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  1. nothing law breaking, or any thing that bring's the game into dissrapute will be added to the game nore would death's or car crashe's/ thing's like that have been disscussed before and Si wont go there for many reason's which are logical. years ago in the CM days some players would man handle the reff and get 6 months bans, but they removed it..
  2. Just as long as the game could remember that Schmedlap wife woudl not be able to repeat the birth of a child for at least 10 months after ..
  3. I have to say i get good results with 4--2--3--1 Last season @ Norwich i finished 2nd in prem, semi final in Champions League, won the League Cup, Spuer Cup and World club cup, had over 5 players scoring double figures.. I guess rating's for som eplayers arnt that great but then again the way i set my team up they never are high.. My only problem which i'm workin gon is the lone striker and how best to play him.. i just can't get him to score freely as i can using a 4-4-2.. tip's woul dbe nice?
  4. can i ask what sort of team talk you would do when away from home as slight favorutes leading 5-0 at HT..?
  5. sounds are great. get alot of enjoyment using them, 1 little fault is i seem to get the same error when opposing fans make a light groan and it crashes my full mode into windows, any one else get this small fault?
  6. yes thats the one beeing used but apparantly he still cant join so im not sure what the problem is..
  7. on my fm server it has server ip: i have given my mate the 2nd to join with, is that correct?> when checking the what computer will be running football manager iv clicked the this computer and beside that is the ip is that what you mean? INTERNAL IP address: INTERNAL IP address: ROUTERS IP Address: EXTERNAL IP address:
  8. i used pfconfig the one stated in this thread, its all in yellow? when you say forwarded them too? where would i forward them to? where it says what computer will be running 1st smtp server, i chose the this computer ( default option). do i need to enter somthing? may be iv not set it up right?
  9. As Himachi always seem to be playing up, iv used the programe that opens the ports and enterd the two listed 10093 & 10094 on TCP and UDP.. the programe knows the name of my router ect and my firewall allows FM2010, there still seems to be a problem as no one can join despite every thing saying its available and the ports are now opened, am i missing somthing here or need to do somthing?
  10. when you use the port forward tool. how does the other person join your open ports to get into FM? do they need to down load any thing?
  11. FM 2010, any advice for Fm10 online because i am experiancing like a 1 minute delay?
  12. personaly i think they should ban low levels lo. it just takes up space in the data base.
  13. well im always forest and you certainly having a good season. i finish down in 10th in my 1st year. now finished 8th in my 2nd year..
  14. it's not so much somthing new but i think regens and AI team rebuilding needs to be improved for long term enjoyment.. regens could be created from bands, a bit like when the game starts there are certain amount of players which start with -1 upto -9 etc, linked with these bands could be a larger type of player personalities. there are so many regens with above 175 for PA but they end up with 2 in key area's or have 3 for consistancy.. As for AI club's and managers there needs to be some kind of stats which will make that manager prefere youth, experiance or mixed, they should have the ability to keep players with high PA and CA depending on age.... these need to be fixed for long term enjoyment
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