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  1. Agree- once again we get a game with no real substance added to the gameplay. Woo- we have an ok 3D engine albeit one that only highlights the flaws in the match engine even more, thats no excuse to tack it onto what is essentially an update of FM08. Wheres the player interaction? Wheres an improved tactical interface?
  2. The Match Engine is awful

    God it is terrible- he's through on goal! NO! He stops and turns back and allows the defender a bite...........
  3. The Match Engine is awful

    The 3D is awful- Ive gone back to 2D, after seeing Gomes run past the ball and gift a goal, yet he didnt get criticised for it or get a low rating. I like the way is looks but I thought it was meant to show us more than the 2D- well things like this show how poor the match engine still is as presumably it wasnt as much of a howler as it looked- and lo and behold in 2D the player just beat him to the ball. Rubbish if the 3D is so detached from what is really happening. Also why SI didnt think to allow us to watch in 2D but have replays in 3D is a beyond me.
  4. FM09 will be...

    They said that about FM08 though. The version that was released was nothing short of a disgrace- and the 3 month gap between that an us receiving an acceptable (not brilliant) version showed how premature the original release was. I hope Im wrong and FM09 is a return to form, but after FM08 it should be no surprise that people are sceptical about the quality of the next release, especially as it wasnt as if FM08 had any new features that made you think "wow!". The sales may well be there but this is down to brand loyalty and lack of any real competition. The latter isnt SIs fault but for this gamer his loyalty to the SI brand has taken a major hit over the last couple of releases.
  5. Agree- the lack of any ambition makes the flaws far less forgivable. The initial release of FM08 was pathetic and insulting to a loyal fanbase- especially when you realise the new features lack any real depth and long term issues such as the transfer market are unfixed or even ignored. There used to be a software developer who genuinely gave a hoot about quality and their customers- they offered something different. Not any more.
  6. Oh one thing that I cant believe still exists- the floating ball. Ball speed especially when its in the air is ridiclously slow. I suspect this is deliberate as SI can pad out the game with slower ball movement- its looks rubbish especially crosses that appear to be in slow motion.
  7. Its possible especially if the shot is risng with power- as a keeper myself your only just redirecting the ball without taking the power out of the shot. Watch a game and see how far the ball carries when keepers tip stinging shots over the bar.
  8. Thats the worst one for me. Why? Because SI "fixed" the bogus way corners were conceded constantly in FM07 by unforced errors or headers with this.
  9. Not notified of job vancancies

    On a similar note- why do clubs pick such poor managers over me? I even quit my job after winning 6 consequetive premierships titles and 4 Champions leagues yet Valencia chose a manager who hasnt won a single trophy. Everytime I give this game another chance it just has to remind me how bad it is.
  10. Match Engine: Are mistakes too common?

    Agree- this reminds me the way players run the ball out too easily, Ive seen Sunday league players with a better first touch than this. especially annoying when players could just leave it and it would be a goalkick. Its very un-natural and smacks of just creating corners for want of a more natural and realistic means of doing so.
  11. Never touch it- far too easy to score from corners or IFKs.
  12. Match Engine: Are mistakes too common?

    IMO No- this area is much improved upon over FM07. This is particularly noticable as you get better players, whereas in FM07 "world class" players would make far too many unforced errors.
  13. Corners- they ruin it. Utter, utter BS from SI that only under certain circumstances would players be able to score loads from corners, when essentially if you have powerful players then they will score frequently from corners. Absolute joke that this wasnt fixed after the 3 month wait for a decent match engine.
  14. 4 gb in Xp an Vista

    PAE is working but because your devices such as GPUs etc need memory space then this will be deducted from the 4GB. If you want your OS to allow the entire 4GB to be available to apps then you should use a 64-bit OS.
  15. 4 gb in Xp an Vista

    Thats not true- 32-bit OS' can ADDRESS 4GB, but this includes memory addresses taken by things such as graphics cards. For example if your graphics card is 512MB then the 32-bit OS will address the full 4GB but only give 4GB minus 512MB to the OS and your applications.