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  1. Shots on target that go in that hit defenders or keepers on the way (rather than take a massive deflection) seem to go down as OG's. Maybe its the graphical representation that is misinterpreting the incident? Anyone else see this or am I FM drunk?
  2. Does need to to be cleaned up a little. I think the whole interaction model needs revamping also. Some of the media related questions just don't fit well. Thrash a side 5-1 and journalists want to talk about the opposing teams best player or the single goal they scored. The unsettled player thing is a known issue (at least I think it is) so hoping the next patch fixes that particular headache.
  3. haha, yeah, I sometimes try to find a reason to escape. I'm anchored so deep I'm drowning
  4. Just given Younes Kaboul a leave of absence because he's failed to settle at the club and in the country. This being the same Kaboul that has been my club captain (now vice) and has been in the UK since 2008 and at Spurs (second stint) since 2010 (it's now 2018 in the game). Game breaker. Have uninstalled FM and thrown my pc into the bin.
  5. So, I'm in the middle of a game (a cup final) and Steam shuts down FM and brings up a download box, then fails to download whatever it felt was intrusive enough to kill the game and then responds with a 'servers are too busy to handle your request' (error 41) message. Technically speaking, it wasn't *my* request.
  6. Any detriment to having just 'coaches' employed training all squads (with managers for U21s and U18s)?
  7. When a player asks to talk to you and before you respond, if you click away (without selecting any of the statements) there's no way to return back and the conversation has ended - without having actually discussed something. This has been noted right?
  8. This is the thing I don't get with training. I've got cohesion for general and match tactics for match prep during pre-season. I usually have fitness set for general (through out the season). The weekly focus changes to give a fair % to all areas and dependent on opposing side (say I'm at home, I focus on attack). Is this a pragmatic system? Trying to understand the logic behind it all.
  9. Beta match engine was far better. Some of the saves being made by keepers are just insane. Hitting the woodwork when it's easier to score and players firing wildly wide is rife when compared to previous incarnation. I get that tactically, corrections made to the ME has an influence on how your team plays and how success is measured against opposition (for example, if defenders defend better as instructed you might not find yourself thrashing opposing sides) but some of the issues encountered seem to be calibration quirks. Also, currently, I'm winning at Anfield - so I'm not complaining that m
  10. Regarding the code that requires you to add the name of the file, do you need to include its extension? i.e. jpg Tried both ways, hasn't made a difference.
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