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  1. well i have changed to a 4-4-3 ay home and gone with a 4-1-4-1 away, seems to be working, have now won 6 on the bounce, 4 of which were away from home, and not let in a goal for 5 games, carrol has scored 7 in 9 games.. Arsenal completely out played us away from home but did manage to beat Man City 2-0
  2. Hello guys. Can you please help me here, I have always been a 4-4-2 man in FM but football these days seem to change alot and the 4-2-3-1 formation seems to be the way to go.. For some unknown reason i just cant seem to get it to work, i am drawing games at best, How do people play with Liverpool, and what about Suarez and Carrol together? obviously playing 4-3-2-1 is hard to use them both..
  3. Hello Fellow Pool Managers. After running the game on holiday for 2 seasons just to see how Liverpool would do under the King, they were rubbigh and he got sacked, so i started a new game just to see if i could do better. What do you think of these couple signings i made, Romelu Lukaku for 7 million and Bryan Luiz for 12 million. Just wondering how do you play Suarez and Carrol in same team.? Carrol seems to be a donkey for me. iv only played pre season mind you.
  4. I had a couple months away from playing Football manager as i got a tad fed up with football on all levels.. Reloading my game up today i notice SI has made a Jan transfer update which is nice, One thing that sticks out was some og the player transfers from club to club. there seem to be alot of exciting players around that iv never really heard of before.. Also i just watched England play at home to Bulgaria, action packed game with England hitting the bar twice, However it only finished 0-0 and England didn't even make any subs. typical Cappelo..
  5. Just wondering on the 3 selected match prep formation that we can choose is it a good idea to have 3 different formations or 3 identical formations with different instructions?
  6. How important is match preperation.? do we really need to use it..? I try and use it but weather i get any benifit from it seems questionable to me..!! is it somthing recomended to just leave to the assistant manager to take care of.?
  7. Morning guy's. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but despite beeing top of the league and having a good team at times my defenders wont close down properly, it causes me alot of problems.. People seem to either do nothing or run away from the ball, is this a known problem..? any one know what i could do to help this..?
  8. Started my 3rd season in league 1 with MK Dons, managed to get 2 good wins from games i was touted to lose in 1.. going into my 3rd game i was at home but C.Palace where favorutes after beeing relegated.. I found my self 1-0 down then managed to get 2-1 up, then they pulled back to 2-2 and then went 3-2 ahead, i leveld just before half time and made it 3-3.. in the second half, i managed to go 5-3 ahead with 15 mins left and then i get a red card grrr!!!. jesus they scored 3 goals in the last 10 mins and i lost 6-5.. So so gutted, my defensive record for the new season has been blown ;(
  9. in alot of games which i dominate. i will oftern have 8 CCC's.. or clear cut chances.. and it seems im lucky if i score 2.. Just wondering what can be done to take advantage of this.?
  10. On the player training info iv noticed the following feed back Unhappy Content Happy Pleased are there any more such as delighted..?
  11. When i have more than 1 tactic saved, i find when switching between tactics with different mentalities and saved name the team instructions dont change for each tactic, they all get set on same instructions making me have to check and change every time i want to change my tactic, how anoying ;(
  12. Any MK Dons Managers out there

    why what is wrong with the current patch mate.?
  13. If there are any MK Managers out there, would like to compare notes and see what performances you get from certain players.?
  14. heath, do player lower down in league one improve less.? im training player ay MK Dons for nearly 2 seasons now and there hasnt been that much change in there stats to be fair..?
  15. Sunlock. why do you say as the game is now..?? is there a known problem.?