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  1. sounds are great. get alot of enjoyment using them, 1 little fault is i seem to get the same error when opposing fans make a light groan and it crashes my full mode into windows, any one else get this small fault?
  2. well im always forest and you certainly having a good season. i finish down in 10th in my 1st year. now finished 8th in my 2nd year..
  3. Hi Mate, I made a tactic like this a couple season's ago but felt i was a little bit over run in the centre, i reverted back to a more of a 4-4-2. I have implimented the arrows on the Centre midfielders to my tactic and with a couple of tweaks i have a tactic very similer to this one, it seems to be a very good formation. thanks for the thought of the back Arrows i never came up with that 1 for soem reason.
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