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  1. Appreciated the responses. It's fixed now. Uninstalled it from Steam, re-installed it..... Sorry to waste your time
  2. I can't find a technical forum so am posting it in general, if anybody can help, or move it somewhere it's likely to get more noticed, it would be very much appreciated. I virtually live for this save ha, and am currently really stuck
  3. My PC ran some Windows 10 updates the other day and I thought the sound not working was the worst of my problems (now fixed). But no - I can't run Football Manager! The error from Steam was something about the servers being too busy, which I've never had before, but I've tried day, night and day after day but it never changes. It's only ever happened since the update. I've attached a copy of the application error and what Windows throws up, as well as the Steam error - which I think is a red herring. Can anybody help or advise? It's driving me mad, had such a long and good game
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