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  1. I thought this kinda already happens. When viewing assistant advice during a match doesn't it say that player x is used to playing a abc tempo/passing ect. I do agree with implementing manager styles so that teams are more certain to play direct or possession based games. I do agree with players blending into styles to easily. Most players do have a preferred formation(s) that can play in and ones they hate to play in. So it would be a PPF saying player x plays best in a 4-4-2 or 4-1-2-1 formation and has dislikes playing in formation 4-5-1. And over time others formation could be learnt. I play rb in real life and I hated playing in a formation that used a sweeper. I would play worse in that formation then say a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 which play to my strengths. Ultimate team mode in fifa have roughly implemented this with players having preferred formations and playing better with those formations.
  2. Yeah I agree but people who work and have families are lucky to get an hour or two of game time in. They don't want to spend quarter to half of it scouting.
  3. Wow, hes got some pretty impressive stats. What did he do specially to get the 10s?
  4. Just had a 9.3 rating for a keeper , never seen it that high before but did some research and have seen a 9.6 . Is it possible for a keeper to get a 10 rating? Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Okay cheers. Thanks to both for the replies, Ill go with your advice.
  6. So this player was released by aston villa and I put a bid in for him as did all the other top teams in england and he decided to sign for me. He's got 4 and a half star potential but the problem is that I play a flat 4-4-2. So I'm thinking of retraining his position but can't really decide. Leaning towards left wing and using him as a winger. What do you guys think?
  7. Yeah, Sturridge and Sow both got 28. Barrios got 20 but he was the link role and got close to 20 assists.
  8. Most of them are under 22 and they all get a decent run. Coquelin is pretty good, picked him up cheap from liverpool. Ill chuck up a screenshot of him.
  9. Yeah I had a bit of a laugh at that one. Chaparro is only young and is either footed, he will get better.
  10. SEASON 2015/2016 Well quite unexpected to win the league this season. I hadnt broken into the top 4 before coming 7th four times in a row so to finish champions was pretty special. Even with the team I had there wasn't really any big names in my squad. My home form was incredible , undefeated at home only drawing with arsenal and wolves (they scored in 92nd min) but my away form is pretty bad especially for a team that won the league. I always won the league cup making it the 2nd year in a row that I've won it. I won the fa cup last season and made it to the final this year but lost as I put all my focus into winning the league. My team plan has always been on youth and building a side of two footed players. I have very rarely signed a player that didnt have fairly strong at minimum for his weaker foot. Also Sunderland got relegated from the championship in the same season
  11. Could be set up for anyone but made me laugh when I came across this
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