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  1. Hi all, Hoping someone can help or has seen this before. Basically my game ended 2-2 even though my team scored 3 vs them only scoring 2 when watching the key highlights. Somehow one of my goals didn’t count but it never got called back for offside or anything. After the match was finished I went back to check the highlights (to check if it was actually offside and I was being stupid) and it actually shows them getting 2 more goals also in the highlights?? You can see all the goals in the timeline in the picture. 4 for my opponent and 3 my team. Weird thing is when watching it
  2. God I am stupid, your absolutely right! Cheers mate I had looked at the rules page but totally didn’t see it earlier! Thanks again
  3. Hi, hoping someone can give me some guidance or advice on this. Basically one of my players is unhappy and wants a new contact. I am then offering him a new contract but the minimum wage I can select is 7.75k. Any idea why this is? he is currently only on £500 p/W so that’s quite a jump. In the promises section I am only offering him regular starter and no big wage rise or match highest earner promise. im playing as Excelsior in my 2nd season just being promoted to eridivise. Player is Alexis Mendez who is 21 and American if that matters at all. is it just simply
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