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  1. Playing an online game something weird has happened three times already in a period of two seasons: one player (who is not the server) finishes their match and then after it processes the score changes. This has happened three times to two different players. What can be causing this and how we can prevent it from happening again?
  2. I want to share something strange that happened in my editing and see if you can tell me whether this is something I should address, and if so, how to do that. I created the Ecuadorian league using the teams and the players that are already included in the DB. I did not chnage a single attribute. Then when looking at teams in the game, the are all super highly rated. It seems like all are superstars and they arent. Why is this happening? Is this about league reputation or something like that? Anyway to address it? See these pics for some examples:
  3. Hi, I have created the structure to play all Ecuadorian competitions. The only bug I am getting (which causes the entire editor to crash when testing rules!) is when I intend to add a youth league. I have already set it up so all teams have a U-18 squad. What is the best way to create the U-18 league ideally with these characteristics: - Automatically mirrors each division with same matches each matchday, likely played the day after - Allows some (lets say 5) players over 18 to play each game Any hints? Should I upload the file?
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