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  1. Hello guys, could someone please share a certain MR L Double T Tweak of BM? thx! nvm, I think I found it https://forum.mrltactics.com/topic/952/fm18-knap-mrl-double-t-415
  2. Hey guys... this is driving me crazy...so I basically changed everything I wanted but when I start a new game the club name remains the same! When I create a new game I made sure the data file is selected, it should work or am I missing something? EDIT: never mind, fixed it, had the FM18 Club Names.lnc fix in data\database\db\1830\lnc\all
  3. Yeah I've also tried some from '16 but wasn't sure about those really old ones..thx
  4. Hello, anyone remembers these logos and perhaps knows where to find them? This old stuff is almost impossible to download anymore :/ Found it here btw http://footballmanagerclub.forumcommunity.net/m/?t=15764165 Also can you use old logos on FM '17? Thx
  5. Ah sorry what a noob, I installed FM yesterday and immediately went to install a custom skin, I guess I should have tried the standard dark (I guess it's the dark version?) Thx for the flash reply m8
  6. I had the same problem with firefox, but tried it with opera and downloaded with no problems...
  7. Yo Hough this tactic is the real sh.it man! Was struggling with the latest patch and this is by far the best tactic !!! Thx a bunch !
  8. is the instant result button missing?
  9. hey nik33 thanks for the news and link hey guys is the calendar background actually white or is it just me?
  10. Holy lord! One of the most beautiful skins I've ever seen! please release at least this beta, can't wait to use it!
  11. hey guys sorry for OT but which skin is that in post #104? Thx
  12. ah ok, because I've been playing without setting them also, thought maybe it would be even better, oki then...
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