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  1. Hello guys, could someone please share a certain MR L Double T Tweak of BM? thx! nvm, I think I found it https://forum.mrltactics.com/topic/952/fm18-knap-mrl-double-t-415
  2. Hey guys... this is driving me crazy...so I basically changed everything I wanted but when I start a new game the club name remains the same! When I create a new game I made sure the data file is selected, it should work or am I missing something? EDIT: never mind, fixed it, had the FM18 Club Names.lnc fix in data\database\db\1830\lnc\all
  3. This tactic is INSANE, if it were from Mr Hough we would have 3000 replies here already Well done james, you deserve the praise
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/?0my1tteyyyn try them and let me know how they work for you
  5. Zeko training schedules are the best, even better than Thugs , trust me
  6. In that tactic I moved the 2 side strikers to wider positions (LF and RF) and set their wide play movement to ''cut inside'', also changed the team play to mixed instead of ''throught the middle'' and its working brilliantly, exploiting the space like never before
  7. Upload something for the spammers and beggers please, so this thread can look more seriously, anything just give 'em food
  8. Skin is called Oxolight m8 http://sortitoutsi.net/forum/topic/46032-oxolight/
  9. Mr Plough are u going to release the new winger wonder in a separate thread or here? I suppose in a new one just like u did with the 41212?
  10. Mr Plough when do u plan to release the new winger wonder?
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