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  1. This is the thing I don't get with training. I've got cohesion for general and match tactics for match prep during pre-season. I usually have fitness set for general (through out the season). The weekly focus changes to give a fair % to all areas and dependent on opposing side (say I'm at home, I focus on attack). Is this a pragmatic system? Trying to understand the logic behind it all.
  2. Regarding the code that requires you to add the name of the file, do you need to include its extension? i.e. jpg Tried both ways, hasn't made a difference.
  3. Riz - superb news. SI looking after the community...
  4. If there is one chant I would love to hear in the game its the slow-clap version of Tottenham's 'When the Spurs go marching in'.
  5. n0va - cheers mate. Will try that when I get back home this evening. This sound pack is blinding. Love the fact that there people out there who go many extra miles to put together packs like this which make the game even better than it is.
  6. "MATCH_SOUNDS:: play()-Unrecognised sound id string-SOUND-LIGHT_GROANS-OPPOSITION" Had that too sadly. Once in one match and then around 6-10 times in another.
  7. I found it late last night. The Steam apps folder was located in the Total War folder. Wtf? Something obviously went ga-ga with a prior installation of either Steam or TW. Strange...
  8. Can someone let me know where the events folder is on a Steam installation? It's not in the 'steam' folder. I can't seem to locate it in the installation folder of the demo either. Help? Would love to test this out before next week.
  9. yeahyeah - Its all to do with license laws, which is why the in game sounds are not that great. Have to say, I can't do without a pack like this because it adds an extra dimension to the game. Another gimmick would be to have flashing photography and 'coughing' during the press conferences. (I'm only kidding)
  10. Fantastic work. Will d/l this when I get home. All I'm waiting for now is the megapack cut-out face update and logos from Sort It Out Si and I'm ready to go.
  11. Remember - players need to find their way with the tactic. Its not going to work over night. At least, it didn't for me. Was a little inconsistent. I tweaked, played around with it....the players got use to it and........FOOTBALL PIE!!! it worked. have patience. if it still fails for you, look at where the tactic is failing you. defensive errors? lack of balls through to forwards? etc.
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