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  1. Have a look at Hassan, a ST from Braga. It depends on how you wish to play obviously but i have signed him for Newcastle and he is doing well. Signed for 2.5m iirc. Cant help with a keeper?? Good luck.
  2. hey mate, have you thought about changing the roles of your BWM's to DLP's? A DLP will tend to hold their position better, by having lower closing down instructions, but still be defensively sound. I have had success with playing two DLP's , one on defend and the other on support. Of course, this would depend on the type of players at your disposal.
  3. For your 41213 formation, is that a narrow or a wide diamond? I play with a 41221 but am looking into developing a 41212 formation for next season.
  4. Slightly off topic regarding the passing guidance, but since reading the link and shout advice that Cleon posted, i have seen a notable improvement in my teams play. Especially in how my team exploits the opposing teams formation and style of play. I have chalked up two 3-1 victories against Arsenal and Chelsea with my Newcastle Utd.
  5. That link is superb Cleon. Good advice on how you combine the shouts aswell. Cheers.
  6. Ok, I think this is what i'm after, Mobile Intel® 4 series Express Chipset Family. DAC type internal Doesn't sound too braw...
  7. Hi, I know bugger all about computers and looking for some advice? At the moment I have Vista on my laptop. What I would like to know is it worth buying FM with these specs? Processor Intel® Core2 Duo CPU L9400 @ 1.86GHz (2 CPUs), ~1.96GHz Memory 1912MB RAM Page File 1459MB used, 2612MB available. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Have just logged on to be greeted by this sad news. Enjoyed reading his posts and threads and indeed, the forums will miss his thoughts. I am from Inverness and had no idea SFraser was living so close! Rest in peace dude. Sime
  9. Hey Spike, are you using the tactic from post 304 or 306?
  10. Going to try out the 100 pts tactic with PSG. Will let you know how i go ;-)
  11. a bit of a lurker myself, but this is a well thought out tactic. Im playing with Newcastle first season and have done a bit of wheeling and dealing! Alot of new faces and still early in the season but i can see the potential. When a poster puts the effort in with a great, detailed OP, then it makes me more inclined to try their work. Franklin, how has Gonalons performed for you in the playmaker role? i have him on loan but not tried him in that position. My choice of strikers are Benitez or Gameiro, both still settling in but not been performing as id hoped.
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