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  1. It's done and can be close. Thanks for this wonderful Game.
  2. Dear developers, why is the Icon Achievement so difficult to unlock? I am Coach of Paris and have won the Manager of the Year 5 times. However, for three seasons, other Coaches with a win rate of 50% have been winning the Manager of the Year Award. I have a win rate of over 90% and win all the titles that are possible, just no longer the Manager of the Year! Is there something wrong.? It would be very nice to get an answer and explanation as I really despair. Many greetings and thank you very much.
  3. @Rob Heckman Thank you very much. Now progress has increased. However, I must recommend that a more detailed description would have been useful for success. For example: Become Manager of the Year 10 times at the same club.
  4. @Rob Heckman. Hi. Yes, that is correct. I won two Manager of the Year records in an old savegame and then had to uninstall the game. Now I won the award in a new savegame, but it wasn't counted. It would be great to get a solution so that I can unlock the two missing Achievements. Thank you in advance and best regards.
  5. Dear developers. Could it be that the Manager of the Year Achievements cannot be unlocked? I had to reinstall the game and i didn't have a savegame anymore. I just received a Manager of the Year award in the new Savegame, which apparently wasn't counted in the progress of achievements. Progress has remained the same. I therefore ask for help in how to solve the problem. I stand at 40% of the 5 Manager of the Year awards from the old deleted Savegame. I'm playing on Xbox Series X. These are the last two Achievements that I still lack and it would be very bitter if I couldn't unlock them. Thank you in advance and best regards.
  6. There was just a 1GB update on Xbox. And what can I say? I play my old savegame and it works without any problems. That's really great that I don't have to use an old score. This is what good support looks like, respect for it. Hopefully the mistake has now completely disappeared. Wish everyone still a lot of fun and joy with these great Manager.
  7. This error is reproducible and must be corrected, I think. For me, the error occurred ingame on December 3, 2023. But will the mistake in the old savegame occur again at some point, possibly in 2025? Or what if it no longer works to continue playing? Should I always create 7 savegames and stagger them so that I have something to do if I'm bored? Come on, that can't be your seriousness. It's really a terrific game and I can live with some mistakes, but this mistake is a disaster!
  8. In fact, you could continue playing with another savegame and get past the point where it always crashes. However, I have to play again in Game 1 year and my progress is gone. This is not a little time and effort, for nothing and away. The next question is when it crashes again and goes no further? That's not the point of the game, or dear developers? Unfortunately, however, this is not really the case, except that it is being worked on. But my question again: How long has the problem been in the community? Since December 2020?
  9. What makes sense if I have to give up my current game and play a backup? Up to the same point until it crashes again.? I am sure it would happen. I want to keep playing and not play an old backup up to the current score/date.
  10. The worst of all is that you have waited for a football manager for years and then such a fiasco happens. Obviously the problem has existed for a long time and so far what exactly has been done? Should I start a new game and have the same mistake again after three or four seasons? For me there is too little communication here. It cannot be true that you have to play for weeks and start a new game every time. Therefore, it would make sense if the developer would express how he imagines it and what has been sold to the people here. In addition, the support for the PC does not help me at all. If there is no way to repair the savegames, then I have to fix the error. Or may not publish it for consoles! It really can't be true that starting a new game should be the only solution. That would be absolutely ridiculous and cannot be the point.
  11. I also play on Xbox. The game always crashes in the same place before the game can be simulated. Nothing helped, no routine, no reboot, just nothing. Again and again the screen turns black and you return to the dashboard. Surely it really must not be true that you invest time for weeks and that the save game is destroyed? If you are not able to fix this error, then you should pay people back the money. It really is a naughty thing to put such a game on the market with such serious mistakes. Incomprehensible...
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