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  1. I forgot about the 3d kits, 5 seasons in, installed them on the day of the patch. Doh!
  2. I had this skin working earlier. Now every time I select it, it reverts back to the standard skin. 15.2 has been headache inducing with these quirks.
  3. How/where do I add that in if I want to see how it looks? ta,
  4. Actually, I'm only seeing the worn out pitch for all games. Looks like I've gone from seeing one type of pitch to now seeing another one - but no variation. Unless its the time of year that all pitches are muddy.
  5. Same here but not bothering me too much although being a Spurs fan I should really be promoting 'never red'.
  6. Only played 2 games so hardly the benchmark to be overly critical but do feel that every patch results in either a more refined ME or one with strange quirks. Maybe it's paranoia but strikers seem to miss chances so blatantly that it's almost like the ME is making a point of 'another missed chance' rather than embracing realism (i.e. more likely in given position that the striker will finish it).
  7. Yes. I think I'm seeing pitch variations also. Only played two games and the pitches I've seen are the ones with lack of grass in and around six yard box and other areas of the field.
  8. I've done that (wanted to make sure). I've replaced the original copy with the copy you posted above. Done the usual preferences/skin load song and dance and all I see are the two default skins from SI.
  9. Still not appearing for me. Does the xml file need to be renamed also?
  10. Regardless of time of season I only see the same pitch surface. Strange. If anyone has any ideas or experienced this, please let me know.
  11. In England, flares don't work because our football culture is nothing like many of the continentals that are brilliant at creating atmosphere. Banners and flags in the Kop End at Anfield is the pinnacle of our achievements. The likes of the Homesdale Fanatics get ridiculed for trying to inject colour and noise. Flares work in abroad, in continental environments (for the most part) because the supporters are of a different breed to the ones we have here. We are way too comfortable and conditioned to desire anything more than an occasional song. We are far more reserved over here.
  12. Yes, yet supporters can't stand up where their seats are because of health and safety.
  13. We are consumers, customers, id numbers. Football supporters in the true sense of escapism are a distant memory. At least in this country.
  14. The problem is, in England we are not trusted or can not be trusted to light up flares at football matches. Confetti is deemed a 'fire hazard' and surfing flags have to be a specific size to be allowed. We've been conditioned and controlled since all-seaters. Also, continentals are far more expressive and almost unified with their voice and colour they bring to games. Flares are not legal in that they are officially allowed, it's just that the police and authorities in most counties let them use them and there is a mutual respect most of the time that means no one is in danger. Worth also stating that flares are not the same thing as smoke bombs, the latter being a waste of time and hardly adding anything to atmosphere, other than polluting it.
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