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  1. Yeah iv'e never used TI'S i only adjust the defensive line/width press more ect dependant on how the game is playing out, I like balance so if i want the CB or DLP spraying passes then shorter passing which i know a lot of people like messes that up So if i was to switch the stopper to regular could i still have my RB closing down more? Also i may then need to switch my center mid's but then i have the problem of my DLP pivoting and playing through balls and my Ball playing center back behind him pivoting and playing through balls, see what i mean
  2. Lol ok just wondering, i don't feel as bad now. the thing is while theyr'e not world beaters they are capable and not to different from say the old Athletic Bilbao teams and you were able to win the league with them
  3. I think the left side of my team is not bad but i think my problem is the right side So the left winger and Left back link up well together plus i have Ball winner and LCB cover so they seem to mesh well I also have the Inside Left on tight marking to track back as to have him close down more when to the right of him is the ball winner seems a bit much On the other side however is where i think i have problems, So the right center back is on stopper with tight marking andthe right back is just on automatic with closing down more, i feel that it isn't right bec
  4. And by win it, i mean largely with the current squad, not taking the 90 million after one year and buying a team of wonderkids. I think i made a mistake in picking them as my very first team to manage when still getting to grips with the tactics and all that, but i like Burnley and i wanted to keep the signings quite modest and realist as to who they might buy, like Ben Pearson/Oliver Norwood type players. I was just wondering if it's my ineptness to the game or weather it is literally an impossible task to at least mount some sort of challenge with these players, i am mid table but
  5. I Hi, I don't mind this skin but there are a few thing which are really bugging me and hope someone could help me, First is the tactics screen you can barely see the kits, also i don't like the font of the numbers Secondly i want to make the player faces and kits slightly bigger I am fairly familier with files within the skin but have no clue what to specifically adjust Alternitavely is it possible to take bits from other skins and copy paste into my prime skin? Would help a lot
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