down below and I'd like to ask if anyone can take a look at it? It's on Football Manager 20 Edit: I've been told to upload some screens hots of my tactic. This is the tactic I used at the beginning of my second season i have since removed majority of my instructions as I was told I'm over instructing. I have since kept- IN POSSESSION: Standard passing, lower tempo, play out of defence IN TRANSITION: Take short kicks, distribute to CB, counter press OUT OF POSSESSION: Standard lines and More urgent pressing I also have a problem of setting roles for my midfielders. Eg. AP, BBM & DLP or BWM, DLP & CM. I just don't know what three roles work well with vert tiki-taka. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h8zncXKJwYbc334-BDCNPkbXdMiHhBdl/view?usp=drivesdk
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