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  1. Merry Xmas Steam Achievement

    Can someone post all the clues here? I'm having trouble finding them all.
  2. Runtime error

    Well, restart has solved this. Even though it's quite odd as I restart before and it didn't.
  3. So I've installed the game and when I start it, I get this error: "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! Program: ...\Football Manager 2010\fm.exe This application has requested the Runtime yo terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. " I've searched all over the internet, I've downloaded a hotfix from Microsoft but I already had it. I can't figure out what the hell is wrong! Please help! Thanks.
  4. I'm with the same training since I started, and the tactics are mostly the same either, and this injuries started just as I installed the latest patch and at the beginning of the season.
  5. As I said, I missed the registration with them.
  6. Really? I've hardly heard of 10 injuries for a team. Anyway, just finished a game, 2 "half-injured" players, one injured after all subs were spent. I think it's the most injuries I had in FM (and CM at his time) It sounds so odd that you say it's not a lot of injuries.
  7. Nothing wrong with that? It's either big hit for the game, or for the human kind. When you come to think of it, it started right after I installed 9.3.0 .
  8. Look at that, it's so freaking annoying. Most of them are out for couple of months! And the most annoying thing is that I couldn't register the ones I bought after the first registration. BTW, It's 9.3.0, if you have any doubts.
  9. Do you know how I do this things? (1 and 2)
  10. Hi, I'm creating an EDT file with Media Source and Journalists. I have few of questions about that: 1. Is it possible that a journalist will report on only one or more teams? 2. Is it possible that a media source will be on couple of cities? 3. There is a way to play with the EDT file without starting a new game? Thanks, Lotem.
  11. There is something I wrote in another topic. (Didn't see this one) Well I have few suggestion that I think will improve the game. I know that FM2008 jusr got out but still I have to write this before I forget. The first one is that for a manager who want to quit is job will have the option to talk with the chairman and have a conversation with him. And with that the chairman could change somethings that the manager want if the chairman want him to stay. The same thing will be if a chairman wants to fire the manager, and sometimes the chairman will decide to take him to a conversation. The second suggestion I have is that the manager will have a press conference in the starting of the season, and he can arange one to announce something. There he will be asked some questions by the media about the start of a new season or his announcement. And another thing is to have a brightening conversation with a player for things he did or something you want to tell him. I think this three suggestions will make the game more realistic and will improve it a little. And another thing, maybe make a version for the Nintendo Wii or the DS? Im sure I will buy it. Thanks, Lotem.