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  1. Can someone post all the clues here? I'm having trouble finding them all.
  2. There is something I wrote in another topic. (Didn't see this one) Well I have few suggestion that I think will improve the game. I know that FM2008 jusr got out but still I have to write this before I forget. The first one is that for a manager who want to quit is job will have the option to talk with the chairman and have a conversation with him. And with that the chairman could change somethings that the manager want if the chairman want him to stay. The same thing will be if a chairman wants to fire the manager, and sometimes the chairman will decide to take him to a conversation. The second suggestion I have is that the manager will have a press conference in the starting of the season, and he can arange one to announce something. There he will be asked some questions by the media about the start of a new season or his announcement. And another thing is to have a brightening conversation with a player for things he did or something you want to tell him. I think this three suggestions will make the game more realistic and will improve it a little. And another thing, maybe make a version for the Nintendo Wii or the DS? Im sure I will buy it. Thanks, Lotem.
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